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  1. WilsonDiaz

    Birding in Cajamarca: the Cajamarca valley

    Birding in Cajamarca: the Cajamarca valley By Wilson Diaz. www.greentours.com.pe This is the second entry of the series "Birding in Cajamarca". In this occasion, I will focus on the valley that surrounds the capitol city of the region: the Cajamarca valley. The city of Cajamarca is located...
  2. WilsonDiaz

    Birding in Cajamarca: the western slope of the Andes

    Birding in Cajamarca: the western slope of the Andes By Wilson Diaz - www.greentours.com.pe The Cajamarca department is located in the northern Peruvian Andes, bordering with Ecuador. In Cajamarca, the Andean mountains can reach elevations as high as 4,200 meters, and as low as 400 meters...
  3. WilsonDiaz

    Bird of the Month - February 2019 Black-necked Woodpecker

    Bird of the Month - February 2019 Black-necked Woodpecker By Wilson Diaz - Green Tours Peru Our Bird of the Month comes a bit late*this year, but we end up choosing a great bird. This month featured bird is the Peruvian endemic Black-necked Woodpecker (Colaptes atricollis). This is a...
  4. WilsonDiaz

    APTAE - Promperu birding fam trip 2018

    APTAE - Promperu birding fam trip 2018 By Wilson Diaz - Green Tours Peru This last November 2018, we had the latest of the yearly birding familiarization trips that APTAE (The Peruvian Association for Adventure and Ecotourism) and Promperu (Peruvian Tourism Board) organize for birding tour...
  5. WilsonDiaz

    Recent sights of Plain-tailed Warbling-finch in Cajamarca, Peru

    Recent sights of Plain-tailed Warbling-finch in Cajamarca, Peru www.greentours.com.pe Introduction Plain-tailed Warbling-finch (Microspingus alticola) is a rare to locally uncommon, medium sized tanager, with a slim long tail and a finely pointed bill. Easily recognisable by its dark face...
  6. WilsonDiaz

    Lomas de Asia A new birding hotspot south of Lima

    Lomas de Asia A new birding hotspot south of Lima By Wilson Diaz www.greentours.com.pe There is not doubt that the tropics are full of surprises for bird lovers, and Peru is not the exception. This July I met a few friends in Lima for a pelagic trip, unfortunately the weather conditions at...
  7. WilsonDiaz

    My very first photographs of Rusty-tinged Antpitta

    By Wilson Díaz www.greentours.com.pe Some birds are easy to see because they’re quite common, some others are not so easy to see because they’re uncommon on rare….. but when talking Antpittas things are different. Most species are common, you can hear them every day, but their shy nature make...
  8. WilsonDiaz

    Identify the calls please

    I made these recordings this morning (10/22/2017) in northern Peru, near the city of San Marcos, it is part of the Marañon valley (near the famous Great Spinetail site). I hope someone could help with the IDs. Thanks
  9. WilsonDiaz

    Bird of the Week - Jelski's Chat-Tyrant in northern Peru

    Bird of the Week Jelski's Chat-Tyrant in northern Peru By Wilson Diaz www.greentours.com.pe With this post we started a new series of publications devoted to introduce to our friends (you) the most astonishing, beautiful, or rarest birds we see and photograph each week. This week's special...
  10. WilsonDiaz

    New birding bulletin format

    Dear friends, I'm pleased to announce that we have updated our web site (greentours.com.pe) and moved our bulletin to http://greentoursbulletin.blogspot.pe/ Please pout your email on the right side of the page to continue receiving our bulletins. Many thanks,
  11. WilsonDiaz

    Discover a new way to search for bird watching tours

    As owner of a wildlife tour operator based in South America it is not always easy to implement marketing strategies for target markets like UK or North America and our audience had been quite limited. A few months ago I was contacted by Chris Larsen, director of a marketing company based in the...
  12. WilsonDiaz

    New hotspots for birdwatching in northern Peru Part 3

    As offered in our lastest issue, in this last part of the three releases about new hotspots for birding in north Peru we will talk about the outstanding experience of birding in the Alto Mayo Protected Forest. The first spot is the already well known site of “La Llanteria”, “Chuqui Llantas”, or...
  13. WilsonDiaz

    Aguas Verdes, a new hotspot for hummingbird lovers in north Peru

    Aguas Verdes is a small village 76 Km north of the city of Rioja, Department of San Martín, north Peru, just between the Alto Mayo valley and the mountains of the Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo and the famous Abra Patricia..... read more
  14. WilsonDiaz

    Rio Marañon valley, a birders' dream full of endemics

    North Peru is full of surprises for birders. The Marañon river, one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon, descents the Andes from south to north, but just before it enters the Amazonian plain..... read more
  15. WilsonDiaz

    Bosque de Pomac, a birders paradise in north Peru

    If you want to go birding you have to wake up early... fortunately, the drive to get to Bosque de Pomac from the city of Chiclayo takes only 45 minutes. read more...
  16. WilsonDiaz

    Tyrannulet ID

    Please help with this.... It's a small tyrannulet, with a grey crest. I took the picture a few weeks ago in Bosque Pomac, north Peru.
  17. WilsonDiaz

    help with ID

    Hi everybody, I was just checking out the pictures of my last trip to norther Peru and found a surprise.......I was photographing a bird that I assumed was a male Vermilion Flycatcher because, at the distance there was a the huge amount of red on the belly and head (specially the crest) and the...
  18. WilsonDiaz

    vortex optics

    Hi everybody, any comments about the Vortex spoting scopes? I heard that they are quite good, an for a very good price..... Does any body have an opinon about Vortex?? are they really as good as they claim.... Wilson