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    Eastern kingbird, right?

    I'm pretty sure, but the yellow lower beak and size of the beak seem a bit off.
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    Montana hummingbirds #2

    OK, again all Western Montana. First two were in the past 2 months, both Rufus I think. Final three I'm not sure about--all from May-July. Is there a Broad tailed or Black chinned in there? Thanks!
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    Montana hummingbirds #1

    I've gotten lucky with some new hummingbird pics but am not sure about all of their IDs. All from western Montana, so I think our choices are limited to Ruby-throated, Black-chinned, Anna's, Broad-tailed, Calliope, and Rufus. This first thread is just eye candy, all Calliope I think.
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    Montana (USA) flycatchers (vireos?) #5

    Last four. Western Montana between May and August. Thanks!
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    Montana (USA) flycatchers (vireos?) #4

    Five more. Western Montana between May and August.
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    Montana (USA) flycatchers (vireos?) #3

    Five more (Western Montana between May and August)
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    Montana (USA) flycatchers (vireos?) #2

    Five more (Western Montana between May and August)
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    Montana (USA) flycatchers (vireos?) #1

    I'm going through a set of "unknown" (to me) pictures and have sorted out all those that I think are flycatchers (possibly a vireo or two?). This will take multiple threads. All taken in Western Montana, all between May and August. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the Sparrow IDs

    I added Swamp sparrow and Lark sparrow to my life list. Thanks! I previously had two rules for hawk identification: 1. It's a red-tailed hawk. 2. See Rule #1. Now, I can add there three fundamental principles of sparrow identification: 1. It's a song sparrow. 2. If it's not a song...
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    Sparrows, Sparrows everywhere...#5 and final

    hope you sparrow devotees enjoyed this!
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    Sparrows, Sparrows everywhere...#4

    sick of this yet?
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    Sparrows, Sparrows everywhere...#3

    and again
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    Sparrows, Sparrows everywhere...#2

    Five more
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    Sparrows, Sparrows everywhere...#1

    OK, I've been working my way through the "unknown" keywords in my Lightroom catalog (thanks everyone) and we've arrived at the sparrows. At least, I think they're all sparrows. They are all from Western Montana, but that can be from Glacier Park in the north to Yellowstone in the south...
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    Large head = Cooper's?

    Above my Western Montana bird feeder in January.
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    All red-tailed?

    My first two rules of hawk identification: 1. It's a red-tailed hawk. 2. See Rule #1. Thanks!
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    Am I Ferruginous?

    Western Montana last July. Thanks!
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    Pine sisken or common redpoll or both?

    Three pictures, taken within 2 minutes of each other last July in Western Montana. (the 2-minute issue makes me think they should probably be the same species, but...the pics don't seem that way with one having clear yellow feathers). Thanks!
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    Just a thank you.

    In the past 24 hours you all have helped me with four new (for me) bird IDs, bringing my total number of photographed Montana birds to 50% (174/348). More questions coming! If you're interested, the section of my website that tracks my bird sightings is...
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    Which warbler we?

    Last May in Western Montana--these pictures are about 2 minutes apart, so I assumed the same species but that is causing problems (for me) in identification. I initially thought MacGillivray's for the yellower one, but with no grey at all below the beak on the (presumably) it doesn't seem so...