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  1. Val35

    Lesser Whitethroat ? East London

    Is it really possible to identify lesser whitethroat subspecies on the field ? It seems to me that even with the bird in hand, DNA sample is welcome to confirm ?
  2. Val35

    Easily accessible wintering Wallcreeper?

    It wasn't there in last winter and apparently not this winter either...It's actually in Dinan that I saw this species for the first time back in 2016 :) I'd say les Baux de Provence is more reliable. I guess there are also some nice sites in Northern Spain.
  3. Val35

    Your most surprising omission

    In my region (Corsica), I've seen pretty much all common species but never saw rufous-tailed rock thrush. It's by no means common on the island (rare passage migrant and localized breeder) but there are a couple well known reliable sites to see it...Each year in May-June, I start thinking about...
  4. Val35

    Snail from Corsica

    Thank you ! Yes H.ceratina is our endemic Helix but it is indeed restricted to a very small coastal strip close to Ajaccio. I will check my memory card later because I might have more pictures.
  5. Val35

    Snail from Corsica

    Hi, found this snail and several other which I assume belong to the same species in the Restonica valley (Corsica) a little above 1000m. Habitat is a scree with large boulders. I know there's a few endemic species here but I can't find any documentation to identify them and I have very little...
  6. Val35

    2022 Western Palearctic Trips

    Very nice reports ! You were lucky to have a great migration day at Prunete, last year was in general a very good year for spring migration in Corsica (although it was very dry and many good places for waders and herons in Cap Corse had no water). We had a big influx of Collared Flycatchers in...
  7. Val35

    Two Birds in Thailand need identifying.

    First is an oriole, probably Black Naped Oriole (female or immature) and second looks good for Shikra... I'm far from being an expert on birds of this region though.
  8. Val35

    Atlantic fishes

    Agree ! Also the paler fish with golden lines is Sarpa salpa ;) On both pics, the mullets show a golden dot on the operculum so it should be Chelon auratus...
  9. Val35

    Gulls, Istanbul

    I was pretty sure about Caspian, although now that I look at it, that plain grey appearance and bill fit Yellow Legged much better ! Seems like I still need to work on those gulls :) Thank you for your detailed answer, much appreciated ! In the second bird, what made me think of Armenian isn't...
  10. Val35

    Gulls, Istanbul

    Hi, I've just come back from a little trip to Istanbul on the first week of January. This city has a ton of gulls, most of which were definitely Yellow Legged and Black Headed with a couple of Commons and Mediterranean in the mix. A few gulls still puzzle me though and I'd like your opinion on...
  11. Val35

    Birding goals for 2023

    Agree with your opinion, just wondered how the Italian x House hybrids were like as they are uncommon here ;) Still missing House Sparrow on my Corsican list by the way...wonder what's the vagrancy potential of those birds, I guess I need to check sparrow flocks more thoroughly...
  12. Val35

    Birding goals for 2023

    Yes, a lot of field work ahead ! Interesting...Italian Sparrow x Spanish Sparrow hybrids are rather common here in some places (especially the very south of Corsica as Sardinia as Spanish Sparrow everywhere...). It makes it very difficult to tell if a Spanish type Sparrow is "pure" or not...
  13. Val35

    Birding goals for 2023

    1. Getting my Corsica list to 240. I'm at 235 (could reach 236 tomorrow if the two long tailed ducks that have been spotted yesterday are still there :)), this is possible as I'm still missing some regular but rare birds for the island on my list such as Ortolan Bunting, Ruddy Turnstone...
  14. Val35

    Kruger, South Africa - March - Small lapwing with a rufous crown

    Not a lapwing, it's a Courser, Temminck's Courser ;)
  15. Val35

    Which lapwing? - Kruger, South africa - March 2022

    Looks good for Senegal Lapwing to me too...
  16. Val35

    Top 5 of 2022

    Yes ! Excellent birding in spring, autumn always has a few rarities and winter is good for waterbirds/mountain species. Summer birding there can be a little boring but there's plenty of other things to see ;)
  17. Val35

    Top 5 of 2022

    1. Broad Billed Sandpiper (Georgia). Observed a flock of 6 at very close range in Poti, north of Batumi. Lifer. 2.Kr├╝per's Nuthatch (Georgia). Great observation of at least 4 individuals in Batumi Botanical Gardens. Sadly no great pics but very cool bird ! Lifer. 3.Dusky Warbler (Corsica). Not...
  18. Val35

    How many species of owl have you seen

    Damn, I didn't see that many, I'm even missing two species in France (Pygmy and Tengmalm's)... Country is the country where I saw the bird for the first time but I might have seen it later in other places. 1.Little Owl (France) 2.Tawny Owl (France) 3.Eurasian Eagle Owl (France) 4.Short-Eared...
  19. Val35

    Which Gecko/Frog Species are these?

    Agree except that for me gecko#3 is Mediterranean House Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) not easy on this pic but it's still possible to see that each toe has a claw (T.mauritanica has claws on two toes only).
  20. Val35

    Iceland for the bewildered

    Saw Gyr Falcon several times around Lake Myvatn in late June. I missed Arctic Fox during my trip but it seems like the Western Fjords area is the best for them ? I haven't been there myself. As for whales/dolphins : -saw Minke Whales and Harbour Porpoises a bit everywhere from the coast -a...
  21. Val35

    how many herons, egrets and bitterns have you seen?

    Country is the country where I saw the species for the first time :) 1. Grey Heron (France) 2.Purple Heron (France) 3.Goliath Heron (South Africa) 4. Black-headed Heron (South Africa) 5.Little Bittern (France) 6.Eurasian Bittern (France) 7.Black Crowned Night Heron (France) 8.Nankeen Night...
  22. Val35

    Mallorca 2022

    Thank you ! Pretty much the same here, I guess they are a little scarcer as we are farther east... Exceptional year indeed, some reports from Italy too. 9 different individuals today in the south-west of Corsica (Ajaccio region)...I'll look for them in Cap Corse this weekend ;)
  23. Val35

    Mallorca 2022

    How common is Razorbill in Mallorca ? It seems like the influx now reached Corsica : at least 5 different birds have been seen since Friday, including 3 giving excellent views in the port of Bastia. It's a pretty rare bird here !
  24. Val35

    Black eared wheatear from Corsica

    Seems like adult male in spring to me, no ? Same bird yes, 100% sure.
  25. Val35

    Black eared wheatear from Corsica

    Actually I think that black extends above the bill and eye...Other features that make me think me think of EBE Wheatear are : overall pale color, greyish tinge on the cap...