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    Hybrid(?) duck, Manchester UK

    Seen on 3rd November on the duck pond at Alexandra Park, Manchester. I have a few more photos but these are the best. I think this has to be a hybrid, and it's fairly obvious that one parent is Mallard, but what is the other? It was distinctly smaller than wild-type Mallards, larger than Tufted...
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    Feather ID - somewhere in Northern England (probably!)

    Slightly strange one - this feather turned up in my bag, and I don't know where it could have come from! Places I have been in the time period during which it could have got into my bag include the Yorkshire coast (Filey and Flamborough), Manchester, Leeds, and a couple of moorland walks around...
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    Which redstart? Southern Sweden

    Seen today at Hardeberga church near Lund, Skane (southern tip of Sweden, not far from Denmark). I didn't get a good photo of it, but is it possible to identify as Black or Common from these "failed" pics?
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    Ilkley Moor, 30th April 2022

    Probably both of these are the common species, but they both looked odd enough to feel worth posting! 1. I assume this is "just" a Meadow Pipit, but the colouration struck me as possibly unusual. I think I've seen similar-looking birds posted on here as a possible confusion with rarer pipits...
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    Warbler, West Yorkshire UK

    Seen at RSPB St Aidans between Castleford and Leeds last Thursday (14th April) - there were lots of Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, and a few others that I couldn't identify beyond "warbler sp", of which this was the only one that I got any photos that weren't a total blur. Could be another Chiffchaff...
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    Gull, Yorkshire coast UK

    I saw this gull perched on the "rocket pole" near Filey Brigg, close to sunset on 18th March. It struck me with the naked eye as darker-mantled than other Herring Gulls around (though obviously nowhere near as dark as LBBG or GBBG) and bulky-looking. Through binoculars the legs looked more...
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    Warbler types, Leeds UK

    My first warblers of 2022! Both photographed along the River Aire in Leeds, a bit downstream of the city centre, today (10th March) and about an hour apart. Warbler 1 looked very small, quite green and quite "compact" in shape. I got a couple of other photos but they were much worse than this...
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    Gulls, Leeds UK, 16th Jan 2022

    1-3: Are any of these not Herring Gulls? And if not, why not? 4-7: I thought this was a good juxtaposition of a Common Gull and Herring Gull for comparison of structure and mantle shade (I don't tend to see these two sp. close together often - usually I see Common with Black-headed Gull if with...
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    Common or less common gull? Leeds UK, September

    Saw a couple of Common Gull threads and was reminded of this gull I saw on a roof in Leeds on September 2nd. I was a bit perplexed by it at the time, as it seemed larger than a Common or Black-headed, but smaller than a Herring or any close relative - maybe approaching the smaller end of Lesser...
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    Waders, West Yorkshire moorland

    I saw these 3 birds flying over boggy moorland near Todmorden on 19th September. Only got this one photo. Size impression was smaller than Curlew, probably bigger than things like Ruff or Redshank. I heard them call but don't remember it clearly - probably a simple one or two notes. I'm getting...
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    Bird of prey, Leeds UK

    Seen this afternoon circling very high above eastern suburbs of Leeds (Killingbeck area). I assumed Red Kite (locally common) at first glance, but then I noticed it seemed to have a short, unforked tail, so I got these (at max zoom against grey sky). I'm wondering if Osprey is a possibility??
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    Hen Harrier? Shropshire UK

    Seen yesterday on the Long Mynd, flushed up from heather/bracken scrub. Looked about Common Buzzard size but distinctly slenderer wings, and the most striking feature was the white rump! Got 4 photos at increasing distance and decreasing clarity. The first photo clearly shows a harrier face...
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    Gull, Yorkshire coast UK, 9th June

    Seen from the cliff path between Bempton Cliffs and Flamborough Head. It was flying in front of a group of gannets and looked not much smaller than them, and seemed dark-winged, so I thought GBBG, but after catching it right at the edge of this one photo I don't really know what is going on with...
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    Auk and terns, Filey Brigg (Yorkshire UK), 6th June

    Pics 1 and 2 - I thought this guillemot (top centre) seemed larger, darker and possibly thicker-billed than the other Common Guillemots around, almost as black as a Razorbill (included for comparison). Anything unusual, or just individual variation? Pic 3 - a flock of 6-8 of these terns flew...
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    Warbler sp, Birmingham UK

    Seen yesterday in small willow trees overhanging a shallow brook running between two housing areas. It was flitting about a lot, seemingly catching insects, occasionally flying down to the water and very briefly resting on a stone in the brook. I presume a Phylloscopus sp, but which one?
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    Passerines, Birmingham UK

    All these were photographed on 22nd Feb 2021 at Deer's Leap Wood local nature reserve, Birmingham. Bad photos I know, but I think some might be IDable... 1-4 Fringilla sp, part of a small flock that was very skittish/human-avoidant. I think the first 2 pics are the same bird. Are any of them...
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    Redpoll? Birmingham UK

    Lone bird photographed on 7th March, near a canal in an industrial/edge of city centre area with a few small trees and bushes. My first impression was of a somewhat bigger bird than I generally think of a Redpoll as being - more sparrow/chaffinch than goldfinch/siskin/etc. Before I got the...
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    Sanderling? Yorkshire coast UK

    Seen by my dad 21st December near Filey, Yorkshire. He said they seemed very small and he was fairly sure they weren't Dunlins. I told him I was fairly sure they were Sanderling but just wanted to get confirmation!
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    Small finches, Peak District, UK

    Saw these last weekend (20th September) near Grindleford in the Peak District. There was a large flock (maybe 50+) of birds that struck me as very small (like Blue Tit/Chiffchaff sort of size), and because there was low sun behind them I couldn't make out much else beyond that they had forked...
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    Falcon or Accipiter? Leeds UK

    I was watching a soaring Red Kite in Leeds the other day when it was briefly joined by another, smaller raptor, which was also soaring but flapping a lot more. It was hard to focus the camera on, hence only this one poor pic. I got a strong Accipiter feel from it at the time, presuming...
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    Woodpecker? Birmingham UK, 16th August

    Here's an odd one. While walking through Moseley, Birmingham, I saw what struck me as an odd-looking smallish bird (maybe starling to thrush size) with what seemed a large pointed bill, perched in the top of a tree in a large garden. It was a bit far for me to think I could definitely identify...
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    Reed buntings in odd location, Yorkshire UK

    I can't make these (seen 21st May) into anything other than a pair of Reed Buntings (2 pics each of 2 birds, which were a few metres apart). The only thing that is making me doubt the ID is the location - on open heather moorland, within sight of a reservoir, but no reeds or "waterside"...
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    Warbler sp? Yorkshire UK

    Seen in a disused quarry overgrown with gorse near Skipton, Yorkshire, 2nd June. Looked very pale at the time. Unfortunately only this one photo, at maximum zoom. I'm guessing it's a Phylloscopus, but can it be identified to species?
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    Buteo with red tail in Somerset?

    While travelling to Cornwall down the M5 yesterday, I saw quite a few buzzards over the motorway while passing through Somerset. One pair in particular were quite low over the road between Taunton and Wellington, and one of the pair had a very distinctive red tail, very reminiscent of a North...
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    Raptor in southern Sweden

    Terrible photos I know, but can an ID be possible? This was seen from a car near Kivik on the coast of Skane, southernmost Sweden. Lots of Red Kites about but this was perched on a post in a much more buzzard-like posture - I thought it seemed paler and possibly larger than typical Common...