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    8x32 EL VS 10x32 EL ‘Which handles glare better?’

    I own 8x32 & 10x32 SV & 10x42 SV, 10X32 is worst than other two. Glare control 10x42 >>8x32 >10x32, but 10x32 has very large FOV ~120m, sharp to the edge with relatively small size compared to 10x42. It is worth to own before NL launch.
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    EL 10x42 casing deterioration.

    I have similar issue on my 8X32 SV & 10x32 SV; 8X32 SV had been fixed with new armor and i found Swarovski also upgraded the lens with new coating, more greenish compared to 10x32SV. Very impressive for the service. However, recently another 10x32 armor degraded a lot after frequent use ~ 3...
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    Review of 8x25 Victory Pocket

    I got new 8x25 this week and optically very impressive in terms of its size with large FOV; Also I find a suitable quick release strap in camera store to fit very small hole, see pic.
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    Swarovision 10x32?

    Andy, I think I am also not sensitive to RB. I have a good pair of eyes without shortsighted. And I tested these two binoculars every morning in the 30min stroll in the forest for two months. I can see the RB (8x32) when quickly panning the sky but not in the wood. But if I pan the sky slowly...
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    Which is better? Swarovski SLCNew 8x32 or Leica Trinovid 8x32 BN

    I ever owned 8x30 SLCNew and Leica 8x32 BA. SLCNew wins in terms of brightness, sharpness, no coloar bias. 8X32BA is much more compact but lack of sharpness with yellow bias. It is not fair to compare these two because they are different decade products. I sold 8X32BA and kept SLCNew but a...
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    Swarovision 10x32?

    BP, I just tested again for 10x32 swarovision, slight RB when panning the sky, but not as obvious as 8x32 sibling. Both cannot detect RB when panning in the forest. JR
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    Swarovision 10x32?

    Gijs, You are right, so there is why I bought both binoculars. 10X first and 8x second. But 8x did see apparent rolling ball when panning the sky which is ok for me. JR
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    Swarovision 10x32?

    Hi Andrea, I own 8x32 and 10x32 swarovision, both having sharpness to the very edge. I also have 10x32 FL. 10x32 swarovision surpassed 10x32 FL in terms of brightness (a little), edge sharpness and more depth of view. Also, I cannot find difference between 8x32 and 10x32 swarovision even...
  9. Steere's Liocichla

    Steere's Liocichla

    Noisy endemic Steere's Liocichla in central Taiwan Liocichla steerii
  10. Thicket Flycatcher

    Thicket Flycatcher

    Thicket Flycatcher was so vivid but it was too small to be seen in the forest. Ficedula hyperythra
  11. Taiwan Yuhina

    Taiwan Yuhina

    Endemic Taiwan Yuhina in Yuling farm in central Taiwan. Yuhina brunneiceps