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  1. nartreb

    Ducklings walking on water?

    This morning I inadvertently spooked a family of wood ducks on the river bank. Momma hurried across the stream, calling her hatchlings to follow. I started counting them: five, then two stragglers, and then, from a little farther along the bank, an eighth duckling appeared and overtook all the...
  2. nartreb

    Can't edit?

    Am logged in, but can't edit Opus pages. View Page Source gives this message: (same story in two unrelated browsers, one of which I haven't used in months. It's not a caching issue or anything like that.)
  3. nartreb


    Discussion thread for Kea. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  4. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List, part VII: New Zealand

    (Continued from: part VI: India) Before leaving India we had to fix a problem with our visa. The in-person meeting at the FFRO provided an opportunity to hear about the measures India was taking with regard to the new coronavirus: fever screening of passengers from certain countries...
  5. nartreb

    a few from Rajasthan, India

    In and around a rural village -- 1. Unknown. Note reddish vent. https://davidalbeck.com/blog/?attachment_id=2824 2. Which munia? White-throated aka Indian Silverbill? 3. Which grey shrike? 4. Pipit? (Here's another view) 5. probably-not-the-same-individual shrike
  6. nartreb

    LBJ, Rajasthan, India

    Seen on the ramparts of Jai Garh fort, above Amer. https://davidalbeck.com/blog/?attachment_id=2794 https://davidalbeck.com/blog/?attachment_id=2801
  7. nartreb

    Eagle? Chambal river, MP, India

    River guide had a tentative ID, but I wanted to check. I think this is the best view - I have a sharper one, but it shows less of the wing.
  8. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List, part VI: India

    (Continued from Part V: United Arab Emirates) India is a whirlwind of impressions - many amazing sights, mostly annoying sounds. The crowds and traffic are a wonderment, the car horns are constant (trucks actually have "please honk" written across the back), and the smog hides the sky. I'm...
  9. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List - part V: United Arab Emirates

    A fairly brief stop on the way from Madagascar to India. Bird-wise, Dubai was like rejoining the land of the living. The shore swarmed with gulls, and urban birds abounded: common mynahs, white-eared bulbuls, common pigeons, some kind of dove... Domesticated falcons were seen on several...
  10. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List - part IV: Madagascar

    I was in Madagascar for two weeks. Due to limited Internet, I've still not uploaded all my photos from South Africa, so there will be more updates to the previous thread coming soon. For Madagascar, though, I can be brief, and there's no photos to upload. In terms of bird life, the island of...
  11. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List - part III: South Africa

    (Part II can be found here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=383573 ) We didn't stop in Luanda long enough to see any birds -- on to Cape Town! The flora here are quite exotic, even the trees are oddities like protea and aloidendron (plus imported pines and eucalyptus, but many of...
  12. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List - part II: Argentina

    Picking up from Parts 1 through 8b, here: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=382373 Entry into Argentina was via taxi from Foz de Iguazu, Brasil. We had to get an exit visa on the Brasilian side of the bridge before proceeding to Argentine customs. We'd planned two days in Puerto...
  13. nartreb

    A Very Casual World List - part 1: Brasilia, Brasil.

    This is part one of a log of bird (and other) species I've seen without making any special effort beyond showing up in a new place. First day in Brasilia, obligatory visit to National Cathedral, ditto Museum, and Plaza of the Three Powers. Outside the National Museum, an egret. (Inside the...
  14. nartreb

    I guess this is a "publication": _Wingspan_: board game about birds

    This is new and has tremendous buzz in the board-game community. The first printing is sold out and can only be obtained from scalpers for hundreds of dollars, but a new printing will be available in a few weeks. I haven't played,but from what I can see the bird illustrations are gorgeous, and...
  15. nartreb

    can't-miss spots?

    I'm planning for a trip to Brasil in October. Itinerary will likely include Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Brasilia, and Iguazu. My interest in birding is primarily photographic: looking for birds that are colorful or iconic, preferably not requiring much effort to find. I'll be traveling with...
  16. nartreb

    costa rica - hummingbird

    I'd seen so many rufous-tailed that I barely paid any attention to this bird, but when it perched within camera range I took advantage. Bill color tells me it's not a rufous-tailed, I can eliminate a good dozen other hummers from the Costa Rica list, but I'm pretty helpless when it comes to...
  17. nartreb

    More Costa Rica confirmations: dull tanagers

    My thoughts: 1. Female Passerini's Tanager (with female Red-Legged Honeycreeper) 2. Palm Tanagers (and tail of a Blue-Gray Tanager)
  18. nartreb

    costa rica - green kingfisher?

    with size comparison to kiskadee, given that Amazon kingfisher looks the same to me except for size (and crest?). edit: found another photo. White wing markings rule out Amazon, right?
  19. nartreb

    Costa Rica: the wood-rail formerly known as Grey-Necked

    How to tell the two new species apart? Range apparently overlaps in Costa Rica, where this photo was taken. https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Gray-cowled_Wood_Rail https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Russet-naped_Wood_Rail Both have brownish tinge on the top/back of the head; is this spot...
  20. nartreb

    Costa Rica Confirmations, part 1

    All these are from La Fortuna, near Volcan Arenal. 1-3 honeycreeper (Same individual) Edit: I'm going back to my first impression: Green Honeycreeper, female. I had convinced myself it was a female Red-Legged, because I didn't see yellow on the bill. But the yellow bill is clearly there...
  21. nartreb

    LBJ from partial description, Massachusetts USA

    The light was a bit dim, I wasn't wearing my glasses, and this bird flew away quickly, but here goes: Walking the dog along a quiet street (near a lake and woods), I saw a couple of chipping sparrows (I'm pretty sure, sparrows are not my forte but they had the reddish caps) foraging on an open...
  22. nartreb

    Brown-headed Cowbird

    Discussion thread for Brown-headed Cowbird. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  23. nartreb

    Herring-type gulls, Brittany, July 2017

    On the Ile vierge on the English Channel. I presume L. argentatus is most likely here, but I have no idea how to differentiate from other European options. Can these be positively identified? Unless by luck, no two photos show the same bird. (I couldn't get the attachment thumbnails to...
  24. nartreb

    Slaty Juncos

    There's a pocket around Boston from which the juncos evacuate every summer... they're back. Winter Is Coming!
  25. nartreb

    LBJ, vermont

    Saturday, October 15. This bird was feeding among grass and rocks at the top of the toll road on Mt Mansfield (nearly 4000 ft elevation). Roughly sparrow-sized, but there was something unsparrowlike about the shape and/or jizz. Seemed to have a white mark at the front edge of the wing...