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    Alberta Hawk - Fall 2020

    This photo was taken today - I think it's a dark-morph red-tailed hawk, but thought I'd confirm.
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    Hawks - Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, Alberta

    1 & 2 are the same bird, 3 & 4 are a different bird later in the day. From this past weekend. I am guessing both are Swainson's Hawks?
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    Western Canadian Birds

    Just a few birds from Western Canada that I'm looking to confirm identity for: 1) Steller's Jay - Pretty sure here, spotted last August near Kelowna. Not a great photo. 2) Clay-coloured Sparrow - Edmonton from last July 3) Pine Siskin - can't see the yellow, but I was having a lot of Siskins...
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    Alberta Birds - May 2020

    Two birds from the past week in Edmonton: 1) Swainson's Thrush maybe? 2) Could be another thrush, but I was thinking maybe a warbler?
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    California Birds - April 2019

    Hi there, Here's a few birds from a recent trip to LA and Joshua Tree NP. 1) Black Phoebe? Found in the Venice Canals. 2) Bushtit? Santa Monica 3) Oregon Junco? Santa Monica 4) Northern Mockingbird? Joshua Tree NP. Lots of photos of these guys in the park. Pretty sure they are...
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    Yucatan Birds for ID

    Hi all, All these birds are from near Cancun this March. 1. Yellow tailed Oriole? Or Hooded Oriole? 2. Another oriole, likely the same species? 3. A flycatcher - possibly Greenish Elaenia 4. Another flycatcher? I don't have a book for Mexico, and using a couple of websites, I haven't...
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    Western Kingbird or Cassin's Kingbird?

    I believe this bird (spotted last week in Griffith Park in Los Angeles) is a Western Kingbird, but thought I'd check with the experts in here as it's crossing the range of the Cassin's there... Thoughts? And while I have you here, the second bird is puzzling me. Looks junco-esque...but...
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    Arizona Birds - April 2017

    A few birds from Arizona in April: 1-2) Bank Swallow? At Sedona 3) Warbler of some sort - maybe a flycatcher? Can't find anyone in my book with the little brown spot on his wing. Found at Lake Havasu 4-5) Female cardinals? Lake Havasu
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    Western Canadian Passerines

    Some small birds from Western Canada with my best guesses - these are tough ones for me: 1) Female Red-winged Blackbird? Central Alberta, July 2017 2) Hutton's Vireo? Or Ruby-crowned Kinglet? Stanley Park, Vancouver, August 2017 3) Fox Sparrow? Stanley Park, Vancouver, August 2017
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    Alberta Hawks

    Three hawks, all taken the same day, all in Alberta in March. I think they're all rough-legged hawks. Thoughts?
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    US birds - TX & FL

    A few more US birds from earlier this year: 1) American Bittern? Near Houston - March 2018 2) Tennessee Warbler? Near Tampa Bay - Feb 2018 3) Audubon's Warbler? Near Tampa - Feb 2018 4) Another Audubon's? From northern Everglades - Feb 2018 5) Yet another Audubon's? More yellow on this...
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    More California Birds

    A few more Californian birds for ID confirmation - all taken at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve near Newport Beach - July 2018: 1) Long-billed Curlew - I think the bill is long for whimbrel, and he's lacking the stripes on his head. 2) Willet - grey legs, grey colour, grey bill. 3) Reddish...
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    California Birds

    1) Buller's Shearwater? Off Newport Beach - August 2018 2) White-crowned Sparrow (with a very small crown)? San Francisco - June 2018 3) Anna's Hummingbird? San Diego - April 2018 4) Flycatcher of some sort? Can't find one that looks just like him in my book... San Diego - April 2018 5)...
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    Common Murre?

    From just off Ucluelet, Vancouver Island last July. Not a great shot on seas rising and falling seas. Pretty sure with the all black head and white belly that these are common murre, but wanted to get a second opinion.
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    Glaucous-winged or Glaucous Gull?

    Vancouver Island - last July. I THINK this is a Glaucous-winged gull, but I'm not positive at all. The two birds look very similar in the guide. Glaucous-winged looks a little darker, which is why I'm hedging that way.
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    Ducks near Red Deer, AB

    I'm guessing these are buffleheads, but not sure so thought I'd ask the masses here! Taken at the end of July near Red Deer, Alberta.
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    Alberta Hawk

    Hi all, Another Alberta hawk, this one from between Edmonton & Red Deer. I'm thinking a weird colour morph red-tailed hawk? Maybe a Krider's Red-tail?
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    Swainson's Hawk?

    Took several photos of this hawk in August near Edmonton, Alberta. I am not positive on the ID, but thinking Swainson's in part because he was pretty patient with me stopping the car, unrolling the window and sticking a giant lens out the side. Most of our other roadside hawks here don't...
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    Gibraltar Gull

    Gibraltar Gulls I'm at a loss on this one. There's so many that look close in my book and none that look dead on to me. I think he's pretty large, so maybe Herring Gull? Second one...could be the same, could be Mediterranean? I really don't know. From Gibraltar in September.
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    Barcelona Gulls

    A photo from Barcelona this past September. Fairly large gulls along la Rambla de Mar. I think I've narrowed it down to either the Yellow-legged or Lesser Black-backed Gull - thoughts?