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  1. Julie50

    Goose, Birmingham UK, today.

    Hi all, Is this just a Canada hybrid? It was significantly larger, with orange/pink beak with a white stripe above. The cheek patches were also more pronounced and slightly pinkish.
  2. Julie50

    New apple species

    Wouldn’t it be great to get to name your own Apple - especially if you just came across it! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-55109414
  3. Julie50

    Resolved Opus page

    Hi Steve, looks great by the way :) there’s some weird code type stuff on the Opus page?
  4. Julie50

    Interesting article on study of disturbance of ground nesting shore birds

    I find the conclusions on dogs off leads and the importance of sticking to paths really interesting. Have only read the Abstract, but will read whole. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/14/study-adds-to-calls-to-ban-dogs-from-beaches-during-nesting-season-birds
  5. Julie50

    Why is this kestrel so fluffy?

    Seen at Brandon Marsh, Midlands, UK. Not raining. So why is it so fluffy?
  6. Julie50

    Birds seen at work!

    Hi all, There used to be a thread like this, but I have not seen it for a while. This is prompted by my sightings on return to my school, in the middle of the Black County in the West Midlands, UK. I am not sure if it because of the lack of students over the last few months. There is now a...
  7. Julie50

    IDs from the South Coast - UK please.

    Hi all, Had a week in Battle and done some great birding, right up to the point where I slipped on some mud and broke my arm. Had to pay for a tow for the car and caravan from Battle to Birmingham - not cheap but the guy was excellent! So to the IDs: First 3 are the same bird - I think it it...
  8. Julie50

    ID please

    Hi all, On my Mum and Dad’s window in Cheshire yesterday.
  9. Julie50


    Hi all, Is this a pochard? If so female/eclipse male? I am used to seeing them in the winter not summer! Ham Wall, UK, yesterday.
  10. Julie50

    Green or common sandpipers?

    Hi all, Sorry about the pics - at the end of my range for bins and camera - unfortunately no one else present! Ham Wall today, I think they are green sandpipers as there is no white shoulder and they bobbed continuously?
  11. Julie50

    Juvenile Stonechat?

    Hi Is this a juvenile stonechat? There were some about but it does not have any red/orange colour? Dartmoor, today. Thanks Julie
  12. Julie50

    High Brown Fritillary??

    Hi We saw this on Dartmoor today. I looked on the Butterfly Conservation website and it looks like a High Brown Fritillary, but then it says these are really rare! I also says that they are very similar to the Dark Green Fritillary, much more common, but our one does not have the black edges...
  13. Julie50

    Today on Dartmoor

    On our hols! Lighting not great - we were in the clouds at one point! But some pics from today :)
  14. Julie50

    ID please

    Hi Is this a Four banded longhorn? I tried to look it up, one site said it was 3-7mm and one 10-20mm which confused things! I would say it was the larger end of the second, about 1inch!
  15. Julie50

    ID please

    Hi we saw this at Lower Bittell Reservoir, by the canal, today. Worcester, UK. Is it a 5 spot burnet moth? Is it common here I do not think I have seen one before?
  16. Julie50

    Unusual sighting today

    Hi all, Can you spot our unusual sighting at Trittiford Mill Pond today?
  17. Julie50

    Not sure if I can post photo?

    Hi all We found a nuthatch going into a hole in a broken branch on our isolation walk today. It was clearly feeding young/partner on a nest. I managed to get a shot of it removing a faecal sac. Can I post the pic on the gallery? You can not see any nest, just the adult poking out of the hole...
  18. Julie50

    Gull ID please

    Hi all I initially thought this was the Caspian Gull identified for me last week. But it is not the same bird, looking back that one was more mature. Could you let me know this one? Thanks
  19. Julie50

    Birds you now record.........

    I find I am now recording birds I would never have recorded before, e.g. crows and blackbirds. I can no longer go to any of my usual haunts; Upton Warren, Middleton Lakes, Brandon Marsh. I am walking the leafier parts of southern Birmingham, from my home. I now record in my book every species...
  20. Julie50

    Gull ID please

    Hi I am not good at adults, never mind juveniles! Could you help with ID please. Trittiford Mill Pond, Birmingham, UK. Is it a Herring? It seemed a bit big?