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  1. RafaelMatias

    Moth from Barbados

    Yep, family Sphingidae.
  2. RafaelMatias

    Sharp-tailed or Pec Sand? NZ

    Sharp-tailed for me.
  3. RafaelMatias

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    So how many Ivory-bills are still out there? 100? 200? Are you acquainted with the concept of minimum viable population? I'm sure you are. If there are so few IBWO out there that no solid evidence at all can be obtained for decades, how would the species survive if some evidence could be...
  4. RafaelMatias

    Pipits in Slovakia

    Agree with Water Pipit for 5 and 6 (especially with the new photo added): the median and greater covers pattern, as well as the tertials (and upperparts) indicate this species and rule out Tree.
  5. RafaelMatias

    One over the roof N.E.London?

    The wings look huge for a Shag to me.
  6. RafaelMatias


    Hi Steve, please give a location for your ID requests, it makes ID a lot easier. Thanks
  7. RafaelMatias


  8. RafaelMatias

    More birds in Slovakia

    Agree with 1 and 3-5; I'd say Yellowhammer for #2.
  9. RafaelMatias

    Great Egret or Great Blue (white phase)

    I agreegret too :giggle:
  10. RafaelMatias

    Calonectris in Madeira

    If you follow IOC, the species that breeds in Madeira is C. borealis, which this one should be (nothing saying otherwise from your pic). Your bird is not edwardsii. Despiste being out of focus, the bill looks yellow enough to me (structure should also be different, etc).
  11. RafaelMatias

    Not a great image, but rufous bellied eagle? Ooty, may

    Looks like Bonelli's Eagle, but I have no books at hand to check for other options there.
  12. RafaelMatias

    Name a Bird You've Seen 2

    There are also still 2 European endemic breeding species left to play, both I shamefully haven't seen for one or another reason...
  13. RafaelMatias

    Black-browed Albatrosses and probable disease-related chick mortality

    Hello Deb, thank you for your interest and for your kind comments, I'm glad you find it interesting.
  14. RafaelMatias

    Is this a Goshawk?

    The credit on that image goes all to you, I would have not posted it if you haven't find it first (y):)
  15. RafaelMatias

    Thailand 7

    That's what it looks to me.
  16. RafaelMatias

    Mystery bird print/artwork (late 1800s)

    The name is either Bauviez or eventually Bauvier.
  17. RafaelMatias

    Mystery bird print/artwork (late 1800s)

    I was curious about the "Eidographie" bit, and did a search to know about this technique. It seems it was invented around 1880, so about 30 years earlier than "screen printing" (serigraphy), which at first I thought this was a synonym of. Here's an excerpt from the journal "The Art Amateur" (1881):
  18. RafaelMatias

    Is this a Goshawk?

    Direct link to the photo: https://www.fugleognatur.dk/forum/forumpic_showlarge.asp?ID=1769213 And associated (Google translated) text from Casper Stentoft:
  19. RafaelMatias

    Microscope advice

    Thanks Steve, it does look the same as posted by Tim, but it's good to have more ordering options. Interesting site as well, I couldn't find it by searching Google for ALS.
  20. RafaelMatias

    Microscope advice

    Many thanks Tim, looks interesting.