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    Thank you Stu, The Fern and Niels! I wonder therefore if you could possibly confirm that this red billed tropicbird we spotted a day later is really a red billed tropic bird? It flew lower and flapped more as I mentioned
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    Hi there, Tropicbird spotted high in sky OUT AT OPEN SEA HIGH IN THE SKY AND FLYING GRACEFULLY Seen only from below The flight pattern contrasted strongly with a confirmed Red Billed Tropicbird we saw a day later, which flew much lower and had many more wingbeats
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    Hummingbird ID Requested - Mexico/Guatemalan border

    Thanks for the fast reply! Merlin Photo ID indeed consistently suggests it across the various photos I put in, but wanted a human check as well :)
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    Hummingbird ID Requested - Mexico/Guatemalan border

    Hi all, Requesting ID for this hummingbird spotted on 12th May 2022 right near the border of Mexico and Guatemala in an area known as Lagos de Montebello. Spotted in conifers near a lake. Many thanks in advance
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    Sound Recording Idenification

    Thank you very much, I shall check it out! :)
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    Sound Recording Idenification

    Thank you but these were all recorded via Merlin and showed up with nothing :(
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    Sound Recording Idenification

    Please see here SOUND Recording ID Requested - Several different calls/birds/songs recorded
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    SOUND Recording ID Requested - Several different calls/birds/songs recorded

    These were all recorded around 10-12th May 2022 along the Mexican-Guatemalan border in an area known as Cinqos Lagos, mostly around Lake Tziscao which contains a mixture of mixed coniferous/deciduous forest, some human habitation (locals in cabins that host tourists such as myself), dirt...
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    Sound Recording Idenification

    Ahah thank you very much - there are a bunch, and will need some organising + editing to aid ease-of-ID. Will post in a new thread
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    Sound Recording Idenification

    Hi all, I've used this forum many times before for successful visual bird ID. I have some dozen recordings of different birds from the Mexico-Guatemala border, is this a good place to ask for identification of the birds/calls/songs in the recordings if I upload them? If not, where else could...
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    Spotted as part of a larger flock of Spotted Flycatchers in Southern Tuscany 15km inland from the western coast in August 2022. Initially thought it was a female or juvenile collared flycatcher due to range but am unsure if it could have been a pied flycatcher migrating through. One picture...
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    Spotted in August 2022 - only uploading now. Thought it was a Chiffchaff (spotted in Southern Tuscany) but would like another opinion eg western bonelli or garden warbler
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    BIRD ID REQUESTED - Guillemot (Common Murre) or Razorbill? NON-BREEDING PLUMAGE

    Spotted off the coast of Dunmore Head, Co. Kerry, Ireland on the 6th of September 2022. Apologies for the low quality of images and being on the wrong side of the sun. The shape of the bill in one of the images possibly suggests Razorbill? Happy to be corrected and super appreciate your great...
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    FALCON or HAWK ID Requested - spotted in Badlands of SD, USA

    Spotted in the Badlands Nation Park atop a Butte - it was being mobbed by an American Kestrel which looked very small compared to it. Initial impressions were a prairie falcon. Apologies for low res, screenshots are from a video taken through binoculars. It looked like the top was blue-gray...
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    Tropical Mocking bird ID confirmation requested (Chiapas Mexico)

    Spotted a few days ago in San Cristobal de las casas, can someone please confirm it’s a Tropical Mockingbird or correct me if wrong? Many thanks! Excuse poor quality, it was very far away
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    Flycatcher ID Requested - Sulphur-bellied or Streaked? Spotted in the forests around Lago Pojoj, Chiapas, Mexico

    Apologies for poor quality and angles of the images. I also have sound recordings of what I think is the birds’ call, which is less squeaky than what one could expect from a Sulphur Bellied. The two sound recordings have the bird start calling at 8 seconds in and 2.5 seconds in (“Nya” call).
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    ID Common Tern Confirmation Requested - National Reserve Chacahua, Oaxaca, Mexico

    Hi of course - the date was 1st May 2022 - these photos are cropped, and the originals contain gulls and pelicans in the background which I’ll post here - thanks all for your help!
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    ID Common Tern Confirmation Requested - National Reserve Chacahua, Oaxaca, Mexico

    I believe this is a Common Tern but am unsure if too big?
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    Gull ID Required - Chacahua National Reserve, Oaxaca, Mexico

    Thanks THE_FERN, I should have some other ones of the tern being chased on my camera, I’ll post these on the thread shortly