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  1. hojpoj

    Is this a Lincoln's Sparrow?!?!

    This seems like a rarer sparrow than the usual fare. Is it indeed a Lincoln's? Found at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Orange County, CA. Thanks!
  2. hojpoj

    Cooper's or Sharpie? Southern California

    Thank you so much! Very helpful.
  3. hojpoj

    Cooper's or Sharpie? Southern California

    Hi! I always have trouble distinguishing between a Cooper's Hawk and a Sharp-Shinned. I'm guessing that this is a Cooper's, but can someone confirm? Any ID tips you guys use in the field would also be helpful! Thank you!
  4. hojpoj

    Baby Bird + Egg shell

    Today, my bio teacher friend found a bird that had fallen out of its nest into a parking lot in Monrovia, CA, USA. *It is right now in an incubator at the moment. *Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? *If it is a hummingbird, it will be fed nectar. *If not, then he can give it ground up...
  5. hojpoj

    Should be easy to ID these waterbirds in SoCal?

    Thank you so much, Archerboy61 and fugl! Very helpful replies. That link on "manky mallards" was great too. Clears up the confusion. Didn't realize there were so many variations of mallards out there!
  6. hojpoj

    Should be easy to ID these waterbirds in SoCal?

    I feel like these should be easy to ID, but I'm just a bit confused. Location: San Dimas, CA (southern California) Ducks: In the water picture, I'm confused about the two larger ducks, who were clearly a bonded pair. Originally, I thought the one on the left was a Mallard, but it looks larger...
  7. hojpoj

    3 Birds in San Dimas, Southern California, USA

    Yellow one: Is that an oriole? Bullock's? Black one: It looks like a Great-tailed Grackle, but it seemed too small -- about a foot long only? Common Grackle? But it's uniformly black it seems... Gull: Some variation of Ring-billed Gull? Location: San Dimas, CA (East of Los Angeles) Date...
  8. hojpoj

    What kind of hummingbird is this?

    PKen, you definitely have two different species here. I vote for juvenile Anna's for image 1. I still can't decide between Allen's and Rufous for the second pic. I might lean more toward Allen's since they are more common in SoCal. (XT) PS. Welcome to Birdforum!!!
  9. hojpoj

    ID Southern California Birds

    Yay! Thanks so much, guys! Both are lifers (#105 and #106) for this newbie birder here. :) So exciting. Plus, I got to take the shots with my brand new SLR camera - Canon EOS Rebel T2i (250mm zoom). What was also weird was that I also saw a pair of Killdeers running around on my street...
  10. hojpoj

    ID Southern California Birds

    These two birds were seen today in Walnut, CA (southern California near Los Angeles). Please help me ID! 3 shots of the brown one, and 2 shots of the yellow one. Thanks! -hojpoj
  11. hojpoj

    Mystery flying flock in China

    Thanks so much, Mike and Mark! You guys are awesome!
  12. hojpoj

    Mystery flying flock in China

    I saw this flock of birds in Dali, China, over Erhai Lake in October 2009. Striking wing patterns should make this easy to ID. Might be some kind of duck or other waterfowl? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!
  13. hojpoj

    Bird Riddles Quiz

    Think of a two-word phrase that includes these words in the clue, like "_______ anatomy" or "_____ officer." Then see if you can change the first word slightly (maybe by altering a letter or two) to make it a name of a bird! I'll give you the first letter of the first clue. Let me know if you...
  14. hojpoj

    ID please Memphis, TN

    From your description, it sounds like you saw non-breeding Neotropic Cormorants. All inky black, pointed-down beak, short legs, and a sliver of white at a 90-degree angle from his "ear" to "jaw". Could that be it? I would say you are very observant to notice these details. Check out these...
  15. hojpoj

    What Bird? - From United Arab Emirates

    Thank you for such a quick ID reply!
  16. hojpoj

    What Bird? - From United Arab Emirates

    Could someone please help ID these birds spotted in the United Arab Emirates? I believe this picture was taken around the Dubai area. Thank you!
  17. hojpoj

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Little Grebe'

    Amazing capture! The bird's reflection in the water is amazingly clear! Well done.
  18. hojpoj

    Need help with yellow birds - So. Cal

    I agree with #4 also being a Lesser, given the dark legs, olive-yellow colorings, and the bill color being darker and grayer. Note by contrast the orangish bill on the American in #3.
  19. hojpoj

    Bird Riddles Quiz

    Good guess, Jonny721, but not quite right. These bird names are all generic -- no particular species -- birds that non-birders might know. So just finch or warbler. I'll give you some hints below (each of these blanks feature birds): 1. Bird with a badge? _ _ _ _ Officer 2. Bird royal...
  20. hojpoj

    Bird Riddles Quiz

    Good job, Jonny721. You guys are too good. How about some harder riddles? Last Sunday's LA Times featured a crossword puzzle with a bird theme. See if you can get the bird puns in the longer clues (2 to 4-word phrases). These are common phrases that have been altered with a bird's name to...
  21. hojpoj

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Great Cormorant Drying Off'

    Not bad for a point-and-shoot, eh? He held his pose and let me come right up to him to snap his photo. :) By the way, Jason, I checked out some of your photos on your site and they are just beautiful!
  22. hojpoj

    Bird Riddles Quiz

    You got it, nickderry! How about: Hit Bambi
  23. hojpoj

    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    What do you mean, "countable"? Do you mean countable on one's life list or countable as "Birds of North America" for instance? For me, it was still cool to see them nonetheless. My Western N. America Sibley guide actually has the Red-whiskered Bulbuls, but not the Mandarin.
  24. hojpoj

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Fulica gigantea, Giant Coot, Tagua Gigante'

    He looks like he is wearing sunglasses! :)
  25. Great Cormorant Drying Off

    Great Cormorant Drying Off

    Here's a Great Cormorant drying himself off after fishing at Erhai Lake in Dali, China. I love the mountain and bamboo in the background.