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  1. Sterngucker

    New Kahles Helia S 8x42 and 10x42 Models

    Due to Swarovski's marketing politics Kahles binoculars are not available officially in the USA. I attempted to get a Helia 8x56 from their official distributor in the Czech Republic (Optics Trade) but was told that they may not deliver this item to the USA. YMMV
  2. Sterngucker

    Binoculars for Eagle Watching.

    Don't get me wrong, I am in no way recommending this brand due to negative experiences twice, but ... ta-dah.
  3. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Gull id please'

    Quite obviously a Very Greedy Gull (Larus avarus maximus).
  4. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Tigress with Cubs'

    Even their name is sexy: panthera tigris tigris TVMFS
  5. Sterngucker

    Nikon refurbished optics; do they still have the same warranty?

    90 day warranty. Apparently due to vagaries and peculiarities of US consumer law 'refurbished' here usually means demo model/open box, not second-hand/returned items. I have several and I'm happy with them.
  6. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Partial Tusk'

    No, I have no special knowledge of elephantine tusks and only knew the above because I looked it up for a different reason a while ago but maybe this gives some further insights.
  7. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Partial Tusk'

    Dentine, the material tusks are made of, just like our teeth, consists of 45% hydroxylapatite, 33% organic material and 22% water. The hard enamel layer is very thin and wears away quickly, something that in humans leads to sensitive teeth (it is also why herbivore teeth wear down the way they...
  8. Sterngucker

    Why are some people vehemently against reintroductions?

    Just reintroducing wildlife into areas where it had lived before being either hunted to extinction or disappearing involuntarily due to man-made destruction of or changes in its ecosystem is bound to fail as stated above. Humans cannot undo what they did just by trying to force an animal to live...
  9. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Williamson's Sapsucker'

    Thank you for the picture and the shared knowledge.
  10. Sterngucker

    New Horizons II

    Sadly having deselected Physics for my 'O'-levels I have had to stop following this originally very interesting thread several post back. An MA minor in philosophy is absolutely no use here either :LOL:
  11. Sterngucker

    Gimbal Head for both long lens and Scope

    Novoflex have something similar. I cannot understand what on earth one would want to mount two cameras side by side for, but then I saw this thread and the apparent need to mount a camera and a scope side by side. I still don't quite get this, but for those that do ... Novoflex might be worth a...
  12. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Elephant.'

    Presumably their tusks have been shortened to prevent them being of interest to poacher and ivory traders? TFS
  13. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media '"... tapping at my chamber door."'

    Mirror, mirror, ... TFS
  14. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Crested Guineafowl'

    If I didn't know better ... TFS
  15. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Pink-footed Goose'

    You can't even see its feet ;) TFS
  16. Sterngucker

    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. A whole gang of Meadowlarks congregating on a powerline.
  17. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Meadowlark (Sturnella)'

    Thank you for your positive comments, but can nobody tell me whether this is a Western or Eastern Meadowlark, please?
  18. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Brown Pelican'

    Peli on a stick LMAO TFS!
  19. Meadowlark (Sturnella)

    Meadowlark (Sturnella)

    Not sure whether Eastern (magna) or Western (neglecta). Maybe someone can help me out. Thank you.
  20. Sterngucker

    Comment by 'Sterngucker' in media 'Red-shouldered Hawk.jpg'

    Looks like he got himself a brown earth snake (Haldea striatula) there. TFS