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    Brown shrike or Bull-headed shrike? (Kyushu, Japan)

    Hi, Is this a brown shrike or a bull-headed shrike? Took this in Kyushu, Japan. Thank you.
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    Oriental Honey Buzzard? (Singapore)

    Hi, Is this the Oriental Honey Buzzard, or is there a chance that it is the Crested Serpent Eagle, which has been observed in the area recently too (and suggested by Merlin)? How do I tell them apart based on the wing patterns? Thank you!
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    What drongo is this? (Singapore)

    Hi! Is it possible to tell from these photos what species this bird might be? I thought it was a crow-billed drongo initially, but some others have suggested it could just be a greater racket-tailed drongo, without its racket-tails. Thank you.
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    Tiger shrike or brown shrike? (Singapore)

    Hi! Is this a Tiger Shrike or Brown Shrike? Thanks!
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    Great or Intermediate Egret? (Singapore)

    Thanks for sharing, MacNara! Indeed, the bird I saw today was smaller than I expected. It's very interesting how the modesta and alba can be so different! Do you know what the range of the alba is and would I be able to find it in Singapore? Edit: just found this on wikipedia; it seems I won't...
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    Great or Intermediate Egret? (Singapore)

    Thanks everyone and hello again! So I managed to finally spot a great egret today and thought to share some photos for comparison. The bird was a bit further today so the photos aren't so good, but the distinguishing features can be seen quite clearly, i.e. the long gape line extending beyond...
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    Great or Intermediate Egret? (Singapore)

    Thanks everyone for sharing your insight! "Indeterminate Egret" cracked me up 😄
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    Great or Intermediate Egret? (Singapore)

    Thanks! I believe the dark tip might be a feature of the Intermediate actually. Perhaps all these birds are Intermediate then. The kinks in the neck also do not look as obvious as the Great's, from pictures that I can find online.
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    Great or Intermediate Egret? (Singapore)

    Hi everyone! I've been googling quite a bit on how to differentiate between the Great and Intermediate Egret, but I'm still quite stumped looking through my photos. I have 4 sets of photos here (different birds, although bird 2 might be the same as bird 3 or 4). The gape doesn't seem to...
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    Asian Brown or Dark-Sided flycatcher? (Singapore)

    Many thanks dwatsonbirder and creedence! Really appreciate your expertise in pointing out the features to look out for. Have a good weekend =)
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    Asian Brown or Dark-Sided flycatcher? (Singapore)

    Hi! Would appreciate any help to confirm the ID of this bird - is this an Asian Brown or Dark-sided Flycatcher? The wing tips look fairly long, and there are some dark streaks on the chest, thus I'm leaning towards dark-sided. But I might just be hoping for this to be a dark-sided, and may not...
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    Is this a Japanese Paradise Flycatcher? (Singapore)

    Thank you KC for the warm welcome!
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    Is this a Japanese Paradise Flycatcher? (Singapore)

    Hi! Is this a Japanese Paradise Flycatcher, as opposed to an Amur or Blyth PFC? I note the inverted U-shaped demarcation between the breast and belly, faint rufous flanks and the somewhat sooty back. I am hoping I'm right as the Japanese PFC is a rare migrant in Singapore. Thanks!