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  1. Bowland Birders

    Golden-crowned Sifakas of Daraina

    The mining in the Daraina area is low tech mining for gold, the sapphire mining is widespread but there is some in the eastern rainforest zone - see BBC reports about Indris and there is a big sapphire mining area in the SW west of Isalo NP. True, Madagascar's wildlife is severely threatened!
  2. Bowland Birders

    Golden-crowned Sifakas of Daraina

    A short account and some photos from my Sep 2017 visit on my blog here Definitely worth the effort to get to Daraina! Mike
  3. Bowland Birders

    Fosas of Kirindy Forest

    Wild Images tour report coming soon... PM me if any questions.
  4. Bowland Birders

    Fosas of Kirindy Forest

    Some photos and a few words about Fosa from my recent Wild Images tour on my blog here. Hope they are of some interest. Mike
  5. Bowland Birders

    Harlequin photos

    Some Harlequin photos from Northeast Iceland on my blog here. Very beautiful location! More people should go to Iceland. Forget the number of lifers, it is a great birding experience. Mike
  6. Bowland Birders

    Iceland by public transport

    Best to wait until you can rent a car. Gyrfalcon is easier to see in the Myvatn area than the SW unless you go in winter. Contact Edward Rickson at Birding Iceland for info.
  7. Bowland Birders

    Iberian Lynx photos from Sierra de Andújar

    Some photos from last week's visit to the Sierra de Andújar, Andalucia on my website here. All taken from a photo hide on the private Puerto Bajo Estate north of the Embalse de Jandular reservoir. There are at least four different individuals present on the estate at the moment. PM me if...
  8. Bowland Birders

    Request for Cetti's and Grasshopper Warbler in S Engand

    I have a friend visiting the UK who lives in Africa and wants to see Cetti's and Grasshopper Warblers. He knows it is far from the best time to try to see them but can anyone help with up-to-date info in the south of the Uk please, from midlands southwards? Thanks a lot. PM me if you would...
  9. Bowland Birders

    IUCN Red List 2012

    I ought to clarify. It is not just about seeking endangered birds before they go extinct for me (although that is an important consideration) but more which birds will be scarcer in the future. If possible I like to see birds more than once. For instance I remember many years ago John Hewitt...
  10. Bowland Birders

    IUCN Red List 2012

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Richard. Splits aside there are some very significant uplistings and the 'double jumps or more' that leap out at me are: Long-tailed Duck and Velvet Scoter - Least Concern to Endangered!!!!! White-backed & Rüppell's Vultures plus Black-bellied Tern - Near...
  11. Bowland Birders

    Brian Unwin RIP

    I knew him from my time in the northeast until 1985 when I was a teenage birder. He was always nice to talk to, unlike some I can remember who looked down their noses at the younger generation... I was very sorry to read this news. Mike Watson
  12. Bowland Birders

    Lesser Sandplovers

    Have just glanced quickly at the latest Birding Asia and see that there is an article labelling Lesser Sandplovers as 'Spot-fronted' (= atrifrons) and Black-fronted (= mongolus). I am probably out-of-date but with atrifrons meaning 'black-fronted' and mongolus already generally referred to as...
  13. Bowland Birders

    Birds you regret NOT twitching

    Don't stress mate, keep going and you will get another chance at all of these regulars. Pallas's Sandgrouse is also the no. 1 regret for me, had just dipped the albatross there less than a week before and chickened out:( If I can live around another 30 years I might get another opportunity...
  14. Bowland Birders

    Annoying birding conversations in hides

    Not scandalised but surprised though;) I daren't look up the word mate, the mere mention of it and my missus is on my case immediately. Anything to stop the photographers vs birders nonsense! Nastiness always gets more hits than positive uplifting stuff. Br, Mike
  15. Bowland Birders

    Annoying birding conversations in hides

    Hopefully female Steve ;) Nice attempt to turn the thread into a more light-hearted one mate. I get tired of the waves of hate on bf these days. Br, Mike
  16. Bowland Birders

    More suppression in Cornwall

    I shouldn't worry about Killdeer and Semi-palmated Plover. There will be many more. Save your passion for something rarer...like Tengmalm's Owl. Lest we forget. Mike
  17. Bowland Birders

    The World's best bird photographer?

    There are so many very good ones now but Markus Varesvuo, Tim Laman and Daniele Occhiato are among my favourites. Check Daniele's lovely White-tailed Tropicbirds from the Azores 2011 here. Mike
  18. Bowland Birders

    What Bird Names Would You Change?

    Careful if you ask where to find this one;) Pete will explain
  19. Bowland Birders

    What Bird Names Would You Change?

    I agree that they sound nice but the regional names are more helpful in a wider context and I believe that some folk associate the old names with colonialism? From Europe I like Bluestart (Red-flanked Bluetail) and Nun Goose (for Barnacle Goose). Many European bird names are more logical than...
  20. Bowland Birders

    Eyebrowed Thrush in Norolk

    If anyone is interested in an off topic (which looks like it has evolved into a Garry baiting session) subject the German term 'false list' means something else. Your WP false list is the list of species you have seen anywhere in the world that have occurred at least once in the WP. Just a bit...
  21. Bowland Birders

    Eyebrowed Thrush in Norolk

    Hi Garry, I doubt anyone is jealous of you but some people are just plain nasty and take the insults too far. Grow a thicker skin and ignore them. Br, Mike
  22. Bowland Birders

    Birding Injuries?

    Been thinking about getting some builder's knee protectors for a while now, any got any tips on a good brand please? Thanks, Mike
  23. Bowland Birders

    The darker side of listing

    Same happened to us in 1986 in Birecik, cost us Pallid Scops Owl, a bird I didn't see until many years later.
  24. Bowland Birders

    Gyr Crakes cartoon strip

    Very funny, lots of familiar emotions! Br, Mike