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    I Touched A Hummingbird Today!

    Wow! What an experienced. This morning I went on the deck to replace the sugar water in the hummingbird feeder and as I was returning with it still in my hand, a hummingbird came up & start feeding. I've never been so close to these beautiful creatures before! I stood still and it fluttered in...
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    A Family Moment with Hawks on Vancouver Island

    Yesterday I went for a walk in a nearby park. The sun was hot but the breeze was just strong enough to keep me cool. I love hiking by myself. After a long day, the solitude helps me keep everything in perspective. Because I was not getting too tired or wet with perspiration, I decided to make...
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    A Bald Eagle with a Kill

    This is what got me into birding! We were on the deck and this massive bald eagle with something in it's talon landed in a nearby tree! And then the excitement started as it took off! What do you think the prey is... a mink or some other weasel?
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    Identification needed - Vancouver Island, Canada

    Thanks guys! I'm new to birding so I appreciate your patience & help!
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    Identification needed - Vancouver Island, Canada

    Hello, I was taking a walk this morning in Goldstream Park just outside of Victoria when this little red bird hopped into sight on a tree trunk. It just kept playing around on the tree, spiraling around as I tried to take this photo. What kind of bird is it?
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    11/23/08 - Minnesota Valley NWR

    You live in a nice place. I was in Minnesota a few years ago and was amazed by the abundant birds in the river valley. Do you guys get herons there?
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    Greetings from Washington State

    Welcome to the community neighbour. I'm from Vancouver Island. We live in an amazing place on the Pacific Flyway!
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    Encountering Woody The Woodpecker This Morning

    As I mentioned before, I’m new to birding and only recently got into it after witnessing a fascinating & close up encounter with an eagle & its prey. I know that birding opportunities are great in the early morning as the sky brightens and the air warm, but I like my sleep. Today I was awoken...
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    How bird activity is affected by weather conditions

    Good observation. I noticed that the big factor on Vancouver Island is the wind. Whenever it get windy, they don't navigate the turbulent air. Bird activity here is high in the spring & fall when the migration is high Even in the night, the forest is deafening with their bird calls... it's...
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    Galveston Fallout

    When is the best time for birdwatching in Galveston. I was there in the July and didn't see a lot in the marshy areas. AND WOW WAS IT HOT THERE! Greg
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    I've always been fascinated with hummingbirds and still to this day, I have to look up to spot them as they dart around me in the yard. Their magical hum always makes me smile. I saw this great documentary on hummingbirds on PBS the other night that discusses how these little creatures survive...
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    The Mynas Of Glen Iris

    :-). Thanks from Victoria, Canada.
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    Squirrels AND raccoons... sigh

    No matter the contraption, we can not stop the raccoons from entering our garbage cans or our birdfeeders. The only thing that will teach them a lesson is the water hose. You have to wait in hiding and spray them good to scare them away... for about a 2 weeks. Good luck!
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    Eagle & Prey on Vancouver Island, Canada

    Throughout the year, we here in BC see hundreds of Bald Eagles in the skies and in the fields. Visitors are always amazed when they see one of these birds of prey too which we have grown accustomed. Last month, we were in the cottage and an eagle was a mere 20 meters away in a tree. Nothing new...
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    My Trip to Sao Paulo City.

    Good luck on your trip. The time really flies by quickly when you have chores & appoints. Please post some photos from the Harpy eagle nesting site!
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    Turkey Vultures in Canada

    It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere & I just got back from a morning walk in the rainforest. Yes, there is a rainforest in Canada – a temperate rainforest on the Pacific west coast and Vancouver Island is the terrestrial edge of the Pacific Flyway. Just outside of Victoria is a large...
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    Birding on Vancouver Island - June 11, 2013

    I went for a walk to today with my dog and saw the following: - Eagles soaring on the Pacific winds - A turkey vulture feasting on a dead animal in the ditch - Hummingbirds of all kinds - Gulls of all sorts - I woke early to some kind of woodpecker that was pecking way to close to my...
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    Best telephoto lens for Nikon D7000? (in 1100$ budget)

    Here's my two cents... I use a mid-priced telephoto lens with a lot of glass. It's not fast but since the birds are usually stationary, it was a good balance between price & performance. Don't go overboard & get equipment that may be overkill for an amateur birder. Greg
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    Hello from Vancouver Island, BC

    Hello everyone, I'm Greg from southern Vancouver Island. I've always appreciated birds but wouldn't consider myself a birder until this spring when an eagle with prey was just 20 m away from me! The power, the grace, the quiet flight of these huge birds was incredible. I'm hooked for life.
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    Hello From a Hummingbird Enthusiast in Seattle

    Hi Patty. I'm Greg & I live on Vancouver Island. Do you guys get the great migration on the Pacific Flyway or do the birds head over to the Olympic Peninsula instead?