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  1. J

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Is the goal a single unified list or a common one built by consensus in addition to the four lists?.
  2. J

    Howard and Moore downloadable spreadsheet

    Denis Lepage is involved in coordinating the checklists, so it seems likely. I should add that the comparison of Clements 2021 and 2022 above used the options available in the dropdown list so isn't showing something that isn't meant to be public.
  3. J

    Howard and Moore downloadable spreadsheet

    I think that is a an oversight on that page, where the dropdown boxes options haven't been updated. You can edit the URL to get Clements 2021, as in the following link...
  4. J

    Howard and Moore downloadable spreadsheet

    The list is available here: Master Lists – IOC World Bird List This list only compares the scientific names, but covers subspecies Another comparison feature on Avibase alllows you to easily find difference in species scientific name, common name or family placement between two lists...
  5. J

    Howard and Moore downloadable spreadsheet

    They used to have two excel files available for download. I think version 4.0 was as in the printed form and 4.1 had some corrections. However, they removed these from the website a year or so ago. The information is all available from their website, with pages on each family. This includes all...
  6. J

    No eBird Taxonomy update this year (2022)?

    FYI https://www.internationalornithology.org/working-group-avian-checklists Some big families being treated, with Thraupidae in July. Implementing these changes would be understandably time consuming
  7. J


    Haematopus ostralegus longipipes may need changing as well, unless meadewaldoi is lumped in. Edit. The lumping of the extinct Canary Island oystercatcher with the Eurasian oystercatcher has been proposed by the same group (see comment and another). The published paper is here.
  8. J


    They have tribes Amoropsittacini and Forpini in subfamily Arinae. Joseph et al only had tribes Arini and Androglossini, with a number of genera incertae sedis.
  9. J

    HBW-BirdLife Version 6.0b (July 2022)

    There's a changes tab in the excel file, with 20 changes listed. SIS_ID Species Previous Change Change type Correction 22691056 Alopecoenas salamonis Alopecoenas salamonis Moved to before A. stairi from previous incorrect position within Geopelia Sequence Yes 22728754 Laterallus podarces...
  10. J

    HBW-BirdLife Version 6.0b (July 2022)

    I wish they would resequence the Thraupidae. They start with the species in various tribes of Thraupinae (except Thraupini), then list the other subfamilies, and finish with Thraupinae not explicitly assigned to a tribe (which I assume corresponds to Thraupini). It's been like this for years.
  11. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    It seems to just add another analysis to the many showing different datasets and analysis methods get different results. Their retroelement results reproduce a tree with some oddities, but when combined with introns and UCEs is confirms some of the clades in the Jarvis TENT tree (ML). Total...
  12. J

    IOC combines forces w/ NACC, SACC, Cornell, and more to produce "global checklist"

    Is the draft list available anywhere? They refer to v1 and say v2 will include all the families. I looked on GitHub and couldn't find it, so I assume its private, They also mention it was integrated with Avibase, but I can find nothing there. On the numbers, there seem a net 15 lumps compared...
  13. J


    It's an expired security certificate, because they haven't paid their dues, rather than the website gone rogue.
  14. J

    Phylogeny of birds

    I can't access the article, but there is a preprint. https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.17.444565v1 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/351673309_Categorical_edge-based_analyses_of_phylogenomic_data_reveal_conflicting_signals_for_difficult_relationships_in_the_avian_tree
  15. J


    I wonder if that will be adopted. There is a good case for the new families due to the age of the split and for taxonomic stability (keeping the vireo family traditional), but the larger family has already been adopted by most authorities. Is a further change condusive to taxonomic stability...
  16. J


    If they do a species split the birds deserve a better name. Come to think about it, they need a better name species split or not. I understand that Lesser and Greater are commonly used, but Middle Spotted Woodpecker is unimaginative. They are not even in the same genus.
  17. J


    There's a nice pdf of their main tree with named terminals. I have it saved as "Galliformes.pdf", which may or not be the original file name. I can't find the link.
  18. J

    Birds of paradise

    I can see the full text and get the pdf on that link .
  19. J

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Which studies? Lerner and Mindell (2005) has Eutriorchis as sister Gypaetus+Neophron in Gypaetinae. Then two more recent reports, Nagy & Tökölyi (2014) and Mindell et al (2018), have it sister to Leptodon+Chondrohierax in Perninae. The IOC doesn't do subfamilies but their sequence seems to...
  20. J

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Age of divergence based on Alstrom et al (2011) and vocal distinctions.
  21. J

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Seems a rather nothing change, but could be part of the checklist alignment. BOW uses Crested tit and Gray-crested tit. Birdlife uses Crested tit and Grey-crested tit. H&M uses Crested tit and Fulvous tit
  22. J

    request advice: Howard and Moore checklist

    The checklist (with the footnotes) is available from the family-by-family list , but they removed the downloadable excel files last year. https://www.aviansystematics.org/4th-edition-checklist
  23. J

    Bird Nomenclature

    I was referring to the info icon on the species pages on Birds of the World, e.g. Whooper Swan - Cygnus cygnus - Birds of the World The eBird page has a link to Birds of the World near the bottom, a blue button with "Explore Whooper Swan", so it's a couple of clicks away.
  24. J

    Bird Nomenclature

    The key for a species is available from the Explore Taxonomy page (the vertical ellipsis ) and from the publicly available species pages (the info icon after the scientific name). I think they've made a good job of making it available rather leaving it in an obscure place to fulfil their promise.
  25. J

    Meet the Blue-winged Amazon Parrot - New Species

    The scientific process has sort of worked. Despite some failings in the peer-review process that allowed it to be published, the paper received a convincing rebuttal and the proposed species hasn't be accepted five years later. The proposal for a new species is as dead as ...