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  1. Melanie

    Your favorite books of 2020

    In a few days I will got my last book of 2020. (Birds of the Philippines by David Allen). In general I have bought 43 books this year (not only bird or nature related). Among the non novelties are Kadimakara by Gerald van Tets, Return of the Phasmid by Rick Wilkinson, Glimpses of Paradise by...
  2. Melanie

    Taxa described by Cheng Tso-hsin

    Is there an open accessible list of all subspecies described by eminent ornithologist Cheng Tso-hsin?
  3. Melanie

    Paul Carié, Mauritian naturalist and forgotten collector of dodo bones

    Interesting hint from the SAPE Newsletter 34 Paul Carié (1876-1930) was a Mauritian industrialist and naturalist of French descent, who was affiliated with various French scientific societies and carried out research on many aspects of the zoology of the Mascarene islands. However, his work on...
  4. Melanie

    Bermuda Crow - a distinct extinct species?

    Here is another mysterious case of a bird which is only by anecdotal reports but seemingly not by a fossil record: "Bermuda historically had a species of crow that was considered endemic to the islands; however it was exterminated during the early years of human colonization (Wingate, 1975a...
  5. Melanie

    Black-browed babbler rediscovered?

    Seems that another mysterious bird (not seen since the 19th century) has been rediscovered in Borneo. www.xeno-canto.org/species/Malacocincla-perspicillata
  6. Melanie

    A new fossil vulture (Cathartidae: Cathartes) from Cuba

    William Suárez & Storrs L. Olson A new fossil vulture (Cathartidae: Cathartes) from Quaternary asphalt and cave deposits in Cuba Bull. B.O.C. 2020 140(3) p 335-343 Cathartes emsliei sp. nov...
  7. Melanie

    Systematics and distribution of the living and fossil small barn owls of the West Ind

    Systematics and distribution of the living and fossil small barn owls of the West Indies (Aves: Strigiformes: Tytonidae) WILLIAM SUÁREZ, STORRS L. OLSON Abstract After reviewing the systematics and distribution of the living and fossil small West Indian taxa of Tytonidae (Tyto), we reached the...
  8. Melanie

    Mauritius Oil Spill Desaster

    This case shows that not even the last paradises are save Mauritius declares environmental emergency after oil spill www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/07/mauritius-declares-environmental-emergency-after-oil-spill
  9. Melanie

    Gary Russell Graves

    Grallaria gravesi is the first bird taxon dedicated to Gary R. Graves, known for his descriptions of several neotropical bird species (e.g. Heliangelus zusii). Would be to great to know his birth date and birth place.
  10. Melanie

    List of German vernacular names

    The German journal Vogelwarte from the German Ornithologists' Society will publish an up to date list of German vernacular names of all known bird species in its 58th issue (due in June 2020). This is in so far good as there were several splits, lumps and new descriptions after the publishing of...
  11. Melanie


    Buteogallus royi is the first avian commemoration for Roy Ernest Dickerson (1877-1944), one of the pioneers of paleontology in Cuba. The fossil avifauna of the tar seeps Las Breas de San Felipe, Matanzas, Cuba WILLIAM SUÁREZ Zootaxa 4780 (1): 001–053...
  12. Melanie

    The fossil avifauna of the tar seeps Las Breas de San Felipe, Matanzas, Cuba

    The fossil avifauna of the tar seeps Las Breas de San Felipe, Matanzas, Cuba WILLIAM SUÁREZ Abstract The Cuban fossil avifauna, prior to this study, included 30 extinct and extirpated valid taxa. In the present contribution, we review the fossil avifauna from Las Breas de San Felipe, and in so...
  13. Melanie

    The Irvingtonian Avifauna of Cumberland Bone Cave, Maryland

    The Irvingtonian Avifauna of Cumberland Bone Cave, Maryland HELEN F. JAMES https://mapress.com/j/zt/article/view/zootaxa.4772.1.4
  14. Melanie

    Mystery illness killing off German Blue Tits

    Unknown disease kills more than 150 tits (in particular blue tits) in Germany https://www.birdguides.com/news/mystery-illness-killing-off-german-blue-tits/
  15. Melanie

    Animal Earth for free

    Zoologist Ross Piper has a gift for all of his fans. His book Animal Earth can be currently download for free as non-printable PDF on his website: https://www.rosspiper.net/animal-earth-book-launch/ The file size is 135 mb and the download took rather long.
  16. Melanie

    Project Muse

    Project Muse has currently an offer of ebooks (PDF) for free until March 30, 2020. There are many interesting books on birds: https://muse.jhu.edu/search?action=search&query=content:birds:and&limit=subscription:y&limit=format:book&min=1&max=50
  17. Melanie

    Roger Bour has died

    Roger Bour was predominantly herpetologist specialized on subfossil turtles and lizards of the Mascarenes. But he was also involved in avian paleontology. He described the Reunion Rail Dryolimnas augusti, he described the owl genus Mascarenotus, the owl species Otus grucheti, he transferred...
  18. Melanie

    BBC Radio 4 Today: Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough

    Greta Thunberg will talk about Climate Change with David Attenborough on December 30, 2019. At 6 AM GMT. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50515081 https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4
  19. Melanie

    Sea of Shadows

    Leonardo DiCaprio has produced the first full length documentary on Totoaba poaching in the Sea of Cortez and the Vaquita as victim of this brutal crime. Currently shown in the National Geographic Channel https://www.nationalgeographic.com/films/sea-of-shadows/en/#/
  20. Melanie

    Asiatic Ostrich

    Behera, Pradeep K. and Badam, G. L. (2019). Further Light on the Ostrich in Indian Rock Art: Evidence from Hitasara, Odisha. Heritage 7: 279-288. You need a Facebook or Google account to download papers at www.academia.edu