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  1. kiwiguy

    2 raptors flying behind Nice, France

    Hi all Two raptors came over Falicon, behind Nice this afternoon. They were really low, but by the time I ran back to the house, grabbed the camera and got back outside, the had thermalled up much higher. Please excuse the poor photos. Usually, my unidentified local raptors end up being...
  2. kiwiguy

    France (near Paris) - ducks

    Hi all Can anyone throw out ID's, based on these two low-quality distance shots tx in advance Wayne
  3. kiwiguy

    France: Warbler near Paris today

    Hi all Can someone help me identify this bird, seen early this morning near Paris Tx in advance Wayne
  4. kiwiguy

    France, Nice, Buzzard

    Hi all Is this yet another common buzzard, or a rough legged buzzard a bit out of range (my thought) - or something else, I guess? Any reasons on why would be greatly appreciated... tx in advance Wayne
  5. kiwiguy

    France - PACA Pipit

    Hi all This pipit was seen today at about 1200m in the mountains an hour inland of Nice. Sorry for the abysmal shot but I was with my kids, and it was through the windscreen of my car. I tried to turn the car to get a clear shot through an open window, but cliffs (and the fear of death) got...
  6. kiwiguy

    France, Nice warbler

    Hi all Is the attached, seen zipping between trees in an open field a few days ago, a Melodious warbler? Sorry in advance for the very poor image quality... Tx in advance Wayne
  7. kiwiguy

    Jeju, Korea - Warbler?

    My final bird to ID from Jeju. Have moved to the South of France to live now. As usual, any suggestions greatly welcomed! One other question. If I want to find an area holding, for example, black woodpecker (in France) is there a page for this on Birdforum? Thanks in advance Wayne
  8. kiwiguy

    Korea-Jeju Warbler (female?)

    Hi all Can anyone shed any light on this bird? Tx in advance Wayne
  9. kiwiguy

    Korea (Jeju) Warbler, Curlew & marine bird

    Hi all My call here would be Sakhalin warbler and Far-eastern Curlew. I have no ideas for the third bird. Bonus points if anyone can ID the smaller birds in front of the curlew. If (or when) either of my guesses is incorrect, pointers on why are always appreciated tx in advance Wayne...
  10. kiwiguy

    Korea (Jeju) Loony about Divers & a sparrowhawk

    Hi all My first encounter with Divers / loons Diver 1 has the neck-strap of the Pacific Diver, but the rump-patch of the Black-throated Diver. The spots on the back also confuse. My guess is Pacific Diver. Diver 2 was larger and had a more pointed head and it sits low in the water. To me...
  11. kiwiguy

    Korea (Jeju) 2 Raptors and 2 others

    Hi all Can anyone confirm / correct my calls of Gadwall and Dusky warbler, and suggest what the two raptors are please. Tx in advance Wayne
  12. kiwiguy

    Korea (Jeju) Eurasian bittern???

    Hi all Is this an Eurasian bittern? Tx in advance Wayne
  13. kiwiguy

    Korrea (Jeju) Buzzard

    Korea (Jeju) Buzzard Hi all Is the attached bird Buteo japonicus (Eastern buzzard) or Buteo hemilasius (Upland buzzard). I am tending towards B. japonicus but am uncertain. Tx in advance Wayne
  14. kiwiguy

    Korea, Jeju: Duck

    The duck in the top right. In a small river, maybe 150m up from the ocean. Surrounded by a few spot-billed ducks. Wasn't around long enough for a good photo. damned tourists... Tx in advance Wayne
  15. kiwiguy

    Korea, Jeju: Sandpiper?

    Hi again On stones in a small river. My first thought was a wood sandpiper, but the back looks too uniform to match images in my books, or on the web. Not sure where else to go... Tx in advance Wayne
  16. kiwiguy

    Korea, Jeju: Duck ID

    Hi all This is probably obvious to some, but I cannot narrow it down from the images in books etc. There were about 6 of these, and all were pretty much the same. They were considerably smaller than the spot-billed ducks in the next pond up. Tx in advance Wayne
  17. kiwiguy

    Jeju, Korea - four birds

    Hi All Attached are images of four birds from the weekend, when I could not get out birding. Amazing what you can do with young kids when you need to. LOL. They were happy too! (1) Is it a (female) red necked grebe? (2) Warbler. Arghh. Raddes? It was low in the scrub, and moving very...
  18. kiwiguy

    Korea (Jeju) Raptor migration

    Hi all Ten days ago I took my kids up a local peak for a hike and breakfast. Raptors were coming through thick and fast. Unfortunately, the kids had to come first and I missed most birds, but managed to snap a few. My loose ideas are... A & D: Oriental Honey Buzzard B & C: Osprey (but I am...
  19. kiwiguy

    Korea - Jeju - Wader

    Hi all Can someone confirm that this is a Grey Tailed Tattler? (Arghhh - waders) Tx in advance Wayne
  20. kiwiguy

    Korea - Jeju - Terns

    Hi all Are these images of juvenile whiskered terns? Tx in advance Wayne