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  1. Lisa W

    ABA Bird of the Year 2021

    Didn’t see this posted the ABA bird (for those of us in the ABA area) is the Pileated Woodpecker. I’ve never seen one, headed to Oregon this summer so hopefully will this year.
  2. Lisa W

    Help - SW Colorado, USA

    Pictures taken today, 15 August. The bird was on the San Juan river. I think it is some type of Sandpiper. As usual any help is appreciated. He was pretty far away.
  3. Lisa W

    Help Please - Colorado, USA

    Picture taken July 8, near Pagossa Springs, CO. Any help appreciated. I think they are Common Mergansers but have never seen one so want to make sure.
  4. Lisa W

    Southeast Arizona, USA Today

    A friend took this and asked for my help to ID. I think it is a Chipping Sparrow but am not 100%. Help appreciated.
  5. Lisa W

    Pagosa Springs Area

    Hi, I will be in the Pagosa Springs area until the 15th of September. Anyone with knowledge of local places to go birding?
  6. Lisa W

    Bald Eagles raising Hawk.

    Interesting article: california-eagles-adopt-baby-hawk/1667881001/
  7. Lisa W

    With Cormorants, Oregon, U.S.

    Hello, looking for help with these cormorants. Photos taken today Winchester Bay, Oregon. Last two are the same bird. Are they all Brandt’s?
  8. Lisa W

    Help with Gulls, Oregon U.S.

    Hello, looking for help with these gulls photos taken today at Winchester Bay, Oregon.
  9. Lisa W

    More Birds Winchester Bay, Oregon, U.S. (2)

    Hoping I can get some help with these birds. Photos taken on Sep 8, 2018. As usual thanks for looking and helping, if possible.
  10. Lisa W

    Help Please Winchester Bay, Oregon, USA

    Photos taken today. I’ve been told the first two (same bird) are Common Mure, and the last two (same bird) are Pelagic Cormorant. I had guessed that the Cormorant was a Brandt’s.
  11. Lisa W

    ID Help Winchester Bay, Oregon, USA

    Took this picture today. Hoping for ID help. I have no knowledge of gulls, thanks in advance.
  12. Lisa W

    The Bald Eagle, Fox and Rabbit

    Very interesting series of photos, and video at the end of the article. http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/05/22/eagle-snatches-fox-holding-rabbit-in-mouth-in-dramatic-images.html
  13. Lisa W

    Plant ID Arizona Desert

    A fellow blogger posted this, asking for an ID. Looks like some sort of succulent, but I can’t figure out what. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Lisa W

    Long Shot, Colorado Springs, CO USA

    Not sure if anyone can help. Picture taken Aug 26th in a pine forest with my iPhone from a distance so not very clear. Any help is appreciated.
  15. Lisa W

    Small Lizard/Gecko Texas

    Hi all, my brother lives in the Dallas area. He sent me these two pictures and wants to know what type of lizard these little fellows are. The close-up is of one of those in the picture of two side by side. Thanks in advance for any help. Lisa
  16. Lisa W

    Yuma, Arizon USA February 2016

    Help needed to confirm or ID the attached bird. I'm thinking it is a long-billed curlew OR a wimbrel. As always thanks in advance. Lisa
  17. Lisa W

    Yuma, AZ USA

    Is this a long-billed curlew? Photo taken this past winter. Picture not the best, but should be good enough to ID.
  18. Lisa W

    ID from Feather, South Dakota, USA

    Can anyone ID what bird this might be from. A friend found it on her patio this morning in Custer, S.D. She says it is 8 1/2 inches long. As usual thanks for any help.
  19. Lisa W

    Help with 3 birds Dry Tortugas, U.S.

    Hello, looking for help with these three my Sister-in-law took at the National Park last week. As usual any help appreciated. #1 - some sort of Sandpiper? #2 - Palm Warbler? #3 - Magnificent Frigatebird? Thanks, Lisa
  20. Lisa W

    Help with ID - Everglades, Florida USA

    My sister-in-law took this yesterday in the Everglades National Park, any help would be appreciated. Lisa