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    Beaver or something else? - S Germany

    Saw this guy passing by in an area where beavers are apparently resident (having been observed by others, plus visible traces of tree felling activity). The one thing that makes me a bit unsure of the ID is that the lower back is visible above the water line. I've heard that in beavers...
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    Urban myths about Raccoon Dogs (and other mammals)

    There's this recurring notion on the internet about Raccoon Dogs being able to climb, or even good climbers. However, I've never found that confirmed in the literature and judging from their physiology, it doesn't look very plausible. Admittedly, I haven't dug very deep. Is there anything to it...
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    Wood Mouse? Northern Germany

    Found this little fellow today and wondered if I might finally get a definite ID on a Wood Mouse. Seen from below, it didn't have any discernible collar, but then again it seems to be a youngster, so I'm not sure if that changes things. The location was on a narrow road in between hedgerows...
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    Fish ID, N Germany

    Found these today, inhabiting a relatively shallow lake here in northern Germany. I'm thinking Roach or something like that, but could be way off. Any ideas?
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    Scythebill 14.7.1 German version feedback

    Hello, Apologies for starting yet another thread on Scythebill, but I've recently tried out the new German language version. There's some interesting new features; I like the idea of the world map for example. This is not an in-depth review, but I wanted to point out some small issues I've...
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    Mouse ID, Germany 2019

    These pictures were taken earlier this month in the vicinity of Kiel in northern Germany. The mouse in question was a runty little fellow (apparently its right front paw was crippled) exhibiting rather little fear of humans, and was moving about in broad daylight. That explains the close-up...
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    Lark ID questions, Spain 2019

    I've come across quite a few larks this year, but some of them are less easy to ID than others. I'm fairly confident that I've seen Thekla's several times, given the songs, calls, underwing patterns and habitats of the birds involved, but I'd like to be able to tell if any of my pictures show...
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    Customizable vernacular names in listing software (e.g. Scythebill)?

    Following the recent kerfuffle involving the "updated" German vernacular names of Western Palearctic birds (and their adoption by IOC version 9.2), I was left wondering whether it would be possible to implement an option to manually edit specific common names in lists (I currently use...
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    Herp ID questions, SW Spain, 06/2019

    These reptiles were seen in Extremadura earlier this month. #1 Rhinechis scalaris? This snake was mid-sized (>50 cm long) and rather aggressive, due to its predicament (accidentally finding itself in the middle of a busy place and being driven into the bushes). One of the locals identified it...
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    Ecological niches of European and North American woodpeckers - how do they compare?

    Being a bird family with a relatively modest numbers of species on both continents, woodpeckers are nonetheless fascinating for many people, including myself. I have first hand experience with all but one of the European species, but only know their Nearctic counterparts from webcam feeds and...
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    Sandpiper ID, N Germany, 09/2018

    I'd like some ID help/confirmation on this oddly-coloured fellow I found today, at a lagoon next to the Baltic coast in Holstein. In terms of size, it was more or less similar to a Common Sandpiper, and visibly smaller than a Snipe (there were no Dunlins present). The only possibility I can...
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    Frog IDs, N Germany, 08/2018

    I'm still struggling to understand the identification of reptiles and amphibians. I've recently encountered these fellows in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, but am not entirely certain of the IDs I made. All pictures were taken in the same area, only a few days apart. All of the images are...
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    Wader call ID (description only), SH, Germany, 08/08/2018

    At a coastal reserve in East Holstein today, I was about to cross a bridge over a small canal when a small wader flew past me, apparently from the mud bank (which was frequented by some Bar-tailed Godwits and other birds) in the middle of said canal. It was rocking from one side to another in...
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    Checklists and common English species names

    So I've recently installed Scythebill and it's proving a great asset; wish I'd discovered it earlier. One of its features is the integration of checklists for other classes of animal, including a global mammal checklist that they got from mammalwatching.com Naturally, I installed that one too...
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    Frog and Newt IDs, SW Germany, June 2018

    Hi all, I've found this frog in the northern Neckar valley, hopping across a lane at night. At the time I was aware it was a frog, it was unfortunately already in the meadow. I'm stumped since it kind of looks like a Common Frog, but also has a dorsal stripe which the species usually lacks...
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    Mole or something else (description only)? - May 2018, N Germany

    Greetings everyone, a few weeks ago, I've encountered a mammal which I unfortunately couldn't get any picture of. The location was a rough bank loosely covered with vegetation between a lane and a smallish patch of forest right next to an extensive bog reserve in Holstein, N Germany. The...
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    Dodgy Stonechat sp., N Germany, 05/27/2018

    I photographed this bird today in a spot in eastern Holstein where a Siberian Stonechat had been reported (on ornitho) over the last few days. The reason I still have lingering doubts about the ID (apart from not having seen S. maurus before), is that while the bird's ventral colouration fits...
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    Pipit ID help required, N Germany, 02/2018

    Here we go again. Saw this pipit in the saltmarshes near Husum, North Germany, at the end of February. It only called briefly and sounded a bit like a Rock/Water Pipit. Wouldn't swear on that impression, though. Sorry for the blurry pics (I couldn't get closer because I didn't want to flush this...
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    Mystery seabird, Finland 2016

    This was taken by someone else in May 2016 in the Ă…land archipelago. Apologies for the quality, though in this case it's not my fault as I wasn't present. The picture is heavily cropped; apparently, the bird was swimming in a lagoon close to a beach. Any ideas? As always, any help would be...
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    Leaf warbler call ID, Spain, 10/2013

    OK, so this is probably pretty embarrassing. This is an old ID question I'd never quite solved. The location was a tree next to the public footpath along the Rio Tormes in Salamanca, C Spain. There is lush vegetation on one side and a park on the other. The bird was flitting about in the...