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  1. Danielbirdwatcher

    Identify please.

  2. Danielbirdwatcher

    I haven't a clue, please help.

    Location: Mount Pleasant Time: August 2020 I haven't a clue because it has dots on it. Please help.
  3. Danielbirdwatcher

    American Coot or Moorhen?

    August 2020 Charleston, South Carolina Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Please help thanks in advance.
  4. Danielbirdwatcher

    Stunned yet again. Please help.

    Location: Charleston, South Carolina August 2020. Stunned again. I don't see yellow feet so it isn't a Snowy Egret but what is it? Little Blue Heron? or Great Egret?
  5. Danielbirdwatcher

    Great White Heron or Great Egret?

    Location: Charleston South Carolina, USA Time: August 2020 Many thanks.
  6. Danielbirdwatcher

    Two pics of the same bird one dark lighting and one in bright lighting.

    I would first assume this is a female painted bunting however she comes every morning and never with a male so is it possible it isn't a female painted bunting? Maybe a Scarlet Tanager? Location, Summerville, South Carolina, USA Time of picture, July 2020. Please help. Many thanks in...
  7. Danielbirdwatcher

    Could you please help me with this?

    https://i.imgur.com/1soxHvb.jpg Location: Swamp Walk, Magnolia Plantation, and Gardens Charleston, South Carolina June 2020 I thought it was a female Red Wing but now not so sure. I don't see any red on the face. It could be a Juvenile though.
  8. Danielbirdwatcher

    Help me please. Is this a Pied -billed Grebe

    Location: Charleston, South Carolina Date: June 2020 Possibly a youth? Juvenile,
  9. Danielbirdwatcher

    Need help I was told it's a Female Grackle

    Taken 6/14/2020 at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States of American on the river. I was told it was a female Grackle is it?
  10. Danielbirdwatcher

    Is this a little Blue Heron

    Location: Charleston, South Carolina Taken March 2020. Please help and know I'm grateful.
  11. Danielbirdwatcher

    is it a Solitary Vireo?

    Location: Summerville, South Carolina Date: March 16, 2020 located early in the morning. Please help me guys and gals?
  12. Danielbirdwatcher

    Is this a Gadwall?

    Location: Charleston, South Carolina Time: March 2020 In the marshland pond. Guys or Gals can you help me with this, please? Many thanks.
  13. Danielbirdwatcher

    May I have your help please?

    Location: Huntington Beach State Park Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina. Is it a Little Blue Heron, or a Reddish Egret Dark phase or a Tricolored Heron? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a great weekkend.
  14. Danielbirdwatcher

    I'm sore.

    I have taken too many photos of late and to my surprise, I am actually sore on my left shoulder, left pec, and left forearm. I have been physical all my life with weight lifting, cardio workouts and it took me a couple of days to realize what exactly is wrong after visiting my chiropractor...
  15. Danielbirdwatcher

    Unknown Ducks

    Location: Charleston, South Carolina, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Time: January 2020
  16. Danielbirdwatcher

    Is this a Pine Warbler?

    Please help.
  17. Danielbirdwatcher

    Unknown Duck

    Location, Charleston, South Carolina. Magnoila Plantation and Gardens, January 2020. Please tell me what this is. Thanks in advance.:t:
  18. Danielbirdwatcher

    Is this a Swamp Sparrow

    Taken at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens at Charleston, South Carolina, USA. The date was the 12th of December 2019. Thank you in advance and have a great weekend.
  19. Danielbirdwatcher

    Sparrow but I don't know what kind, please help.

    I took this picture in Hendersonville, North Carolina last month in front of the Mast General store. Do you know what kind it is?
  20. Danielbirdwatcher

    Please help. I haven't a clue and thank you in advanced.

    Location Summerville, South Carolina, USA. Taken 12/03/2019.