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  1. njlarsen

    Moth from Barbados

    This one lay dead on our floor this morning. I am guessing it might be a relative of those called Copper Underwing but I really don't know. Any good ideas? thanks Niels
  2. njlarsen

    Brazilian hummer from the gallery

    https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/brazilian-ruby.581867/ Is this one correctly identified? If so, what age/sex is it? thanks Niels
  3. njlarsen

    Yellowlegs a week ago, Barbados

    Hello all, I first saw two Greater Yellowlegs. Then in the next pond a bird with a considerably shorter bill (confirmed on photos) that is attached here. I had this down as a Lesser Y-legs, but there is a small nagging doubt. Did I get it right? Niels
  4. njlarsen

    Proposal for layout improvements

    I have no idea if this is possible, but here is a proposal. It started with me accidentally hitting the wrong button when wanting to mark a specific section of birdforum read. To avoid doing something similar again I am proposing the two changes that are shown in the image. The image is from the...
  5. njlarsen

    Peep Barbados this weekend

    I have some remaining doubt about this one. I believe all three images show the same individual. Niels
  6. njlarsen

    Focus on telephoto and video

  7. njlarsen

    Resolved Opus: one main category is missing

    Currently, the box to the right contains Main Categories Opus Home Birds Locations It should additionally contain Resources, with link going to the Resources Portal. Niels
  8. njlarsen

    Rumors of new cameras coming

    https://www.43rumors.com/olympus-germany-managers-says-the-real-fun-will-start-now-pen-f-ii-still-being-considered-new-olympus-branded-cameras-coming-and-focus-is-on-video/ Niels
  9. njlarsen

    Missing search within Opus

    It used to be when on an opus page, you would put letters into a small search field to the left which did a search within Opus. I realize you can hit the search at the top, change search target to only be "within this wiki" and then start your search, but I find this process a lot less...
  10. njlarsen

    Gulls Barbados mid November

    Dear all, I expect that both of these are Lesser Black Backed Gulls, but the difference in color tone makes me have a slight bit of doubt. There also were Laughing Gull that day, but I am comfortable none of these show that species. Any input? (as the title states, Barbados mid November)...
  11. njlarsen

    Proposal: split Europe & Rest of the World Patches into several

    Dear all, checking if there is anything interesting in the South America section under "Europe and the rest of the world" either takes opening the main section in a new window, or it takes clicking the down arrow and scrolling down through several screens worth of other headings before finally...
  12. njlarsen

    Ducks, Barbados today

    The paler-headed bird I am pretty sure is a Ring-necked Duck. Is that true for the Dark- headed bird also? Niels
  13. njlarsen

    Bird AF coming (only for the X at this time)

    https://www.43rumors.com/peter-forsgard-presents-the-new-e-m1x-firmware-update-features/ Niels
  14. njlarsen

    eBird Outage Nov 17-19

    The below landed in my inbox with a request to spread the word Niels
  15. njlarsen

    Sanderlings, Barbados?

    Dear all, just checking: these are all Sanderlings with the second from the left a juvenile? Image from October 25. Niels
  16. njlarsen

    calibrated monitor vs not?

    I wanted to raise this in as general a way as possible. Frequently, when I have used a calibrated monitor to ready a photo, I am disappointed by the results when looking at the result on a different device: the result usually looks too dark and not nearly as clear as it did on my calibrated...
  17. njlarsen

    golden plover Barbados

    The attached photo shows a Golden Plover from today in Barbados. American is by far the most likely, but none of the others can be excluded by location. At the same time, the facial pattern of this bird does not seem that typical for AmGP, as judged by photos and drawings in major field guides...
  18. njlarsen

    Hummer Costa Rica

    I came across this one in the gallery. What is it actually? I do not believe it may not be labeled correctly with that white vent area? https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=282926 Niels
  19. njlarsen

    peeps Barbados yesterday

    A couple of different images of birds that also deviated when seen in the field. May just be yet a variation of the common stuff. In the second image the question is in the left edge; I have kept a spotted sand to the right in the crop to give a feel for what the camera did to the colors. Any...
  20. njlarsen

    peeps Barbados today

    In this post I am uploading two images of two birds I thought at the time were Western Sandpipers. However, the second of them seems to have a bill that is too long? Niels