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  1. _TheBirdNerd_

    Somerset Birding

    Sounds like a great day out ... I also visited Steart on the same afternoon but was not so lucky (was hoping for a Peregrine and Golden Plovers!).
  2. _TheBirdNerd_

    Attacks on birds of prey

    Very sad, it makes me angry to think this is still going on!
  3. _TheBirdNerd_


    Nice spot! Unfortunately, It's the only UK falcon I haven't spotted in Somerset yet. Perhaps I will have to take a trip up to Blagdon...
  4. _TheBirdNerd_

    Another Petition to Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

    Signed! Only 100 signatures to go now :) This should show that we will not back down, and that we want a better handling of the debate. I honestly fear that if something major does not happen, we will loose the beautiful Hen Harrier very fast.
  5. _TheBirdNerd_

    Church peregrine 2

    What a wonderful painting, it gives justice to the Peregrine's powerful beauty.
  6. _TheBirdNerd_

    lapwing carving.

    Really lovely colours and details :3
  7. _TheBirdNerd_

    osprey carving..

    It is so detailed, you have lits of talent! :)
  8. _TheBirdNerd_

    Vote For Your Favourite UK Nature Book (Land Lines)

    http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/favouritenaturebooks/ The Arts & Humanities Research Council has created a new project, called 'Land Lines', to get an insight into the UK's favourite nature books. The project was set up in response to the recent revival in nature writing, and as a way to see how our...
  9. _TheBirdNerd_

    I've not uploaded a Sparrowhawk pic for a while, so...

    Excellent capture, I have never heard of Sparrowhawks taking mice before!
  10. _TheBirdNerd_

    Holiday in Gran Canaria

    Hi all! I am going on a family holiday in the next few days, and I was just looking for some ifo on the birdlife in Gran Canaria. I cannot find much online, and anyone who could just tell me a bit about the common birds at this time of year would very much be helpful to me . We are staying in...
  11. _TheBirdNerd_

    Can any one ID this fledgling please

    Agree with Dunnock :)
  12. _TheBirdNerd_

    Springwatch 2017

    The shows have been really good! I my favourite part tonight was the kingfishers, his art was so beautiful and I have never seen kingfishers in the nest. The part about the whales was really interesting too, I didn't realise how big of an issue entanglement was :(
  13. _TheBirdNerd_

    Dorset birding

    I walked the SW coastal path walk around Portland Bill last Monday, from The Hights Hotel to lighthouse. Just the usual birds, a lot of Fulmars too. But we had excellent views of two Peregrines at Freshwater Bay. They seemed to be doing some sort of courtship display and were flying around...
  14. _TheBirdNerd_

    Birds in watercolour

    They are stunning, I particularly like the crane one too, such beautiful colours. You defintetly have an amazing talent! :)
  15. _TheBirdNerd_

    thank you

    Happy birthday! Wow, nice variety of birds you have nesting and showing ... I have to make do with Woodpigeons! Also, I have never heard of Herons eating chipmunks, you learn something every day. Also don't feel inferior! I am not the best birder but I like using this site to learn and talk to...
  16. _TheBirdNerd_

    UK: Tories want to legalise fox hunting

    Fox hunting is a 'sport' that is all about status and looking powerful. It is a thing better left in the past, there would be no benefit and it would be a step back in conservation. I'm a strict vegetarian, but I usually have no problem in hunting, if it is done legally, responsibly and for...
  17. _TheBirdNerd_

    Guess which bird from my terrible photo?

    Starling? Also have a nice holiday away in your caravan :)
  18. _TheBirdNerd_

    Magpie's attacked young bird. What to do?

    Sorry to hear the little bird died, but well done for doing your best to help it. Unfortunately, it is just nature and like the post above says, the magpie has to eat too. Hopefully other birds in the nest fledged :)
  19. _TheBirdNerd_

    identify a sparrow like bird

    Sounds like a female Chaffinch ;)