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    Cackling or Canada Geese? Berkeley California USA

    These look like pretty typical Canada Geese to me. They aren't as huge and long-billed as the resident birds you see breeding in much of the US, but they fit the migratory subspecies of Canada fine.
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    Possible Louisiana waterthrush - Trinidad

    This looks like a Northern Waterthrush to me. The throat isn't clean white, the streaking below looks to be too heavy for Louisiana, there's some yellowish tint in the supercilium, the bill is on the smaller side and the legs are pretty dull.
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    Geese and a Gull, Spano Park, Fresno, California, USA

    Looks more like a California Gull. Westerns don't get that far inland. You're just seeing the underside of the feet, which often look pink even on yellow-legged species. The wings don't look dark enough for Western, neither do the underwings. The white trailed edge to the wing is also a lot...
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    Flycatcher Toronto

    The overall very brown tones and complete eyering definitely suggest Alder over Willow.
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    Help with ID's Nevada, USA

    2 shows two female/immature House Finches, not cowbirds. Note the blunter bill
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    Duck ID Confirm - Jacksonville, Fl

    Yes, probably a young male
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    ID Help for some canadian Birds (Rocky mountains)

    12-13 looks like a young Golden-crowned Kinglet.
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    Passerine ID in Anaheim, CA?

    This is a Bushtit. It's not chunky enough for Wrentit, the bill is too small, and they are unlikely to be foraging in the open with a group of warblers. Wrentits are also restricted to more natural shrubby areas, you generally won't see them in small parks or neighborhoods.
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    Help IDing a TN warblers species and 1 Sparrow

    The last looks like a young Indigo Bunting.
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    Allen's or Rufous - San Angelo Tx

    Rufous are fairly common migrants and winter residents in Texas now, while Allen's are still very rare. This looks like a young female, which are essentially identical, and tricky to tell apart even in the hand.
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    A Thrush, which one ??? Canada-Alberta (Sept '16)

    It has awfully long primaries, and though there's some spotting on the chest the back looks unspotted, and the chest has only a very faint rufous wash. I could see it as a Mountain Bluebird.
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    Bay-breasted Warbler? central Maine, USA

    Looks more like a Blackpoll Warbler to me.
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    Help i.d. in queens n.y.

    It's a juvenile bird, they have more streaking that adults (which are barred across the chest).
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    Sparrows @ Hummer House Christoval Tx

    They all look like juvenile Chipping to me. The long tail and large headed structure is perfect for that and wrong for any of the other suggestions.
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    The secondaries aren't visible in these shots, but I don't see any reason to doubt that it's a Great Crested, seeing how unexpected any other species would be this time of year.
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    Flycatcher & Hummingbird in Arizona

    Bright green flanks are perfectly normal for Broad-tailed.
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    Help with Mexican Flycatcher

    This is the other yellow-bellied kingbird species down there, Tropical Kingbird.
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    Arizona Hummingbird

    New one is a different bird, a young male. Note the purple(?) coming in on the throat. I'd go with Black-chinned, if that really is the actual gorget color. The 1st looks like a female Mag, with no red on the bill and that white stripe behind the eye.
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    3 Songbirds from S. Jersey - Taken Sunday

    Both two and three look like juvie Pine Warblers. The bill is too thin for a goldfinch, but heavier than most other warblers. 1 looks like a Willow Flycatcher, with no visible eyering and rather moderate primary projection (vs longer primary projection for Acadian).