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  1. Gemfyre

    Dubai Airport

    I'll be going on a huge overseas trip in July (omigosh so many new birds for me to see in Europe and the US). I have field guides for those areas, but I will be passing through Dubai. I probably won't be leaving Terminal 3, but if I look out the window and see a bird - what am I likely to be...
  2. Gemfyre

    Lifelist management on Birdforum

    Thank you! Bubo looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. :)
  3. Gemfyre

    Birding Injuries?

    Scrapes and scratches are common. Sunburn (hoorah for being in Australia). Sympathising with Barred Wobbler here - my knees aren't built right and have been prone to dislocation all my life (I've lost count of the number of times it's happened). Last time I was on a solo road trip, checking...
  4. Gemfyre

    Lifelist management on Birdforum

    I don't know, it's probably been mentioned dozens of times before. Birdforum is a great one-stop resource for bird info, but it's missing one thing. The ability to manage your lifelist here would be awesome. Facebook did have a great app for lifelisting, but it seems to have not caught up...
  5. Gemfyre

    Comment by 'Gemfyre' in media 'Bar-tailed Godwit (I think)'

    Going by the smoothness of the feathers and the shorter beak I'd say this is a Black-tailed Godwit.
  6. Gemfyre

    Guildford, WA

    Corellas are common. So common they are considered a pest by many. You'll probably be able to find a few bush birds at the riverside parks - like Striated Pardalote and Yellow-rumped Thornbill. Water birds you may see include Little Pied Cormorant, Little Black Cormorant, Darter and...
  7. Gemfyre

    Australia - field guide

    For ease of carrying in the field - definetely Morcombe's compact guide. For information - Pizzey and Knight or Morcombe's handbook. I think Slater is the worst of the lot - but you'll find a lot of people swear by it.
  8. Gemfyre

    Dryandra Woodland

    Sorry for focusing so much on the mammals so far. I worked here a couple of years ago and spent a lot of time in one of the breeding compounds. The info on the birds will be coming soon!
  9. Gemfyre

    Dryandra Woodland

    Discussion thread for Dryandra Woodland. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  10. Gemfyre

    Part 2 of Birding Lessons - the birding basics

    Part 2 of my series has been posted. It covers the basics of birdwatching. http://gemfyre.livejournal.com/1004504.html#cutid1
  11. Gemfyre

    Birdling Lessons by Gemfyre

    I just started today on my LiveJournal what I hope to be a series of lessons on identifying birds in South-West Australia (with a few forays into the Broome area). Today's lesson was on the three common Gallinules found in the south-west. Check it out! All posts in this series will be tagged...
  12. Gemfyre

    What is that little grey bird?

    I once saw a Purple Swamphen attacking a tiger snake there once! I think it did it because it had chicks nearby. Was amazing to watch. The snake did eventually give up and go the other way.
  13. Gemfyre

    Perth birds

    Sure they weren't photographed in a walk-in-aviary at Perth Zoo?
  14. Gemfyre

    Oz raptor

    Looks like a Little Eagle to me. More pale on the front of the wings than a Whistling Kite, it also flies slightly differently (heh, there's 'jizz' for ya!)
  15. Gemfyre

    What is that little grey bird?

    I often do a pass by Herdsman Lake on the way to work. Yesterday while driving along Lakeside drive I spotted a small grey bird in the grass among the Purple Swamphens. Lucky it's a quiet road because I quickly braked and though to myself, "That was too big to be a dove. And it didn't look...
  16. Gemfyre

    whats your fav bird

    I have a few, but I think the Peregrine Falcon wins overall. It's beautiful, deadly, and the fastest living thing.
  17. Gemfyre

    "Extinct" cockatoo found on island

    "Rarest species on earth" - along with the Night Parrot and Echo Parakeet and...
  18. Gemfyre

    Bird-eating Spider

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main.jhtml?view=DETAILS&xml=/earth/2008/10/22/easpider122.xml&CMP=OTC-mostviewedrss Another article on this astounding event. Sucks to be that Chestnut-breasted Mannikin!
  19. Gemfyre

    Best non-bird sightings while birding?

    One day visiting Alfred Cove (best wader viewing area in Perth) I came across a guy playing the recorder. It was sending the musk dusks crazy! They were all plinking and plonking in response to the sound. I have found pelagic birdwatching trips are much better for whalewatching than actual...
  20. Gemfyre

    Swan Goose hybrid?

    Is it possible for geese and swans to hybridise? Particularly Black Swan Cygnus artratus and Domestic Goose Anser anser? A particular swan at Herdsman Lake is always hanging around with a feral goose. As I was driving back to work this afternoon I noticed the goose with a swan (not sure if it...