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  1. bittern

    Comment by 'bittern' in media 'Little Egret'

    nigripes has black socks! Hence the latin name! Mike
  2. bittern

    Is Birding Pal a Waste of Time?

    It worked very well up until about ten years ago and I regularly received requests from birders visiting the Geneva area but then things went down the drain messages were lost and not responded to. As a result I removed myself from the contact list on the site. Mike
  3. bittern

    Mallorca 2022

    Yes it made a miraculous recovery, in fac it is believed that someone saw the Goshawk take a Kestrel, and panicked... There are excellent photos of the G S Cuckoo taken today and apparently in great shape with no signs of a tussle with the Goshawk.
  4. bittern

    Switzerland 2022…and all that Jazz!

    There was unfortunately just one that found itself, rather rapidly, inside a Goshawk. Mike
  5. bittern

    The Demise of Birding Software

    I am using Wildlife Recorder, currently at V4. It never seems to get much in the way of mentions here but I find it very effective and started using well over 20 years ago. It copes with all the world's birds and can easily be set to whichever is your prefered taxonomy it also updates whenever...
  6. bittern

    Help needed to identify a couple of water birds, Lake Geneva at Geneva, Switzerland

    Yes, Little Grebe in breeding plumage. I guess that you saw that hybrid at l'Ile Rousseau where there are several hybrid geese that vary from individuals looking more or less like wild Greylags to others that are heavy weight farmyard geese with an occasional Red-breasted Goose that probably...
  7. bittern

    Birding halfway up the Alps

    With respect to the Fort l'Ecluse Wallcreeper, I was up there today and found one within a couple of minutes of arriving at the site but after taking a more careful look I realised that there are currently two present which were chasing each other about doing circuits around the fort. Mike...
  8. bittern

    The bird you were most happy to see. Anywhere in the world.

    Without a doubt my first Picathartes (White-necked Rockfowl) in the forest at Assin Fosa in Ghana in February 2007, after a long hike and laying on the ground with the ants made it all worthwhile when one finally was heard scratching about in the undergrowth before appearing for a few moments...
  9. bittern

    Asa Wright Nature Lodge in Trinidad permanently ceases operations

    I was there in 2005, absolutely fantastic spot with so much to see, not just the Oil Birds either although they are spectacular. I am sure that I have a list if anyone is interested. Mike
  10. bittern

    Expanding Breeding Ranges of European and Asian Birds

    Another one is Melodious Warbler which was almost unknown around Geneva 40 years ago and which now is one of the most common summer warblers. It has replaced Icterine which is now only found much further north. Zitting Cisticola is also being seen much more frequently in Switzerland and is...
  11. bittern

    Comment by 'bittern' in media 'A new one for me.'

    Looks to me like a male Scarlet Tanager in non-breeding plumage. Mike
  12. bittern

    Birding halfway up the Alps

    Great report Richard, you are certainly seeing a lot more up there than I am in Geneva. Other than a couple of Zitting Cisticolas and a solitary Red-throated Loon nothing to report from the Geneva area. However a couple of Snow Buntings reported in the Jura and a Black-winged Kite in central...
  13. bittern

    Birdingpal website - alive or not?

    That sounds like an excellent idea for when, hopefully, we can all start watching birds again. Best wishes to you all, Mike
  14. bittern

    Birdingpal website - alive or not?

    I was also a member for about that length of time and in earlier days took out quite a lot of birders every year in the Geneva region and Alps. However latterly I found many problems with messages getting lost in both directions. I finally removed myself completely as I was getting finger...
  15. bittern

    Birdingpal website - alive or not?

    Hi, I just checked and I can access the site from here in Switzerland. I used to take out birders here but after over 12 years I "retired" from that activity myself. Best of luck, Mike
  16. bittern

    Rwanda - Akagera National Park

    I was recently in Rwanda and spent a couple of days in Akagera NP. I don't have photos but I have posted a trip report on Cloudbirders, You can either find it there or PM me. Mike
  17. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    Hi Greg, Just to be sure you are aware, there is no public transport up the Col de la Colombière. PM me when you are in the area and we can see what we can manage if you don't have your own transport. cheers, Mike
  18. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    Please see my reply #9 regarding best birding place in the area. However the Col de la Colombière will be closed this Sunday 8th July as the Tour de France is passing over the Col. I don't have any first hand knowledge concerning Morzine/Montriond however. There are plenty of Griffons around at...
  19. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    By the way I went up to the Col de la Colombière yesterday and it was pretty good:- 2 Lammergeiers, Short-toed Eagle, 2 Griffon Vultures, Rock Thrush, 5 or 6 Ring Ouzels, Water Pipits, Wheatear, Whinchat, Linnets, Alpine Choughs, Crag Martin, Cuckoo, etc. No Citrils however as I guess they are...
  20. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    I haven't been up to the Col de la Colombière this year as the last time I was nearby the road wasn't open. I'm looking for an excuse to go up anytime soon so I would be happy to give you a lift up there. Let me know how I can reach you to firm things up. (e-mail address or phone number). I...
  21. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    Mike, I'm not sure how you arrived at 150km, it is in fact 39 km from Morzine to the base of the Col at Le Reposoir. Naturally most high passes will have similar bird life and forested areas will usually have Black Woodpeckers which tend to be very shy. No White-backed in this part of the...
  22. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    Hi Mike, In my opinion the best site for for most of the mountain birds is the Col de la Colombière which is at 1613 metres and reached either from le Grand-Bornand or le Reposoir. It is on the D4 road. At the moment the col is shown as closed as the snow and rocks have not yet been cleared...
  23. bittern

    Birding around Morzine, French Alps

    Birding around Morzine I live in the area and quite often spend time up in the mountains where most of those birds can be found, I can normally be found on the BirdingPal web site but I removed myself a couple of months ago due to car problems but it seems that I shall be motorised very soon...
  24. bittern

    Greet Grey Shrike ssp

    A fellow birder has photographed an interesting Great Grey Shrike on the borders of France and Switzerland close to Geneva. It is believed that it might be of the homeyerie sub-species from SE Russia. Other photos are available. Any comments are welcome. Mike