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  1. J

    Kakamega RFI

    Hi all, I will hopefully have a few days spare in Kenya in November in between a meeting and some mammal focussed safari with my wife and would like to do some more targeted birding in forest habitat. I was thinking of Kakamega NP but have not been able to figure out if it is possible to do...
  2. J

    Gayuin birding accommodation in Merzouga

    Hello, I’ve booked a day trip in the desert with Gayuin birding for April. They’ve offered me a price both with and without accommodation in Merzouga. I wonder if anyone has experience of their hotel and food- is it any good? Thanks James
  3. J

    Atlas Flycatcher arrival dates

    Hi all, Hoping to visit Morocco next April and wondering when Atlas Flycatcher arrives on its breeding grounds in the middle Atlas. I know it is during April but how late? Thanks James
  4. J

    Wagtail, Cambodia

    Be interested to hear opinions on the identification of this wagtail (including sub specific ID if relevant). Photo taken (not by me) on 14th March in Cambodia. I have my theory but prefer to hold back for the moment. Thanks, James
  5. J

    Lausanne/Geneva in june

    Hello all, I may have a couple of days in western Switzerland in late June this year. I wonder if anyone has any good spots accessible by public transport in the general area. Sites for Pygmy owl, wallcreeper, alpine accentor particularly welcome. I have the helm where to watch birds book but...
  6. J

    Orange-breasted Laughingthrush

    Hello, recordings of orange-breasted laughingthrush on xeno-canto are embargoed due to the risk of bird trappers using them. Does anyone have a recording they could forward to me? In case it's a doubt i assure you i am not a bird trapper... thanks, James
  7. J

    Any Wikipedia editors on here - wrong photo on species page

    Puff throated bulbul page has a pic of white bellied erpornis Cheers James
  8. J

    Tam Dao national park closed?

    Hello all, I've read and heard from more than one source that the best trails in Tam Dao national park, e.g. the watertank/contour trail and the road beyond the park gate, are currently closed to birders. does anyone know anything about this? is it temporary? the only alternative birding trail...
  9. J

    Kratie in March RFI

    Hello all, Visiting Cambodia in early March and will probably head to kratie/Kampi for the Irrawaddy dolphins. Would like to know what the best strategy for seeing them, plus good birds like Mekong wagtail, small pratincole is? Any particularly good boatmen? Cheers James
  10. J

    Cat tien in March RFI

    Hello all, I’m visiting cat tien for 4 nights in late March with my wife (not a birder but a wildlife fan). We should be staying at hq. First day we’re doing the gibbon trek but will have plenty of opportunities for other birding hiking etc. I have some questions.... Transport Any cheapish way...
  11. J

    savannah in october

    Hello, i may have a work trip to Savannah in October and could get the opportunity to do some birding in the general area for a few days. so.. is this a good time of year? does anyone have any recommended sites? are there any good sources of online information? thanks, James
  12. J

    baltic states RFI - september/october 2015

    hello all, i'll be visiting the baltic states (all 3) from september 20th to October 5th this year. It's not a birding or wildlife watching trip but if i can squeeze in a few lifers or seldom-seen species it would be nice! I'm well aware that the timing of the visit may be either too late or...
  13. J

    lizards and frogs from slovenia

    hello all, a few lizards and frogs from a recent trip to slovenia which i can't ID for sure, any help much appreciated! 1. i suspect is common/viviporous lizard, from a woodland clearing by lake bohinj in the foothills of the julian alps 2 and 3 i guess are wall lizards, hopefully different...
  14. J

    China - Beidaihe & Beijing, 6-20th October 2013

    Hello all, some of you may have seen my thread searching for inspiration for this trip, well in the end despite a few minor logistic hiccups i had a great time. Species richness is probably lower than in May or September but still lots of interesting resident/migrant/wintering species to be...
  15. J

    beidaihe, china, 7th Oct

    hello all, some puzzlers taken by Inna Smith when we were at Beidaihe last month. first lot, this gull gave a very brief flyby, initial impression was immature relict gull, checking Inna's photos 1 month later i'm afraid that might be correct... views untickable by my standards and didn't see...
  16. J

    beijing region october - ideas wanted!!

    hello all, i'm likely travelling to beijing in mid-october (12-15th) for a conference and may have the opportunity to do some birding, maybe a week to 10 days either before or after. I know beidaihe and happy island are within striking distance and i believe october is a decent time to observe...
  17. J

    iceland in june

    hello all, am starting to re-plan the trip to iceland this summer that was missed last year due to illness. thinking of going either 1st and 2nd, or 2nd and 3rd weeks in june. leaning towards the 2nd and 3rd weeks partly due to the logistics of getting to flatey, but i wondered whether there was...
  18. J

    berlin in december

    hello, i'm off to berlin for the first week of december. It's a non-birding holiday but always happy to cram a morning or day in :-) i wonder if anyone has any recommendations for good birding spots round the city, accessible b public transport. a couple of species i'd be particularly...
  19. J

    RFI iceland in june

    hello, i'm in iceland or the first two weeks in june. probably going to visit reykjavik, golden circle, snaefellsnes, flatey, latrabjarg, husavik, myvatn, but chances are will drive round the whole island. have checked out the superb birding iceland for some tips on target species but have some...
  20. J

    where to stay in corsica?

    have a week in corsica in early may, not really planned it yet, but will be going after all the typical specialities and visiting all the usual sites. i wonder if anyone has any suggestions what is the best area to base yourself in. Would prefer a single centre rather than travelling around...