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    Spanish road trip - a few questions about returning rarities

    Hi all! First of all, I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so if it needs to be moved then feel free to do so. Covid permitting, a few friends and I are going to do a road trip throughout Spain this summer (second half of July - first half of August), to hopefully get some of the better...
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    Buteo, Tibet

    Hi all! In August 2011 I saw this Buteo somewhere near Namtso Lake. I initially identified it as Golden Eagle, which retroactively is of course incorrect looking at plumage, structure, amount of fingers etc. It seems to be a Buteo instead: Upland Buzzard would be the expected species in this...
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    Western capercaillie in Germany

    Hi! A few Dutch friends and I have a few free days in mid December, and we were looking into the possibility of seeing Western Capercaillie in Germany then. The first question is of course which of the populations is the most reliable to see, and the second is if it is reliable/possible to see...
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    Warbler in Fitzroy Provincial Park, Ontario, September 2017

    Hi all! I'm struggling a bit with the identification of this warbler from Fitzroy Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada from the 16th of September 2017. I only have a few bad record shots, of which this is the best. I originally thought it was a magnolia warbler in the field, but looking back at...
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    Passerine in El Valle, Panama, July 2019.

    Hi all, Just came back from a trip to Panama, where for the most part birding was more straightforward than I had expected it to be, but there was this passerine I saw a few days ago in El Valle de Anton that was giving me a bit of trouble. The bird was perched on an open branch for a few...
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    Sunbird - Singapore, July 2016

    Hi all! Identified these as female olive-backed sunbirds at first, but looking at the pics again both the face pattern and the colour seems slightly off for that species... Help would be appreciated, sorry for the bad quality! Pics were taken in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Thanks in advance.
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    Small passerine - French Pyrenees, July 2018

    Hi all! I saw this passerine on the Col du Tourmalet in the French Pyrenees this July, and originally identified it as a juvenile white-winged snowfinch, as it was present close to other birds of that species and is known to breed in the area. The very slender bill is making me doubt that...
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    Bonelli's or booted eagle?

    Hi all, two friends and I saw this bird in Monfrague National Park, Extremadura this summer (July 15th). We identified it as a dark morph booted eagle at first, but upon looking at the picture again noticed a few identication points pointing to a potential immature Bonelli's; there seems to be a...
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    Grey-headed Woodpecker

    Discussion thread for Grey-headed Woodpecker. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Sparrow and Warbler - Montreal, September 2017

    Hi all! Last year in the middle of September I went on a quick birding session in Parc des Rapides, Montreal, when I saw this sparrow and warbler. I originally identified them as Song sparrow and Magnolia warbler, is that correct?
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    Shrike - Central Java, July 2016

    Hey all! Not so much an identification question (as the picture is particularly horrible), but more of a question surrounding which species is possible and which isn't. It's probably best left unidentified, I realize, but I figured why not give it a try anyways. I saw this shrike in Java on...
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    California gull? San Diego 2010

    California gull? San Diego August 2010 Hi all! Another from my trip to Southwestern USA in the summer of 2010. Not very familiar with the gulls on that side of the world... California gull?
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    Purple martin? Grand Canyon August 2010

    Hi all! Going through old pictures I found this bird in a hole in a dead tree, next to Powell Point, Grand Canyon. An immature purple martin?
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    Phoebe and vireo? Toronto, September 2017

    Hi all! Going back through a few of my pictures to double check a few passerines from last year. I'm not experienced with new world flycatchers nor vireos, but would I be right in saying picture 1 and 2 are Eastern phoebes and picture 3 is a red-eyed vireo? All taken on the grounds of Toronto...
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    Munia species - Northwestern Bali, July 2016

    Hi all! I saw quite a few munias on my 2016 trip to Bali, but a few of those were juveniles and I'm having a hard time identifying this one. Any ideas?
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    Summer birding trip to Spain and France

    Hi everyone! I wasn't sure whether or not this was the right place for this sort of topic, so forgive me if it isn't! Two friends and I have a few weeks of free time this July, and so we were playing with the idea of doing a kind of "birding road trip" through Spain (and passing through France...
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    Old world warblers, Ghent, Belgium, August 2016

    Another few pictures from a while back that I'm trying to ID. Both of these were seen near a small pond in Ossemeersen, Ghent, Belgium, in August of 2016. I didn't hear either of them sing, unfortunately. I suspect the second bird (in 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures) is a Phylloscopus, most likely...
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    Bunting? - Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada, September 2017.

    Hi all! In september I saw this bird in the old airfield area of the Algonquin Provincial Park. Two birds of this species were foraging underneath a very thick bush, but as I did not recognize them immediately I snapped a picture and was planning to try and identify it later. However, when...
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    Old world flycatcher, Berlin, July 2016

    When going through my 2016 Berlin pics I found this rather difficult shot of a passerine with a white belly. I believe I identified it as a nightingale in the field, but something about the colour (which is hard to see as we only really see the bottom) and the beak seem slightly off to me. Could...
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    Bunting - Lhasa area, Tibet, August 2011

    Found this extremely bad quality picture from my travels in Tibet in 2011. I know it's probably unID'able because the quality is so bad, but it might be worth trying anyways. This bird was seen in a monastery rather high up in the mountains around Lhasa. The general shape reminds me of a...
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    Warbler? - Bronx, NYC, September 2017

    Hey everyone! Saw a small brown passerine briefly perch on a nearby branch, then take off soon after. I'm guessing it's a juvenile or perhaps female warbler, but I can't immediately find any decent fit in my guide. Thanks in advance!
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    Wagtail - Ostrava, Czech Republic, August 2017

    Hi all. Stumbled across a bit of an odd-looking wagtail this summer. Based on these three pictures I'm thinking yellow wagtail - on the first picture it seems to have quite tall legs with a higher "thigh" than grey or white wagtail would have. On that picture you can also get a hint of a white...
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    Bird-of-prey? - Brooklyn Bridge, New York, September 2017

    Hey everyone. In September while walking over the brooklyn bridge and looking at gulls I noticed a brown bird that was much larger and had very straight wings, flying low over the water. I don't really have much of a clue as of what it could be, except perhaps a bird-of-prey of some description...
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    Small passerine - Northwestern Bali, Indonesia, July 2016

    Hi! Saw this rather small passerine in Bali, in the summer of 2016. Couldn't see too many details besides this picture, as the light wasn't great and a lot of leaves blocked the view. A first thought I had was perhaps a juvenile iora, but I'm not sure if that's a decent fit. Thanks!
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    Warbler or flycatcher - Plzen, Czech Republic, 13th August 2017

    Saw this smallish passerine perched in a tree right above me in Plzen this summer, and am stumped about what it could be because of the very bad angle. From the posture of the legs and the length/shape of the beak it seems to be either a Sylviidae warbler or a Muscicapidae chat/flycatcher...