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    John's Mammals 2021

    Hi all, we'll see whether this year can be any better than last year.... I'm, hoping so! Here is the annual thread for news of your achievements, recitations of great encounters, hot spots to hit while they are still hot and so on. I'm a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes, and there's a strip of...
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    Ringed Blue Tit Whalsay

    One of the stranger delights of the Shetland Autumn this year was an influx of Blue Tits with a few Great Tits. On Whalsay this saw me give the most cursory attention you could imagine to a once-mythical Red-flanked Bluetail so that I could run off for the Shetland-tick Blue Tits across the...
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    Lanceolated Warbler Sumburgh Head

    A few days late, but I thought an account might not go amiss. Roy and I had done the quarries on Sumburgh Head and they were hopping with migrants fresh in. It felt like there must be a rarity somewhere.... so we drove up to the Head car park and set off to walk the walls of the fields just...
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    Tennessee Warbler Yell, Shetland

    A couple of early pix of the 1w Tennessee Warbler at Burravoe, Yell, Shetland. Fabulous bird showing very well. John
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    September bafflement

    OK, I have no idea what this is. Again. Could somebody please help? It's big enough to be a macro but I guess it might not be, I can't match it to the guide anyway. Grateful for any help. Cheers John
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    Two Micros and a what??

    Hi all, Two micros for ID if somebody doesn't mind - one's quite pretty, both seem quite big for micros! Then one that I assume is a geometrid but doesn't seem to quite fit any - it has hollow dots like a mocha but doesn't look quite right. Apologies for the poor photo - even after all day in...
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    August Moths

    Well, it's August in my back garden, anyway ;) 51 moths of 31 species last night, three of which are now on the ID sub-forum awaiting sentencing. God it was hot. And muggy. In fact, fairly revolting for a human. Highest individual species total was a mere 6 Shuttle-shaped darts but the Common...
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    Is it me?

    Left scratching my head again! Two photos of a moth that I cannot get to grips with at all, for the consideration of the BF massive. Also, is photo 3 a Rosy Minor, and is Photo 4 a Dingy Shell? I'm fatalistic about both IDs, I think they are right but if not, please tell me why so I learn...
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    Baffled again on the morning of 29 July

    I can't work this one out, unless its a slightly funny looking Toadflax Brocade, and I rather doubt that. Nothing seems to fit exactly. Help please! 8-P Cheers John
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    Haven't the foggiest

    Hi all, completely stumped again by what I suspect may be a micro. Nice row of little blue lights on the hindwing when spread out. John
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    Solitary Wasp sp - I think!

    Has anyone any idea what this handsome beast photographed on the Isle of Portland might be, please? Cheers John
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    Unidentified, Farnborough

    I dunno what this is. I can't make it remotely fit anything in Waring so I'm inclined to think its a big micro. I'm probably wrong. Help, please, anyway! :-O Cheers John
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    Baffled again

    These don't get any easier, for me at least. In last night's trap. Not very big. My own run through Waring suggested either Flounced Rustic or Campion but it could be something else because I wasn't strongly struck by either. Help please! Cheers John
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    Baffled, New Forest

    I can't work this one out though I have a sneaking suspicion it ought to be easy. Help please! It was in bracken in a clearing near Acres Down. John
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    Mystery moth

    I couldn't ID this from the macro book, so despite being the size of a small macro I suspect this of being a micro. Anyone know what it is? Cheers John
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    Baffled again

    Hi All, Two more that I can't work out. Help please! Apologies for one being a very difficult angle. I blame the moth. Cheers John
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    Two for ID, NE Hampshire

    Brain soggy this morning. I can't work these out. They look not-quite-right for Knot Grass? Help please! John
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    Two moths for ID, Farnborough

    I can't quite work these out but they may be easy for some others. First is a carpet and I thought would be no trouble but I just can't quite match it up... Second is a beauty but seems both too small and not quite right for Willow which normally predominates here. Bic biro lid for scale...
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    May/June Moths

    A slight improvement today on the last couple of mornings: six moths, one of each species in the trap. Mullein was a tick, hurrah! Brimstone Moth Pale Tussock Lesser Swallow Prominent Mullein (tick!) Nut-tree Tussock Shuttle-shaped Dart Overcast this morning and a good bit warmer than...
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    Tip No. 1: Don't read The Grauniad!

    You can bird to whatever extent, wherever* or however you like. Just don't treat this article as gospel. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/home-and-garden/i-can-see-a-bird-what-is-it-a-beginners-guide-to-backyard-birding/ar-BB13ckTW?ocid=spartandhp John * Well, not at the moment you can't.