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  1. Atricapilla

    Moth I’d -Central Portugal

    Hi, I am a complete beginner with my first moth trap arriving two days ago. Could anyone recommend the best Book/App for Moths(Portugal). Also could someone please I’d my first moth att.
  2. Atricapilla

    Strange looking Serin -Central Portugal

    This strange looking Serin arrived in the garden today. Melanistic or Hybrid??? What do you think. Anyone !!
  3. Atricapilla

    Table top tripod for Leica Apo 77

    Hi everyone, I really would like to find a tripod that is small enough but strong enough to support my Leica scope on a worktop,to enable me to view birds from the kitchen window. It needs to be around 12 inches in height. Any ideas,all replies appreciated.
  4. Atricapilla

    Raptor ID please_portugal

    This raptor has just taken a Collared dove in our garden,thought with those trousers it maybe a Booted Eagle.
  5. Atricapilla

    Is this a Cattle egret_Central Portugal

    We saw this egret in our garden this morning, Can anyone confirm it is a Cattle egret. Thanks.
  6. Atricapilla

    Is this a Black kite

    This raptor just landed in our back garden in Central Portugal,wondered whether it was a Black kite.,or just a Common Buzzard. Any help appreciated.
  7. Atricapilla

    White Des-res

    White Stork Des-res Just thought you would like to see the local White Stork "des-res" near the reserve,lots arriving daily. Main food source is the American crayfish apparently,good news every little helps to rid us of the dreaded invader.
  8. Atricapilla

    Confused- Are these Siskins-Portugal

    Took these pix today ,thought they were Siskins ,not sure know I have seen them up close,any help appreciated.
  9. Atricapilla

    Sagres migration 2015

    Hi Simon, Have I missed this years migration report!!!!!!
  10. Atricapilla

    Pego Marsh. Alicante.

    Just wondering whether anyone has visited Pego marsh recently,we are due to go out to stay quite close to Oliva/Pego at the end of this month. Any news would be appreciated.
  11. Atricapilla

    Visiting the Alcoy region in May2015

    We are visiting the Alcoy region of Alicante province in May of this year,just wondered if anyone has any info on birding in the area. Thanks
  12. Atricapilla

    A rather large lunch

    This Black stork was struggling with this eel for at least half an hour. It tried pecking it in half,it tried battering it against some rocks. It just could'nt swallow it whole. Eventually it gave in and tried for something smaller. I think the eel probably weighed in at about 4-5 lbs
  13. Atricapilla

    Hobby having lunch

    Spanish sparrow for lunch
  14. Atricapilla

    Which Blue~SW Turkey

    I have been struggling with these two for days, I think it maybe a Silver studded blue or a Zephyr blue. For the hairstreak,I am going for Blue -spot. Any ideas gratefully accepted.
  15. Atricapilla

    Skimmer and Darter for ID please~SW Turkey

    I took these pics today, after scouring "the books" I can't make an ID on either. The one looks similar to a Yellow winged darter but seems to have yellow legs The yellow wing edging on the skimmer is confusing !!!!!
  16. Atricapilla

    Which Skimmer~SW Turkey

    I found this "skimmer" the other day,I am not sure but I think it could be a Southern or maybe Keeled.!!!!
  17. Atricapilla

    Grayling SW Turkey

    Just wondered if anyone could confirm this as being a Freyer's Grayling.
  18. Atricapilla

    Is this a Dropwing~SWTurkey

    Hi everyone,I am not sure on this ,first time I have seen one. Is this a Dropwing maybe female Trithemis annulata,I have been looking at Darters but it does'nt look right. Any help appreciated.
  19. Atricapilla

    Ant-Lion ID help please~SW Turkey

    We have just returned from a walk where we disturbed this "ant-lion" from the scrub. Is it a Palpares libelluloides???
  20. Atricapilla

    Sparrow like bird for ID please~SWTurkey

    Could anyone help with the ID of this juvenile looking sparrow/finch !!!!!!