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    Weaver Super Slam - an Interesting Oddity?

    This might help. Regards, Steve
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    Help Id. Amazonian snakes!

    This looks good for Chironius quadricarinatus sp., eight upper labials, two posterior temporals, general appearance and locality encouraging. A diverse and challenging genus. There is a wealth of (highly variable) pay-as-you-go literature out of which this may help : Phylogeny, diversity and...
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    Nikon to Exit the H**Ting caper ..... ?

    Thumbsucking aside Nikon just announced a buyback of common stock on TYO, good business ;)
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    Binocular bargains

    For those looking in the £150-£200 bracket for a gift or glovebox pair Norwich based Uttings have the Bushnell Legend L 8x42 at £179.00 (currently £100.00 less than AmazonUK). New customer newsletter signup may perhaps supply a discount code this weekend.
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    Nikon to Exit the H**Ting caper ..... ?

    It is a movable feast. Ahead of the curve users have been replacing their large objective hunting / deer stalking / mammal management / night census surveying binoculars with thermal spotters, for both day and for twilight / night use, for some time now, despite the considerable cost. R&D in...
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    Advice please?

    :t: £179.00 here: https://www.uttings.co.uk/p129609-opticron-explorer-wa-ed-oasis-c-roof-prism-8x42-binoculars-30760 Regards, Steve
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    Best bang for buck

    Commenting specifically on the Nikon Monarch HG 8x42 although they offer a fine view they are lightly built, I would not want to drop one or give one a hard knock. For your purposes (hunting and sea viewing, night sky aside) a Zeiss Conquest HD 8x32 or 42 might be a good choice, works well...
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    Meopta Optika HD 8x42 Review

    Thanks, David, yes very remarkable, and a useful paper, I had not seen that, thanks for posting that! Regards, Steve
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    Meopta Optika HD 8x42 Review

    An exposition and discussion of the Purkinje effect wouldn't be out of place here, David, perhaps as a separate thread. It may be a short thread but at least it would be free of the attentions of fanboys, brand boosters and the discussion of pizza toppings. The discoverer was Czech afterall...
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    The next Alpha technology - electronics will be the next frontier for alpha glass

    And a one year warranty for electronic parts? :smoke:
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    Astro Paradise for the Bucket List ....

    Pleased that someone is flying the flag :t: Ten years ago the International Dark-Sky Association designated Galloway Forest Park in Scotland as only the fourth Dark Sky Park in the world and the first in the UK. Galloway's International Dark Sky Park. Regards, Steve
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    Meopta Optika HD 8x42 Review

    Perhaps a question of appreciation rather than understanding. In practical terms the sensitivity of the eye to red colour changes relative to blue as light intensity dims. Appreciation at the practical user level, understanding it and explaining it is very much more your field than mine...
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    Meopta Optika HD 8x42 Review

    Thanks, David, another very useful and interesting review from you, much appreciated, and thank you for quoting Miloš Slaný, “ Every advanced bino user knows that real quality is revealed during twilight. In daylight most binocular images look the same. And blue colour is much more important for...
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    Good value 10x50 around 300 - 500 €/$

    Perhaps worth having your pupil tested in dark adapted conditions (not chemically dilated). For astro my choice would be a 10x50, a challenge with this budget. FrankD enthusiastically reviewed the Bresser Montana DK 8.5x45, a search will reveal the thread. This binocular is still available in...
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    Good value 10x50 around 300 - 500 €/$

    Yes, and still worth keeping an eye on, they may pop up again. I cannot speak for 10x50 porros although I had a Nikon 10x42 SE, very good but the ER did not work for me. There are a very small number of choices in 10.5x45 (Bresser, Nikon, Weaver) almost where you want to be and perhaps worth a...
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    Good value 10x50 around 300 - 500 €/$

    A useful thread and not so many choices in 10x50 sub-500 euro. A tiny handful of overstock Pentax ZD ED 10x50 were plunged on Amazon about six months ago, this may be worth watching as an option, there is a tread about it here. Regards, Steve
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    Compact Binoculars

    There are a few interesting offers, price wise, of the Bresser Montana 8x25 DK down to around £275.00 incl. VAT from MillionStore amongst others. If I wanted an 8x25 I would probably buy one but I'm content with a grab 'n glass featherweight 8x32 of which there are several well reviewed and...
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    Suggestions for retirement project?

    There are often volunteer and reserve warden opportunities around The Wash, there might be one that will get you closer to where you want to be: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/norfolks-national-nature-reserves/norfolks-national-nature-reserves#the-wash Regards, Steve
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    Hooded crow or hybrid?

    Stone the crows, 500+ views of this thread for a cockle dropping Hoodie hybrid! Many thanks for all the comments and contributions, very interesting. Regards, Steve
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    Hooded crow or hybrid?

    @jurek, thanks a useful practical study. Regards, Steve