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  1. Tri-Counties Birder

    American Herring Gull? Dorset

    Thought I'd let a discussion take place on this potential Smiths from Portland, given that I was there, and on my patch! ;-) P.S. Ian Lewington's seen the pics, and said 'there's nothing to rule AHG out', or words to that affect. http://portlandbirdobs.blogspot.co.uk/
  2. Tri-Counties Birder

    Moth - France, August

    Any thoughts on this moth, posted on behalf of someone else, would be appreciated.
  3. Tri-Counties Birder

    Beetle IDs, Provence

    Any ideas for these beetles from southern France, all from scrubby and rocky habitats in the lower mountains. Also, can you confirm the fourth is Mylabris variabilis (seen on the plains of La Crau).
  4. Tri-Counties Birder

    Mere Wainscot?

    Could you guys confirm that this is a Mere Wainscot? It was caught in early August last year, and identified as a Small Wainscot at the time. Mere has been recorded at the site before.
  5. Tri-Counties Birder

    Orache sp., Dorset

    Hi all, Found on stabilised shingle on Portland. Thought Babington's at first, but doesn't look right. Thought I knew Spear-leaved and Common pretty well, but is it one of those?
  6. Tri-Counties Birder

    Umbellifer ID, Dorset

    Found two clumps of this Umbellifer in a rough cliff-top field here on Portland. The leaves look extremely distinctive, as they are narrow and toothed, with wings on the leaf-stalks. Yet, I can't find it in my Collins book. Many thanks.
  7. Tri-Counties Birder

    Two Plant IDs from Portland, Dorset

    Hi all, The first was on limestone cliff-top grassland. Looked like Kidney Vetch, but with white flowers, and it's form was a small bush. Could be some sort of garden escape. Second was in a small copse. Looked like a species of Cress, but can't find a match. Second shot of it's leaves. Thanks
  8. Tri-Counties Birder

    Leaf Beetle ID, Portland, Dorset

    Found this pretty beetle the other day in a hedgerow on limestone soil. It was quite large 1cm+. I've looked at Chrysolina hyperici, but that species seems to have dark legs, this had reddish.
  9. Tri-Counties Birder

    Scottish Highlands and beyond...

    I realise that Scotland is old tat to many of you, but I hope that those who have yet to visit find my trip report interesting (and perhaps useful, but I do feel an obligation to Speyside to keep the location of some of the sites visited vague – sorry about that). I did visit the area (as well...
  10. Tri-Counties Birder

    Sean's 2013 Year List

    1/1: 1.Mute Swan 2.Canada Goose 3.Egyptian Goose 4.Gadwall 5.Teal 6.Mallard 7.Shoveler 8.Pochard 9.Tufted Duck 10.Pheasant 11.Little Grebe 12.Great Crested Grebe 13.Cormorant 14.Grey Heron 15.Red Kite 16.Sparrowhawk 17.Buzzard 18.Kestrel 19.Moorhen 20.Coot 21.Lapwing 22.Black-headed Gull...
  11. Tri-Counties Birder

    New Zealand: Oct 22 - Nov 3

    This was not purely a birding trip (I was visiting my dad), and my travel was limited, as I was depending on my (non-birding) dad for transport. Any of the rarer species were a bonus. 22/10: Touched down at Auckland airport, and on the short walk to the domestic terminal, I saw House Sparrow...
  12. Tri-Counties Birder

    New Zealand Moth

    Don't know if there are any NZ experts out there, but I don't have a better bet for an answer! Found on window in South Westland.
  13. Tri-Counties Birder

    Micros - Surrey

    A couple I'm not sure of. The Scoparid was obviously bigger (about a third bigger) than all the Eudonia mercurella in the trap. Could it be E. truncicolella? The second is clearly a Phyllonorycter. It was absolutely tiny, and focusing on it was a great challenge so I include two shots!
  14. Tri-Counties Birder

    Micros - Surrey

    A gelechid to ID (not obvious in the new micro book, and none I could see on ukmoths looked quite right). And, could you confirm R. pinicolana and Garden Rose Tortrix Acleris variegana?
  15. Tri-Counties Birder

    A Micro and a Macro from Surrey

    A Macro from Surrey Hi all, It is clearly a Mullein/Striped Lychnis/Water Betony, but its two months late for Mullein, Striped Lychnis has not been recorded in Surrey for 80 years, and Water Betony is unrecorded! Could be an interesting record what ever it is. I'm going to take it to an...
  16. Tri-Counties Birder

    Macro ID, Surrey

    I realise this is a bit of a long shot as the photo is so appaling (it flew off before I could get a better one), but I hope someone may be familiar with the species. About the size of a Heart and Dart, and found on woodland/heathland. My initial ideas don't quite fit. Doesn't look right...
  17. Tri-Counties Birder

    Micro ID, Surrey, UK

    Struggling to even get this to group. Both same moth.
  18. Tri-Counties Birder

    Little Bittern - Herts

    Some video footage: http://www.birdforum.tv/action/viewvideo/3809/Little_Bittern___Herts/
  19. Tri-Counties Birder

    Micro ID

    Any thoughts on this guys? Caught last night on a water meadow next to mixed woodland and heathland.
  20. Tri-Counties Birder

    Black-winged Stilts - Hants

    Some footage of these for your interest (Also a Spoonbill). http://www.birdforum.tv/action/viewvideo/3733/Black_winged_Stilts____Euarsian_Spoonbill____Hants/
  21. Tri-Counties Birder

    Selsey Bill - W. Sussex

    Another second division location to add to this section of the forum, but like anywhere it has its moments! My knowledge of the site is not extensive, as I only visit on my days off from work during the spring. Observer presence: During spring mornings, there is almost a constant presence. A...
  22. Tri-Counties Birder

    Moths of May

    Well, I think the deafening quiet on here is a good sign of the appaling weather we've been having. Looks like we're in for slightly warmer weather soon. Lets hope it does the business. It was a bit warmer yesterday, so I thought I would run the trap for the first time since March (ensuring...
  23. Tri-Counties Birder

    Sean's 2012 Year List

    This is my Britain year list only. I am not going to be trying for a big year list this year, instead I'll be concentrating on the life list (both British and World - I'm going to Provence and New Zealand this year). 1/1: 1.Blackbird 2.Robin 3.Blue Tit 4.Great Tit 5.Coal Tit 6.Carrion Crow...
  24. Tri-Counties Birder

    Suggestions - NZ trip

    I've had a quick look through the other threads in this section, and there is some useful info. But, I wonder if anyone can give some personalised advice for my trip. I am planning to go to Wanaka in the last two weeks of October next year (to visit my father), so are there any suggestions for...
  25. Tri-Counties Birder

    August Moths

    Trapped by myself at a heathland restoration site last night with my new MV. Weather was perfect, and got 43 macro species. White-line Dart was new to me, and I also got nice Dotted Border Waves, and my first adult Oak Eggar in Surrey (this was a female which decided to lay eggs in my pot! I...