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  1. Andrew Whitehouse

    Warbler, Aberdeen, Scotland

    Can I just have a check on the ID of this Phyllosc? Photo taken today in Aberdeen.
  2. Andrew Whitehouse

    Geoff Sample: A Birdsong Garden

    This week 'The Essay' on Radio 3 is by bird sound recordist Geoff Sample. It looks really good: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000m076
  3. Andrew Whitehouse

    Warbler, Aberdeen, Scotland

    This is a warbler I saw at Girdle Ness, Aberdeen today (at the Battery). It looks like a Willow Warbler, although I'm happy if someone can persuade me otherwise. Obviously it's a pretty freakish looking one though. We quite often get 'brown' looking Willow Warblers breeding around here but I've...
  4. Andrew Whitehouse

    Falcon, Hokkaido, Japan

    I'd be interested in thoughts on this falcon, seen today in eastern Hokkaido. Would like to know age and (potentially) subspecies too, if possible.
  5. Andrew Whitehouse

    Blue in Georgia

    Can anyone help with this Blue? It was seen at the Chachuna Reserve in SE Georgia (the country, not the US state) on 10th April.
  6. Andrew Whitehouse

    Skua, Aberdeen, Scotland

    Skuas are a bit hard, I find. I was pretty sure what this was in the field but checking these photos has made me have doubts. Part of the problem is working out whether this is a juvenile or an older bird, as it's in a slightly odd looking plumage. Bird was photographed (badly) in Aberdeen...
  7. Andrew Whitehouse

    Tern in Aberdeen, Scotland

    Anyone have any thoughts on this tern, photographed at Girdle Ness, Aberdeen today? It looks a bit 'interesting' to me but I'm not sure how far beyond 'interesting' it's possible to go. I have other photos but they generally show the same features.
  8. Andrew Whitehouse

    Southeast China Dec/Jan 2018/19

    I'm looking to do a trip to southeast China this winter. The dates aren't fixed yet but will be for around 15 days sometime between mid-December and mid-January. I can't do times outwith that period. There are two other people interested but we would like one or two more people to lower the...
  9. Andrew Whitehouse

    Sichuan Moth IDs

    Following a recent theme, I have some moth photos from Longcanggou, Sichuan in early June this year. We found large numbers of moths on the ground around the lights near the visitor centre. Not sure what the altitude is there but maybe 2000-2500 asl. I'll go through the moths one by one...
  10. Andrew Whitehouse

    Passerine, Sichuan

    This passerine was seen at Mengbishan in Sichuan on 12th June. It was in high altitude conifer forest (I guess around 3500m asl). It rather puzzled me and my experienced guide in the field. It's sort of vaguely like a Plain Mountain Finch but seems not quite right, and didn't really have the...
  11. Andrew Whitehouse

    Crossing the lines: Indonesia June/July 2017

    This summer I travelled to Indonesia for the first time. The main part of the trip was spent in Sulawesi and Halmahera, with four days at the end at Way Kambas National Park in southern Sumatra. I travelled throughout in a group of four (together with David Branagh, David Russell and Eugene...
  12. Andrew Whitehouse

    Maghreb Meanderings: Morocco and Western Sahara 2017

    From 7th - 24th April of this year I travelled around Morocco and Western Sahara, my first ever visit to north Africa. It was really good. I'll write up a fairly prosaic trip list style report together with a few photos. The itinerary was as follows: 7/4 Arrival in Casablanca from Aberdeen...
  13. Andrew Whitehouse

    Mammals, Western Sahara

    Here are some mammal IDs to check from Western Sahara. My thinking is that this is a Libyan Jird, but I'm slightly out of my depth on these sorts of things. Any confirmation or refutation gratefully received.
  14. Andrew Whitehouse

    Isn't it Good: Norwegian Weekend March 2017

    In the spirit of the recent 'Weekend only birding trips abroad' thread, I set out this weekend on a brief foreign birding jaunt of my own this weekend. I didn't travel all that far - just three hundred miles to the other side of the North Sea in southwestern Norway. The prospects were good...
  15. Andrew Whitehouse

    The eastern front: Japan and Taiwan Dec 16 - Jan 17

    I seem to be really bad at doing trip reports these days, which is a shame. Rather than continuing to be really bad at doing trip reports I thought I might try to get good at doing bad trip reports, which is what you're likely to get here. It will probably pretty dull without the thrill of the...
  16. Andrew Whitehouse

    Sulawesi and Halmahera June/July 2017

    I'm trying to put together an 18-day tour to Sulawesi and Halmahera this summer. Details aren't finalised yet but this is likely to be with Malia Tours. The start dates aren't finalised either but are likely to be in the second half of June. That would mean the tour finishing in early to...
  17. Andrew Whitehouse

    Acrocephalus warbler, Aberdeen

    Anyone any thoughts on the ID of this Acrocephalus warbler? Photos were taken this morning in Aberdeen, Scotland. I have more pictures but not sure if they show any other details. Let me know if there are any 'bits' that you'd like a closer view of though and I'll see if I can find anything.
  18. Andrew Whitehouse

    14 day tour to Ghana, April 2016

    I'm arranging a tour to Ghana with Ashanti African Tours and am looking for other people to go on the tour to make it viable. The dates are from 2nd April until 15th April 2016. I can't be all that flexible on these dates, unfortunately, but it should be a good time of year there. The tour...
  19. Andrew Whitehouse

    Social science and humanities publications of interest to birders

    As a social scientist who does work on human-bird relations I thought it might be useful to start a thread detailing work, particularly recent stuff, in the social sciences and humanities that is to do with birds or of interest to birders. These days it seems to be more and more commonplace for...
  20. Andrew Whitehouse

    Collared Doves, SW Oman

    I've been scrutinising these photos for a while now, and consulting with whatever information I can find but am still a bit unsure about them. Here's some background. The pictures were taken at Mudhai oasis in southwestern Oman on 9th January. At this site on two occasions I very clearly...