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  1. lmans66

    SF, Noctivid, EL and now NL

    This seems like an appropriate time as the SF, Noc, EL have been around a while and the NL has had enough time for some to make some comparisons. How is the NL now measuring up to the previous three which were the top, prior. Is it still hanging in there being the newest and greatest or has the...
  2. lmans66

    Coming Late to the Noctivid Party

    Was in a nature store today and had the pleasure of testing out the Leica Line-up which I have never previously tested (10x42 models) and I was blown away / impressed with the Noctivid and only wish my current budget could afford it! I saw a used Ultravid online and wanted to test one in person...
  3. lmans66

    Ultravid and Close Focus

    Looking at a lightly used Ultra-vid 10x42.... but the close focus is 9.7 feet which per Leica is pretty conservative and might actually be closer to 8.5 feet. Anyone have any knowledge of how close 'close focus' is for the Ultravid 10x42? For birding, I like it lower. Also....the focus wheel on...
  4. lmans66

    Meostar B1.1 plus

    The Meostar has upped the Meostar to a B1.1 Plus..... I am assuming it is not much different from the B1.1 as the B2 is still 'off', to arrive some day far down the road. Anyhow see or hold a B1.1 Plus yet? ...not sure if they are even in stock yet. For the money, I am sold on the Meostar line.
  5. lmans66

    Opticron Traveler 8x32 BGA ED

    Well....I just had to give these Opticron Traveler 8x32's a shot after reading earlier positive reviews by Steve, Trobadour, PB Josh......I ditto just about all they have to say. All around, a very nice binocular for the money / price point. I must say, these are impressive pairs of $400...
  6. lmans66

    Wrens stay in a nest?

    How long would chicks stay in the nest prior to being able to fly and leave? I was just looking at ours yesterday and with four of them in the birdhouse they all seemed jockeying for food, but this morning, they are gone and no sign of them. Will have to see if they are in the trees come...
  7. lmans66

    Alpha line

    Alpha line nikon I am not much of a Nikon fan and haven't followed them thru the years but it doesn't appear that they have a current alpha model now and haven't for quite sometime. What is their current thinking or....like the Camera brand, ....they are just hurting all around?
  8. lmans66

    My Quest for the Perfect 8x32

    My continued Quest for the perfect 8x32 (or 8x30) binocular to use as my only bin. (https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=389434) So, my quest has been fun. My requirements were that the bin ‘not be an alpha’ (Swaro EL, Zeiss FL, Leica Ultravid) or that it can be an entry bin. I am under...
  9. lmans66

    widening eye-cups

    Has anyone found a way to widen rubber eye-cups. I have seen lots of information on eye-relief but little on actually widening the eye cup itself. Given that everyone has different sizes of eye-sockets, it would stand to reason that binocular companies would recognize that and provide some...
  10. lmans66

    Diopter Adjustment

    A lovely day birding today..... I just came out of the woods upon a clearing and there was a nice looking bluebird perched with a worm. I viewed it with my bins and determined that it wasn't as clear as I thought. I wonder if being in the woods or early morning before you wake up or when your...
  11. lmans66

    Maven 10x32

    Anyone try the Maven 10X32 or will I have to order in a demo to give it a shot? jim
  12. lmans66

    Improving a Focus Wheel

    Let's suppose that you have a binocular that has no armor on the focus wheel. Although a nice focus wheel, it just lacks that 'feel good' feel to it. Has anyone thought of putting on a thin coating of 'liquid rubber ' (various brands)? If done carefully and in the same color as the rest of the...
  13. lmans66

    American Turkey

    Just saw the female go by last night with her 8 chicks. She seems to be a pretty young female so I suppose '8' is about right. Each night I get about 5 fairly young (first year perhaps) turkeys coming by and last night we had the female with her magic 8. Fun to watch. So small...
  14. lmans66

    Alpha question, any brand

    What might be the definition of an Alpha in the bin world? I am sure this has been spoken to often and embedded within other topics. Is the quality, price or a combo of both? I would consider the Zeiss 8x25 an Alpha in its class although it sells for under $1000US. There are many great 32's and...
  15. lmans66

    Zeiss 7x42b TP Dialyt

    I went out birding today with my 7x42's....Made in West Germany so prior to 1990.... Excellent pair of bins. But when I returned I see the 'cap' between the bridge / eyecups popped off. This cap had the words Made in West Germany, TP and the serial number. I am really at a loss considering...
  16. lmans66

    New Zeiss 8x32SF as your main binocular

    In light of Troubador's superb review of the 8x32 and comparing to a few others, could the 8x32 be your main binocular? I know there is a poll around here someplace with binocular size preferences and while 8x42 is the winner, followed by 10x42, the 8x32 is right up there. How comfortable...
  17. lmans66

    Conquest where made?

    I have heard that the Conquest brand is not many in Germany....the Victory brand is though. Am I right?
  18. lmans66

    8 x 32 Cl Pocket Vs CL Mountain

    Okay....what is the difference? The specs are the same so what is the real difference other than the Pocket being a tad bit less expensive than the Mountain?
  19. lmans66

    Digis-scoping VS Camera Lens Side by Side

    April 10th 2020 Now...an experiment today on some pretty static objects since the day was very blustery and there were no birds to be had. So a quick tour of the neighborhood across the street was in order. The test involved the following gear: a 80mm Swarovski Scope with a NikonP310 Point...
  20. lmans66

    Digiscoping and value of Part 1

    If you go to my digiscoping site at: http://www.atlanticaudubonsociety.com/digiscoping.html You will find a few shots of a few birds. A chick-a-dee and a bluebird. The following applies to the Bluebird: The bluebird isn't a spectacular picture by any means....just a bluebird. But this bird was...