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    laser pointer

    Hello we're heading to PNG in a less than 2 weeks and were planning to take a couple of laser pointers. However, we've just read that you cant take anything over 1mW into Australia (we're flying via Brisbane). I've read of people taking them there, anyone had any experience of this situ in...
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    best wellies for birding?

    Might seem an odd question, But I've never owned wellies 'since I grew up', and I'm heading to Papua new Guinea and believe they are essential. Are there such things as 'decent' wellies, and if so has anyone any recommendations? Ideally I don't want to have to wear thick wellie socks in that...
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    Austin birding post SXSW

    Hello I'm heading from London to Austin for the SXSW festival March 10-17 and am hoping to take 3/4 days time off after to do some birding. I wonder if anyone can advise as to what would be a good plan as I will be solo to make the most of it. I realise it's a bit too early ideally but I can't...
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    star spotted nightjar

    any news on this bird in Ethiopia? Last ref i can find was in awash in 2012. and is anyone able to share any audio, as can't find anything online, not even on XC. Thanks very much
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    Keang Krachan local guides and camping?

    Hello does anyone have a contact for the guides Mr. A or Mr. Biak? They've been recommended to us but we have no idea how to contact them?! If not anyone recommend any good local guides for the park? Re camping, we are wondering if we would be better trying to arrange to camp at the Bang Krang...
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    Red Owl in the south? And flufftail near Tana?

    Hello I wondered if anyone had any records of the Red Owl being seen in the south? Our guide has listed it as possible, but I can't find any records of it posted in reports or on ebird? Also, I've read about a Slender Billed Flufftail site about 3 hours north of Tana, in the marshes at Mananara...
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    mauritius endemics question

    Hello I am contemplating stopping for a long day in Mauritius on my way back from Madagascar to try and see as many of the endemics as possible. Has anyone had experience doing such, as I get the impression its really not that easy? I haven't been able to find any guides/anyone to help, again if...
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    Sri Lanka nov/early dec

    Hi looking to do an endemics trip for ~7-9 days sometime in the next week, having had my girlfriend say she can't now go on holiday so am solo! Thinking to go to Sri Lanka and try for all the endemics which seems very do-able, plus few others too. Am trying to join an existing trip as can't go...
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    Seabirds on Tenerife trip

    Hello Can anyone advise as to where/how best to look for Shearwaters and Petrels when on Tenerife, or is this pretty much an impossible ask? I've noted the thread on the Barolo and will endeavour to stay on the north coast (Las Aguas if I can find somewhere), though will I be too late going end...
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    Parque Natural do Vale do Guadiana advice

    Hello my girlfriend and I are visiting the park in 2 weeks, can anyone recommends a place to stay that's in a good location for birding, or perhaps a birding friendly place if there is such? Is there a chance of Black Vulture there and if so, any recommended site? I'd also love to show her...
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    Pels Fishing Owl?

    Hello Has anyone heard of a recent sighting in Ghana or have any gen? Myself and friends are heading there march and would love a chance of seeing one. The only sighting I've found so far is from a trip in 2010. Thanks v much
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    Wallcreeper and Owls?

    Hello We're looking to go to Romania may 29 - June 3/4 and are hoping to see Wallcreeper and if possible Ural and Tengmalms Owls, along with other species. Does anyone know if Wallcreeper are being seen in the Trigrad gorge or the Zarnesti Gorge, which I believe are the regular sites people go...
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    Extremadura for gt bustard displaying

    Am thinking to go around late march or april, anyone fancy going for 4 or 5 days or so, or already going with space for 1 more? Could go later to also see little bustards displaying too if that would work, but priority to see the Greats.
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    Carara area great guide

    On a recent trip we went with Enrique Cambronero. He was ace, v knowledgeable in the national park, even arranging someone to watch the car when we did the river trail; he went out of his way to help us arrange our visit. He only charged $25person and was with us for 5-6 hours each time...
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    Last 2 days of trip urgent help!

    All bit last minute this but can anyone suggest a place that has good birding that's not more than 2/3 hours from San Jose airport by public transport, with a swimming pool and some sun! We fly at 5 on sunday; we're in tortuguero and leave here tomorrow, so 2 possibly 3 nights if we can get...
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    Orotina black and white owls?

    In CR now with tapaculo, and hoping to see the Owls at Orotina. Does anyone know if they've been seen there recently and if so is there any specific site info as to where in the town square. Thanks
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    January trip help

    Hello all a bit last minute, but my girlfriend loses her job in January so we thought we might take the chance between jobs to go to Costa Rica. I am a birder, she is not, though she does enjoy nature. We were looking at a compromise deal of a package trip that does the usual circuit. However...
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    Uganda in July

    hello I am looking at a birdingpal trip to Uganda in July(2nd to 16th) and wondered if the trip might appeal to anyone. At the moment there are 2 people interested, but this isn't enough for it to go ahead. The full details are as follows...
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    Pel's Fishing Owls in Botswana/Vic Falls question

    Hello I know it's right at the top of most birders wish lists and wondered if anyone has heard of or had any sightings of Pel's in Maun/Kasane/Chobe/Moremi or Victoria Falls recently I'd be very grateful to hear. I'm on a tour that passes along this route and know it's very unlikely, but never...
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    Botswana trip advice

    I'm doing a 2 week package tour(made it affordable for me solo) to Botswana mid feb, and wondered if anyone could advise me on some of the special birds to look out for in the places I am going, and some places to go to see some of these if I can. Our route is Jo-burg to Khama Rhino sanctuary...
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    Longyearbyen, Svalbard advice

    Hello I am heading to Longyearbyen on July 18 to join a cruise around the island the next day. I have the best part of a day there. Could anyone advise as to what might be a good walk to do, perhaps to see Ptarmigan and other interesting birds that I may not get the chance to see on the...
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    Keoladeo, Bharatpur; and Tigers

    I was on a 2 week packaged tour in and out of Delhi, in which we went to Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger reserves; more on that in a mo. We passed through Bharatpur one morning for a couple of hours, so I asked for a guide who really knew his stuff at Keoladeo. If you ever go there, I...
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    Indian/Collared/Indian Collared Scops owls?

    Hello just back from a mixed cultural and nature trip to India. Will post more info in a subsequent post, as managed 7/8 species of owl, depending on the outcome of this email! I also want to say that I met the most incredibly knowledgable guide at bharatpur, and if anyone is going to contact...
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    North India Owls and other bird help please!

    Hello I am heading to India this weekend on a tiger safari trip, and would love to get some bird advice if possible. I have bought the Grimmet & Inskipp book, but am struggling to come to terms with all these species that are new to me, let alone work out which I should try and target where...
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    best India bird book & confirm duplication?

    Hello I wonder if people can advise on the best bird book for India, as there have been a couple of arrivals this last year? I am getting the impression that it would be the Helms Birds of the Indian Subcontient by Grimmett & Inskipp x2...