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  1. Dougie Preston

    Pine Martin information required.

    Hi folks. I'm wondering if anyone out there knows of any self-catering accommodation in the Cairngorms area that regularly gets Pine Martin visiting? Just looking to advance book for our next Summer visit. Many thanks Dougie.
  2. Dougie Preston

    Cuban Warbler April 2014

    Anyone any idea on this warbler, seen very briefly at Cayo Coco on Cuba last month. All I can add is that it's underparts were all a dirty grey, but it did have a vivid yellow vent/undertail area. Cheers Dougie.
  3. Dougie Preston

    An Android APP that works with mic?

    I'm looking for an android app that I can use with a shotgun mic, to record bird calls to my phone (HTC). Sony decided to stop supporting the Sonic stage software for my MD recorder, and now I'm looking to simplify my set up by recording to my phone instead! (less stuff to carry in the field!)...
  4. Dougie Preston

    Nightjar churring?

    Can any birders down South tell me if Nightjars are still calling at this time of year? I'll be around Poole to Portland area in a few days time, and would love to record them churring. Any areas that might be good? as I've never been to this part of the world before! (presuming they are still...
  5. Dougie Preston

    Pheasant id, Potteric Carr, Yorkshire.

    Any ideas on this weird looking Pheasant? Shape and actions just like the 'normal' Pheasants, but the colour and feather details just don't look right. Any ideas on what genes are mixed in?
  6. Dougie Preston

    Brownsea Golden Pheasants

    Just wanted to know peoples thoughts on the island population of these birds! I'll be down this way in late July, and was hoping to find the time to try and see Golden Pheasant among a few other Sp we don't get up here very often. The questions I was wondering were; Are they easy to see? I...
  7. Dougie Preston


    The following two pics were taken by myself recently in an area where a Water Pipit had been reported. The bird had the size and shape of 'Rock', although the bright White outer tail feathers were very noticeable indeed (esp in flight) and not just a photographic artifact! Can 'Rock' have such...
  8. Dougie Preston

    Dragonflies in Aviemore to id...

    Anyone care to help me with my first Dragonfly identification? This randy pair were photographed near Loch Vaa in August 2009. Many thanks.
  9. Dougie Preston

    Crossbill sonogram, Shetland.

    Having managed to record some Common Crossbills today in Unst, I produced the following sonogram. Having searched through the available sonograms on here, I'd reckon them to be Fc4 Glip type calls. Is this even close?
  10. Dougie Preston

    Sound file storage?

    I've finally managed to get all my equipment (Sony himd and ATR55) and managed to make some pretty decent sound recordings. What I'd like to know now, is what format should I store these in? At present I can store in AIFF or WAV format only, although these are quite large files for the length...
  11. Dougie Preston

    Start-up recording equipment?

    I'm starting to get interested in recording (esp Crossbills, id of sp and sub-sp), and was hoping to try and do it as cheap and easily as possable... I've been looking at the very good website; http://www.wildlife-sound.org/equipment/newcomersguide/index.html and have found what I think is a...
  12. Dougie Preston

    Pure Rock Dove?

    This birds been hanging out with my "pure" Rock Doves for about a Month now. It is structurally and behaviorally identical to them, and only the colour worries me. The bird is also unringed. Do we have Feral Pigeons infiltrating the ranks, or is this just a melanistic or some how aberrant...
  13. Dougie Preston

    North Western Redpoll in Shetland.

    I posted this pic in a Redpoll thread in the "Birds and Birding" section, but I can only guess it was a bit too tricky, as nobody took it up, so I thought I'd try here. This bird was at Skaw in Unst in Sept this year and is widely accepted as being a NW Redpoll. What I would like to know...
  14. Dougie Preston

    Photoshop Elements 5 for Vista?

    Can any of you tell me if Photoshop Elements 5 will work on my Vista laptop? If not, is there any other budget photo software programs I can buy that would work? Cheers Dougie.
  15. Dougie Preston

    Surfbirds stoppress going down hill?

    Is it a sad indication of the Autumn so far, or just a case of people not understanding the principle of what constitutes a rare bird, but have you seen the list of scarce or even escaped sp that are now on the UK Stop-press page of Surfbirds! The list of "Rare" birds lately have included such...
  16. Dougie Preston

    Snettisham Little Bittern 1990's

    I'm trying to update my records, and was hoping someone out there might know the dates of my first and only Little Bittern which I seen at Snettishham, Norfolk. The bird was well watched by many, though not sure of how long it was present. Sorry I can't be any more specific on date (mid 90's I...
  17. Dougie Preston

    Mystery bird (North Sea)

    Spotted this pic on Surfbirds ID problem page and was a little confused, so contacted Jim Woods the photographer to see about posting the image here. Jim was grateful for any help and agreed to me posting the pic to see what you lot thought! The bird was photographed about half way accross the...
  18. Dougie Preston

    "hudsonian" Whimbrel

    Does anyone out there know what the latest thinking is on this sub-species? Have the Americans separated this one already, and how long do you reckon it'll be before the BOU recognize it as a full sp? There must be a few hopefuls like me who have either seen the Cambrian or the Fair Isle...
  19. Dougie Preston

    Ringnecked Parakeet near Gatwick?

    I'm flying out of Gatwick in Feb (on way to Gambia), and have a full day to spend, and was hoping to catch up with one. Does anyone know any guaranteed sites as close as poss to the airport. Failing that, what about any in London close to an easy underground station to access from Gatwick? I...
  20. Dougie Preston

    Corncrake search 2008

    I'm planning a trip to the highlands in Spring 2008 (timing very flexable), and I'm hoping to catch up with Corncrake, inc sighting not just hearing. I know they are more visable when they first arrive, so I'm lookng for the correct weeks to look and the best places to look please. The only...