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    Unknown Bird from PNG

    How about Singing Starling?
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    Western Sandpiper or Dunlin

    Are you sure both pics are of the same bird? The first bird feels most like Stilt Sandpiper to me, but I won't bet my life on it.
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    Warbler mix - Tennessee, pine, palm? - South Florida

    Image 8 is gone, so I think you are talking about #7?
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    Swallow Subspecies in Africa

    Regarding the OP's bird, perhaps it is discolored by red soil? Dusty day and drinking from a puddle? You can see the flanks still look white. Just a thought.
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    Hawk? Culver City California USA

    Welcome. You have a red-shouldered hawk
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    Can you please ID these birds I took in Vancouver, BC last May (Vancouver. BC. May. UFO-5)?

    Are you sure about the location? I agree that the photo shows a Cape May, but I do not think one was reported in the area this year. Last on for that region was in January of 2019 in the Fraser Valley. (0 records for Vancouver)
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    Can you please ID these birds I took in Vancouver, BC last May (Vancouver. BC. May. UFO-4)?

    I'd say hard to exclude a bright Warbling Vireo. Edit: if the location is wrong and Philly is possible in the location I agree. I do see it as being very bright, so I guess possible even if it is Vancouver, but distinguishing those 2 is too difficult for me.
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    Greater Scaup ..young male in Switzerland

    Why? The black back seems to be better for Tufted Duck, no? If the question is about the male bird, what is the first image for?
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    Which Merganser? S.E. Massachusetts

    Last bird is a Common in my opinion
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    Another pair of scaups in California

    I agree with your assessment.
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    Twitter Bird

    Despite that you say it's not from a phone, I suspect that it is. Perhaps a neighbor or pedestrian has their notification volume at 200%. There is no bird that I'm aware of that sounds like the twitter notification. The sound in the video is there -- just very quiet. It sounds pretty much...
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    Redhead? (Yukon, Canada)

    Not Lesser. Missing the peaked head and smaller bill. I would put this down as a Greater Scaup. Nice rounded head, fat bill with a large nail. Seems to be missing the white typically by the bill, but seems this is still okay. A redhead female should have a lighter ring around the eye and some...
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    Lesser Scaup? (Canada, Yukon)

    Quite certain. 4th bird from the left in the back. Reddish head (not just lighting I think) nice yellow eye, black breast, and white on the bill
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    Lesser Scaup? (Canada, Yukon)

    And a Redhead
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    SW Florida, USA - ducks

    1. And 1 Glossy Ibis? And 3 Black Vulture?
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    Gulls - Vancouver Island - October 2022

    Wingtips would be dark on imm Western. Don't see a reason for it not being 'olympic' or GW
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    Please id these martins/swallows

    I don't know about the options, but I suggest there are no Barn Swallows pictured (based on structure). A dusky throat often seems to show on some swallows (ex: tree swallows) and I think that's what's going on with pic 1 and 5.
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    Yesterday by Lake Ontario - Palm Warbler?

    There are quite a few "eastern" birds which migrate up the east coast and then cross over Canada to the western side. Some examples are: Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Alder Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Philadelphia Vireo, Connecticut Warbler, LeContes Sparrow (i.e. most of the birds that you...
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    Banff, Canada. Please, confirm.

    Agree on Rufous Hummingbird and Brown-headed Cowbird
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    More Photos of Unknown Quebec warbler

    a young male Redstart?
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    Banff, Canada. More confirmation

    To my untrained eye, I think the gull is a California Gull Agree with White-crown, Chipping and Yellow-rump