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    Hopkins Belize - 12.20.2018

    Any help on this Swift? (or Swallow - I am thinking Mangrove Now)
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    Mountain Pine Ridge--Gaia River Lodge (formerly Five Sisters Lodge), Cayo, Bz

    12.19.2018 Any idea on this hummer? Seen on Nest and Perched.
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    Belize - Caracol - 12.17.2018

    #1 I had this as a White-Collared Seedeater. Is it Morelet's Seedeater or do I have it completely wrong? #2 - 4: Unknown But I think I should know it.
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    Baltimore MD, 5.21.2017 - Flycatcher Assistance.

    I originally called this a Least, but upon review of the photos I see no eye ring. These little guys get me everytime. I heard no calls. The Wings look too short to be Eastern Wood Pewee. I am think this will be an Alder/Willow but any help would be appreciated. These are all the same bird...
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    Aruba - 9.30.2016 - Bubali #2

    #1 - Blackpoll Female? Or am I totally wrong? #2 - Neotropic or Double Crested Cormorant? Acute Gular angle/ slim / Drooped tail I think NeoTropic #3 - Unknown Peep #4 - More uknown Peep. #5 - Yellowlegs? Greater or Lesser? I think greater.
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    Aruba - 9.30.2016 - Bubali

    Is this a peregrine falcon? Left = HIGHLY lightened. Right = original. Bad shot far away dark skies (during Matthew actually).
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    Piping Plover - assateague island VA USA -9.6.2016

    This would be a lifer so I want to verfiy. Piping Plover right... (Both same individual) Very small Small bill Orange legs. Solitary. generally pale.
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    Costa Rica - 12-13-2015 - Hotel Parador - Unkown Hawk

    I posted this in another post (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=317207) but have moved it to it's own post hopefully someone can help. I saw this bird start to fly then soar coming from below the tree line near the ocean and soaring up from there. These are the same bird .
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    Costa Rica - 12-13-2015 - Hotel Parador - Unkown Hummingbird

    I posted this in another post (http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=317207) but have moved it to it's own post hopefully there is enough to ID this little guy. I was thinking Rufous-Tailed Humming Bird but not sure.
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    Costa Rica - 12-13-2015 - Hotel Parador

    #1 - White-Tipped Dove #2 - Orange-Chinned Parakeet (corrected) Same shot 2nd brightness increased 100% #3 - Unkown - Guess - Shiny Cowbird? #4 - Unkown - Cherrie's Tanager? #5 - Palm Tanager?
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    Costa Rica - 12-13-2015 - Manuel Antonio National Park - 6 birds 2 posts

    All taken either on the beach or on the trails surrounding/approaching #1 - Baltimore Oriole? #2 - Black-hooded Antshrike (more views available if needed) #3 - Black Tern #4 - Riverside Wren (more views available if needed) #5 - Yellow-throated Vireo
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    Costa Rica - 12/12/2015 - Monteverde area (3 birds)

    #1 - taken at Sky Adventures outside of MonteVerde Woodcreeper of some type - is it possible to go further? #2 - taken at Sky Adventures outside of MonteVerde my Guess is Russet Ant Shrike but this is purely a guess. #3 and #4 Taken at the Hotel El Establo in Monteverde I have increased...
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    Costa Rica - 12-11-2015 - Monteverde - CloudForest- Hummingbirds

    I found more photos from the same day same location, these are digiscoped from my phone. I really have no idea what this one is. All the same bird. I don't think the bill is decurved so i ruled out Coppery-headed Emerald. Beyond that I see nothing that helps me... Thanks again.
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    Costa Rica - 12-11-2015 - Monteverde - CloudForest- Hummingbirds

    All 4 Green-Crowned Brilliant? More to come.
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    Costa Rica - 12-11-2015 - Monteverde - Hotel - Hummingbird

    These are all the same bird Seen here El Establo - Monteverde, Costa Rica --- I am thinking it is a Green Violetear - I think in the one you can just see the ear..
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    Costa Rica - 12-11-2015 - Monteverde - Hotel/Cloud Forest

    #1 Summer Tanager? The ones with the green background are the same bird, light bill rules out hepatic.. (Cloud Forrest) The other one is a different bird at a different location. (Hotel) #2 White-fronted parrot? (Hotel) #3 - Unknown. Seen at the Monteverde Cloud Forrest Parking lot by the...
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    Costa Rica - 12/9/2015 - Areneal Volcano Area #1

    Taken at various locations on a trip to and around the Arenal Volcano. #1 #2 - Buff-throatedSalator #3 = White-TippedDove #4 Passerini'sTanager.jpg This was taken here --- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rancho-Perla-Restaurant/169626596462599 #5 Red-legged Honeycreeper.
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    Costa Rica - 12/8/2015 - San Jose Airport area

    These are all from my Hotel near the Airport (SJO) 1 - Crimson-fronted Parakeet 2 - White-winged Dove 3 - Red-billed Pigeon More to come. Thanks
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    Costa Rica - 12/8/2015 - San Jose Airport area - TEST

    I just returned from Costa Rica, and I will have several posts to try to verify my id's.. All of these I think are simple. I will post new one's in the days to come. Please let me know if this format (linking to a Photobucket folder) is no good, I will crop the pics and attach them direct...
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    New Providence (Bahamas) Dove Help

    I am sure this is just a morning dove but want verification it is not a Zenaida dove - I never saw it fly.