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    Should Tourists Eat Puffins in Iceland?

    Yeah, maybe placing hunting pressure on a species already threatened by climate change and overfishing isn't such a great idea.
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    Cape May Warbler? N. Florida

    Definitely a Cape May warbler. A rare look at a gorgeous bird.
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    flycatcher i.d. needed new york

    Another vote for willow/alder, though leaning towards the former based on time alone.
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    Palm or Prairie Warbler?

    Definitely prairie.
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    Warbler ID Ontario canada

    Why not orange-crowned?
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    Colorado hummingbird sp.

    This hummingbird was seen in Colorado a few days ago. IS it just a broad-tailed, or could it be a Calliope? Many thanks. https://imgur.com/a/uhUjfZl
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    NJ Warbler Juvenile

    Notice the yellow undertail coverts, which no other common Northeast warbler has.
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    Unidentified bird - help !!

    Young melanistic house sparrow?
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    What made a duck like this

    Domestic Muscovy duck.
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    Tangier Island, Virginia, US, May 25, 2019

    3. Looks like white-rumped sandpiper.
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    1080 in Hawaii?

    Why hasn't anyone considered using 1080 in Hawaii? Surely it would be quite efficient at eliminating invasives without much impact to native wildlife? It's authorized for use in poison bait collars, why wouldn't it be available for conservationists? Does the black hand of animal rights activists...
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    Nashville Warbler?

    No doubt a Nashville. You can see the red crown in photo B.
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    Ohio Sparrow

    Swamp sparrow.
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    Laughing/Franklin's Gulls, NJ

    I was browsing through facebook when I happened upon a post that said that Franklin's gulls have pink plumage on their belly when they initially arrive on their breeding grounds. Having read this, I immediately recalled a time when I found what I thought was a laughing gull with a pink belly...
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    California Birds - April 2019

    Agree with Lou Salomon.
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    red-tailed hawk

    A red-tailed hawk indeed. Note how it has the belly-band.
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    Petition for the Regent Honeyeater

    Following the earmarking of the Regent Honeyeater's last breeding area for energy development, I have created a petition to nullify the proposal. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0889
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    Massachusetts, USA - Bird call ID request

    Sounds like a domestic chicken.