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  1. opisska

    The PASTA project

    Yesterday was a first full day that we have fully dedicated to the PASTA project. PASTA stands for Polish Active Search for Tit Azure and also for "I just made uP A nonSense for a funny Title, Alright?". Originally we wanted to give it two days, but alas, for today we had the workers to install...
  2. opisska

    Heaven in Hel

    The Hel Peninsula is the heart and soul of birding in Poland. I'd wager to guess that it's the key reason the rarity finder scene is now as vibrant as it is, simply because Hel is the one place that makes such activity really plausible. A 35-km straight blade of pine-covered sand, sometimes only...
  3. opisska

    Pipit, Poland

    Not the greatest photo in flight. Early morning light just after sunrise was giving a reddish tint to everything, so I am not sure, is this just Meadow, or Red-throated?
  4. opisska

    Birds named after rivers

    Last year in Georgia, I found myself on the banks of the Terek river and I thought to myself: there ought to be a sandpiper here! There weren't any, but recently I started wondering, what else is named after a river and found out this is not a simple quest at all, simply because there is a lot...
  5. opisska

    So you think you can ID apodemus mice?

    Some time ago, there was a discussion about apodemus mice ID and some claimed that you can ID Wood from Yellow-necked even without seeing the neck. I realize that this theory can be put to an interesting test by showing you photos of mice where we reasonably think we know what it is (thanks to...
  6. opisska

    Rana frogs ID (Czechia/Poland)

    After much hesitation, we decided to plunge forward and ID our herps. We got a nice book for Amphibians and Reptiles Europe (I think on Andy's advice) - Speybroeck et. al. and it has been a huge fun learning the ID method fun and discovering that we have actually already randomly met so many of...
  7. opisska

    Sandpipers Cambodia

    Some old photos from November 2014 (how is it that long?) along with a presumably Lesser Sand Plover, there are three other birds (the separate one is a different individual) of two species. - the small one looks like it has to be Red-necked Stint, but the white in the wing is barely there and...
  8. opisska

    Poland: an unusual report in unusual times

    I have been "living in Poland" for almost 4 years by now and I have done a fair share of birding outings around the country in the meanwhile. But in the past years, I also had to go to the Czech Republic often and traveled to various parts of the world, typically not leaving a large chunk of...
  9. opisska

    Night sounds, Minnesota

    I recorded this last July at Section 29 lake in Superior National Forest in Minnesota - I kinda remembered it more dramatic, maybe because the sounds occurred when it was pitch black and I was alone in a tent with no other humans in sight (I had the whole camping area to myself). Now it sounds a...
  10. opisska

    Greenish warbler? Poland

    A bird gives this song repeatedly, can't be seen It's somewhat similar to Greenish Warbler which is normal here on Hel in this season, but it sounds strange to me. https://youtu.be/bm6H2Dg6Kms
  11. opisska

    Just a warbler, Poland

    There is something indescribably off for me about this bird that I can't even decide what it really is. I won't be making a fool of myself by guessing then :) SE Poland, yesterday.
  12. opisska

    Exotic duck, Czech Republic

    A duck (obviously escaped) on a pond in Prague has spawned a very long discussion, ending up with no conclusion, as no species fits it completely, but saying it's a hybrid means giving up :) The first photo is from October, the rest from April, all duly stolen from Facebook without knowledge...
  13. opisska

    Black birds, Ecuador

    I won't give the Ecuador trip a rest, would I ... Could these be something else than Shiny Cowbird (such as Velvet-fronted Grackle)? They don't "feel" like normal Shinies, but I have been burned before ... First three (one or two individuals) are from Panacocha (deep lowland Amazon), the...
  14. opisska

    Vireos with red eyes, Ecuador

    1. As we have just learned, IOC has made our life more interesting by splitting "Chivi Vireo", which is any Red-eyed Vireo apart from the formerly nominate boreal migrant subspecies. Thusly, a new question arose in Mindo, where both the locally breeding griseobarbatus (which is now in Chivi) and...
  15. opisska

    NA Warbler on winter holiday (Ecuador)

    Ecuador, November. Sorry for yet another terribly photographed bird. This one I was thinking Blackburnian based on the head pattern, but then the discussion in my other thread happened - https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=386141 - which made me look at the tail and so this looks like...
  16. opisska

    Looking for a Lesser Kiskadee, Ecuador

    Lesser Kiskadee is best told by bill. That's probably why most of the perspective birds always have their bill open, or stuffed with something, or turned away from us ... Anyway, we have seen plenty of Social Flycatchers and heard plenty of Greater Kiskadees and amongst that, this is the five...
  17. opisska

    Hummers, Mindo, Ecuador

    Even after more then two months, there are still birds from Ecuador that we haven't IDed. Especially those really, really green hummers from Yellow House. Some of them look similar to each other, but not quite ...
  18. opisska

    Cerulean or Blackburnian Warbler?

    ... Ecuador, November. Sorry for cheating with the title (and sorry for the repost), it has been suggested to me that if I make it a little unclear, more US people will have a look - and those are the real experts here, despite the photo being from the other hemisphere (just barely though).
  19. opisska

    Rusty-marginied or Social flycatcher, Mindo, Ecuador

    One thing I really struggle with is to make a decision based on unclear information. According to Freille&Restall, this ID seems relatively straightforward in Mindo, as Social occurs in ssp. grandis, which look much more different from Rusty-margined than the nominate ssp. (more olive, no...
  20. opisska

    Car rental NT Australia for wildlife watching

    I am planning a trip to the Northern Territories, mainly the tropical part around Darwin and I have stumbled upon some issues regarding car rentals in this area and an input of someone with local knowledge would be really appreciated. The most troubling issue is that most rental companies...