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  1. _TheBirdNerd_

    Vote For Your Favourite UK Nature Book (Land Lines)

    http://www.ahrc.ac.uk/favouritenaturebooks/ The Arts & Humanities Research Council has created a new project, called 'Land Lines', to get an insight into the UK's favourite nature books. The project was set up in response to the recent revival in nature writing, and as a way to see how our...
  2. _TheBirdNerd_

    Holiday in Gran Canaria

    Hi all! I am going on a family holiday in the next few days, and I was just looking for some ifo on the birdlife in Gran Canaria. I cannot find much online, and anyone who could just tell me a bit about the common birds at this time of year would very much be helpful to me . We are staying in...
  3. _TheBirdNerd_

    Moth ID- UK

    Hi everyone. Can anyone identify this moth for me? :)
  4. _TheBirdNerd_

    Mallorca - Greenshank?

    Hi everyone, I spotted this wader in Mallorca during August. I think it is a Greenshank. Can anyone correctly identify it for me? Thanks in advance. :)
  5. _TheBirdNerd_

    Mallorca Birds - 1

    Hi everyone, Can anyone please help me identify these two birds that I spotted in Mallorca during August? I'm thinking Balearic Warbler and Booted Eagle. Pictures 2 & 3 are of the same bird. Thanks in advance :)
  6. _TheBirdNerd_

    Moth ID - UK

    Hi everyone, I spotted this moth in Somerset, and I can't find it in my butterfly/moth book (I probably need to get a better one!). Can anyone ID it for me? Thanks in advance. :)
  7. _TheBirdNerd_

    20 Questions

    I'm thinking of a bird ... can you figure out what species it is using just 20 yes or no questions? o:) Hint: The bird I am thinking of is featured on The British List. Good luck! :)
  8. _TheBirdNerd_

    Strange Moth UK

    I spotted the peculiar looking creature a few days ago in Somerset. At first I thought it was an insect, but when it flew it looked just like a moth. Could anyone tell me what species it is? Thanks, any help would be much appreciated! :)
  9. _TheBirdNerd_

    Sweetheart Underwing? UK

    Whilst I saw out birding today, my mother and her friend (who were birding with me) spotted an unusual butterfly/moth that landed on my back. I didn't get to see it properly, and only noted its large size and grey and red colouring whilst it flew away. My mum and her friend looked online and are...
  10. _TheBirdNerd_

    Feather ID

    I found this pretty feather inside a falconry centre, next to an aviary holding Black Kites. However, I don't think it looks right for a Black Kite, and the only bird I can match it with is a Common Pheasant, due to the beautiful purple and amber shimmering that occurs when it's moved...
  11. _TheBirdNerd_

    Pink Flower (UK)

    I spotted this flower near the edge of a lake in England. I'm a bit of a beginner at flowers, and I'm not sure what it is. Could anyone identify it for me? Thanks in advance. :)
  12. _TheBirdNerd_

    Insect With Green Eyes (UK)

    I spotted this insect near a lake in the UK. Could anyone identify what it is? Thanks in advance. :)
  13. _TheBirdNerd_

    Hybrid Duck IDs (Wales)

    Hi all, I spotted these three ducks on a lake in South Wales. I'm quite certain that the first two ducks are hybrids of some kind. I think the last bird (pictures 5 & 6) is also a hybrid duck, but I'm not certain. Each bird has two pictures. Can someone please confirm if these are hybrid ducks...
  14. _TheBirdNerd_

    Visiting Mallorca (late August)

    Hi all, I am visiting Mallorca in the last week of August this year, and I would like to know what locations are good for birding and what species I am likely to see at that time of year. A few of the places I am visiting include Portopetro, Cova del Pilar and Cap de Formentor. What should I...
  15. _TheBirdNerd_

    Urban Peregrines by Ed Drewitt (review)

    Hi all, I bought this fantastic book about a year ago and thought I'd review it on BF. It is packed full of detailed information about Peregrines, covering everything from their diet, behaviour, lifecycle and conservation status. It is also handy for anyone wanting to study Peregrines, as a...
  16. _TheBirdNerd_

    Feather ID (UK)

    Hi all, Today I found this feather on a school field located in Somerset. Can anyone please tell me what bird it came from? It is about 19.5cm in length from the bottom of the shaft to the very tip of the feather. :)
  17. _TheBirdNerd_

    Male Blackbird Nesting Behavior (UK)

    Hello all, Two weeks ago, a nest of Common Blackbirds I had been observing fledged, with 4 chicks fledging. At least one has survived so far as I have seen it feeding in my garden with its parents a few times this week. When I was watching the Blackbirds nesting, I noticed the male would visit...
  18. _TheBirdNerd_

    Dragonfly ID UK

    Hello all, Two weeks ago I spotted a fairly large, brightly coloured green and blue dragonfly flying over a small pond. It was definitely a type of Hawker (or something similar), and at first I assumed it was a male because of the beautiful colours. However, it landed on the edge of a lily pad...
  19. _TheBirdNerd_

    Glossy Ibis in Somerset

    Hello all, After many hours and birding trips dedicated to searching for the Glossy Ibis that is living at Ham Wall, I have still not seen him/her! Has anyone recently seen the bird, and does anyone know whereabouts on the reserve it is mostly seen? Any help would be much appreciated :)
  20. _TheBirdNerd_

    Hello from South-West England!

    Hello all, I'm a young birder from South-West Area of England, and I have been birding since I was 7! I love nature-writing and I am trainee bird-ringer (bander) Where I live thee are Common Buzzards, Kestrels, Goldfinches and lots of Thrushes. I am also lucky enough to live close to a regular...