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  1. Asian Green Bee-eater

    Asian Green Bee-eater

  2. Eurasian three toed woodpecker

    Eurasian three toed woodpecker

  3. suzon.abu.zafor

    Raptor IDHelp - Fanø, Denmark April 2022

    Thanks for the quick answer
  4. Common gull

    Common gull

  5. Comon eider

    Comon eider

    Female common eider carefully looking around for predators as the ducklings are swimming nearby.
  6. 3K Glaucous gull

    3K Glaucous gull

    After several failed trips to photograph the Glaucous gull, I finally managed to see and photograph it up close at Nedre Leirfossen.
  7. suzon.abu.zafor

    Common or lesser redpoll? Tallinn -Estonia, June 2022

    Thanks for the detailed description. I only followed ebird while registering the bird, lesser redpoll was marked as infrequent.
  8. Glaucous gull x Herring gull hybrid

    Glaucous gull x Herring gull hybrid

    Based on the local observations, I went to Nedre leirfossen to photograph the Glaucous gull. My inexperienced eyes noted it as a Glaucous gull, which was soon proved wrong by the local reviewers. I found the gull finally today, will post the photo soon.
  9. Eurasian blackbird

    Eurasian blackbird

  10. suzon.abu.zafor

    Common or lesser redpoll? Tallinn -Estonia, June 2022

    I find it extremely difficult to tell them apart. The norwegian ID site (artsorakel) is in favour of Lesser, while merlin says common redpoll.
  11. Iceland gull

    Iceland gull

  12. European greenfinch

    European greenfinch

  13. Common merganser

    Common merganser

  14. Eurasian siskin

    Eurasian siskin

    One of the fifty siskins at the feeder today, perched on a snow-capped pine tree.
  15. Common redpoll

    Common redpoll

    A bif flock of Eurasian siskins have been at the feeder all day because of a snowstorm. There was a suddenly flash of red in the window. Quickly grabbing the camera, I managed to photograph this beautiful redpoll in the garden.
  16. Juvenile brahminy kite

    Juvenile brahminy kite

  17. Scaly-breasted munia

    Scaly-breasted munia

    This was my first time birding in the neighbourhood of my village since I started birding. I remember seeing many weaver nests hanging from palm trees when I was a kid. This time, there was only a palm tree with only one weaver nest remaining. Without being so hopeful, I was waiting in the area...
  18. Bengal bushlark

    Bengal bushlark

    hese sparrow sized bushlarks are masters of camouflage. I had been seeing a flock flying about and seconds later, they became invisible behind the remains of the paddy plants. Took me a while to find one out in the open for a few seconds.
  19. Blue bearded bee-eater

    Blue bearded bee-eater

  20. suzon.abu.zafor

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    174. Northern Goshawk 175. Crested tit today at Årstaskog, Stockholm
  21. suzon.abu.zafor

    Comment by 'suzon.abu.zafor' in media 'Little stint'

    I'll check the local log to confirm if he/she migrates from here.
  22. Little stint

    Little stint

    This injured little stint with an injured leg was spotted in Leangenbukta yesterday and is most certainly the last one to migrate south from Trondheim. It was limping on the stump in the right foot while feeding.
  23. Black headed gull

    Black headed gull

  24. suzon.abu.zafor

    ID help-Twite? 29.09.21 Titran, Sør Trøndelag, Norway

    Thanks! I checked the unstreaked throat and the yellow bill from Collins guide, still needed to be sure as this is a new lifer for me. The first one is the same bird, the head probably looks darker because of the light.