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  1. Essex Tern

    Albatross or Gull, I may never know!

    Posted this in the Norfolk birding thread, but thought it may get more attention here as I would like the word to get out if my thoughts are correct. As I say I may never know the answer as to what I saw! Saw a bird that made me double take and think possible Albatross this afternoon, about...
  2. Essex Tern

    Caspian Gull? Norfolk,UK.

    I hope I am right in saying this is a Caspian Gull please? A bit of a bogey bird for me so just want to be sure.
  3. Essex Tern

    Curlew vs Whimbrel, Essex UK

    I am posting for a friend, and as the title says, what would be your instinct on this flock please. I gave my ID opinion to him, but would appreciate other people’s opinions please so that I can confirm or deny my advice. Thanks.
  4. Essex Tern

    Song ID, Essex, UK.

    I wonder is someone could assist pinning down the high pitched hurried song on this recording please (sorry not the best quality, just on a phone). I have some ideas, but for some reason I can’t convince myself 100% as to what it is. Thanks.
  5. Essex Tern

    Major G9 firmware update on the way.....

    Will be interested to see how this works, animal detect sounds interesting.
  6. Essex Tern

    Wader - Vange Marses, Essex, UK

    Saw this wader this morning and it was some distance away so snapped a few quick record shots to study when home - in the field I assumed (in line with other’s synopsis of birds present) Wood Sandpiper, although it didn’t feel quite right, and now I look again, it really doesn’t! The bill length...
  7. Essex Tern

    Pipit, Essex, UK

    I was looking for Water Pipits, and although a bit of a blurry mess due to the extreme range - is anyone who is familiar with the species able to confirm Water as opposed to Meadow, of which I saw plenty, from these “images” please? I think all the same bird. N.b. Habitat was OK as they have...
  8. Essex Tern

    Stonechat ID, Cley UK, 3 October

    Hi, just had a belated sighting come through about a reported Siberian Stonechat at Cley, near the Babcock hide, on 3 October. I was there that day, and did see a Stonechat in the very same area, but had it down as a Common Stonechat. I am not familiar with Siberian Stonechat, and the report...
  9. Essex Tern

    A couple of Gulls, September UK

    Hi, I am still trying to get into gulls but am having difficulties with the various ages, plumages and even species with the younger ones. Any pointers on the two younger birds would be most useful please.
  10. Essex Tern

    Gulls, Norfolk - a little guidance please

    I have decided to have a stab at learning Gulls, but believe a lot more study is needed by me. In the meantime, to assist with my learning process I would be grateful for pointers on the birds ringed in the photos. It may be they are all Lesser Black-backed, but I was kinda hoping for a...
  11. Essex Tern

    Shag? Norfolk, UK

    Hi, this bird seems to be exhibiting the front crown, rather than rear of a Cormorant, and also yellowish beak - pretty poor photos, but appreciate any comment one way or the other from those with more experience of the species please.
  12. Essex Tern

    The MFT user advice thread

    By the number of threads in the Micro Four Thirds forum I would imagine the system is still very much in it's infancy on takeup (possibly dictated by choice of suitable available birding lenses), but to help new users such as myself, established users, and potential adopters, I thought it might...
  13. Essex Tern

    Desert island bins....

    Couldn't find a thread along the same lines...... The scenario is that you are about to go to a remote desert island* that spookily has every possible habitat you could think of, and for the trip you need a set of binoculars. Due to luggage restrictions you can only take one set, and there is...
  14. Essex Tern


    Camouflage - Effectiveness re UV? Sorry if it's been discussed before, but I have never been a fan of camo clothing and refuse to wear it out of principle ;) and green for that matter!! But on a serious note, as birds can see in ultraviolet, is camouflage clothing more of an army thing whereby...
  15. Essex Tern

    Ross's/Barnacle hybrid? - Essex, UK

    I am not very good at hybrid geese, but there was a Ross's/Barnacle reported - any views on the attached bird please? Thanks.
  16. Essex Tern

    Woodlark confirmation please

    Hi, I think this is a Woodlark, but would be grateful for confirmation (if possible) as this would be the first that I have found by myself. Thanks.
  17. Essex Tern

    Pipit and Snipe, Salthouse and Kelling, UK

    Hi, I wonder if a positive ID could be obtained from the attached please? The Pipit I reckon is either just another Meadow, or I am hoping Rock? The back markings may be too strong for anything other than meadow, but the underpart markings seem smudgy to me, but that may just be the quality of...
  18. Essex Tern

    Swan confirmation, Essex, UK

    Please confirm if these are Whooper Swans. I am hoping they are as it will be a first for me. I think the Mutes might help with size comparison, and I think the yellow is plentiful enough, and the right shape, but would be grateful for confirmation. Thanks.
  19. Essex Tern

    Bird of prey - Essex, UK

    Could someone confirm the ID for this one please - I am torn between Marsh Harrier and Buzzard, although my minimal experience with the latter is hindering my decisiveness. I am drawn to one more than the other, but would appreciate some views to confirm things for me please. I didn't see the...
  20. Essex Tern

    Binocular magnification

    I am in the market for a new pair of binoculars and have been thinking for a good while about stepping down from 8x to 7x. I have recently been using a cheap pair of 7x35 porros I acquired to see how I get on with the magnification, and I don't think I have missed the 1x extra of an 8, however...