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  1. mbwomer

    Bird ID for Junction, central Texas, May 2nd Requested

    Hello all, Any help with this ID would be gratefully received. These 2 birds were seen at the water treatment ponds at Junction, Texas on May 2nd. Junction is in the central hill country in the state. We thought the coloration was suggestive of female yellow-headed blackbird, but the bill is all...
  2. mbwomer

    Unknown bird, High Island Texas, April 15th

    To maybe answer my own question, possibly an Eastern Kingbird?
  3. mbwomer

    Unknown bird, High Island Texas, April 15th

    Hi folks, I have a feeling I'm going to feel embarrassed by this, but I cannot figure this one out. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Photo taken about 7:30 am, across the street from Boy Scout Woods. Many thanks, Mike W. Houston, Tx
  4. mbwomer

    Rail I.D., Texas Gulf Coast, USA

    My sincere thanks to all respondants. With particular regard to Niels, the following is taken from my initial email to my birding friends (who were not there): "I see a thin over-eye line, less saturation of color on the breast than my eye wanted to see, centers of scapulars and coverts are...
  5. mbwomer

    Rail I.D., Texas Gulf Coast, USA

    Hello all, This bird was observed in brackish marsh environment at the west end of the Bolivar Peninsula on Frenchtown Road, on Tuesday morning, Dec. 30th. Upper Texas Gulf coast. My first impression was the the coloration was vibrant and 'contrasty' enough to make me hopeful of King Rail, but...
  6. mbwomer

    Accipiter in Houston Tx, a little help please!

    Thanks all for your assistance, and especially for explaining reasoning. Mike Womer
  7. mbwomer

    Accipiter in Houston Tx, a little help please!

    Hello birding pals, This photo was taken by a friend earlier today in west Houston. We've been arguing, errr, debating whether it is a Cooper's or possibly a Sharpie. Rounded head, anyone? Smaller size? But I invite rebuttal. Or maybe we are all wrong and it's something else entirely? Very...
  8. mbwomer

    Sandpiper ID, Rio Grande Valley, Texas, USA

    Hello all, This bird was observed last Wednesday, November 9th at Estero Llano Grande in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. My friend feels confidant that it is a Spotted Sandpiper, but I am having trouble reconciling the field marks, especially the pale gray color of the back. Any assistance...
  9. mbwomer

    A Texas Sparrow with a yellow rump?

    Justin, Well this is really cool. We did enjoy our visit very much... I brought 6 birding friends along to share the experience and we hope to get back soon. I'm sure I am straying off topic badly here. But thanks for all the hard work that you folks do, it is much appreciated. Regards, Mike
  10. mbwomer

    A Texas Sparrow with a yellow rump?

    Silverwolf, It is a mash-up of a bird, in my limited experience.
  11. mbwomer

    A Texas Sparrow with a yellow rump?

    Oops! Justin. Slow down and read the full post, Mike. Sorry!
  12. mbwomer

    A Texas Sparrow with a yellow rump?

    Thanks for the help! Thanks all, that yellow rump had me really baffled! Never seen anything like it. The rosy-purple color around the head was very finch-like. jremmons, I like your avatar picture! I was last on the APC-NWR tour with Ranger John last November 2nd... I got great shots, very...
  13. mbwomer

    A Texas Sparrow with a yellow rump?

    Hello all, I hope someone can assist with this bird. I am totally confused and have exhausted my patience and my guidebooks. Looks like a sparrow's bill, rosy coloration around the head like a finch, but a yellow spotted rump like one of our common warblers here. Seen in the NE Houston area...
  14. mbwomer

    Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR area?

    Agree with all comments in this thread re birding in the Houston area, especially Jeff's observations. Other favorite destinations are the Bolivar Flats and Brazos Bend State Park. I was also on the APC special tour last April and had several great views of the Prairie Chickens, including...
  15. mbwomer

    Texas Plover ID Question

    Thanks for your help folks! Very encouraging for a relatively new birder to get it right. Cheers, Mike W.
  16. mbwomer

    Texas Plover ID Question

    This bird was observed on October 5th on the beach at Quintana, Texas. I have tentatively identified it as a non-breeding Black-bellied Plover, but am sufficiently shaky on shorebird IDs that I am asking for assistance. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, Mike Womer
  17. mbwomer

    Help with Gull IDs please

    Hello all, Please find attached photos of what I think may be Lesser Black-backed Gulls. They were observed in close proximity to each other, late morning hours on October 5th, on the Quintana Beach, Texas. I think one is a first winter bird, another is a second or third winter bird, and the...
  18. mbwomer

    Hi from Texas!

    Hi Bidderswede! If I ever get up to Tyler I'll give you a shout and check out those birdhouses! Happy birding, restful times, Mike
  19. mbwomer

    Hello From Sheffield South Yorkshire!!

    Hi Patty! Hello and welcome to the forum, and thank you for welcoming me in as well! Cheers, Mike W.
  20. mbwomer


    Hi Tanya Hello and welcome aboard! Recent joiner myself, seems like a great place to hang out. Mike W.
  21. mbwomer


    Hi Matt! Hi there Matt, pleased to make your acquaintance! I think you'll find that birders are a warm and welcoming group. That certainly has been my experience. Your local Audobon Society is a very good place to start. Here in Houston there are monthly bird walks/counts that our local chapter...
  22. mbwomer

    Unknown Passerine, NE Houston, Texas

    Thanks for the replies Much appreciated! We had seen a male Orchard Oriole in the same general area about 30 minutes prior to seeing this bird, so I know they were about. In a different photo, this bird is looking back in our direction, and there was no trace of a black bib, so I'm sure this...
  23. mbwomer

    Unknown Passerine, NE Houston, Texas

    Hello all, If anyone can help with the identification of the bird I would be most grateful. Observed from the observation tower at the edge of Sheldon Lake, far northeast Houston, Texas. Sighted yesterday, approximately 9:00 am, 2 or 3 times. This is the best photo, never could observe from any...
  24. mbwomer

    Hello All from Katy Texas

    Hi everyone, My name is Mike Womer, I'm 60, and I love nothing better than getting out and birding with my buddies! I've only been birding for about 15 months, so I'm still very much a nimrod. Fortunate to live on the Texas Gulf Coast, the opportunities for exploration are virtually endless...
  25. mbwomer

    Unable to ID in Sugarland, Texas

    Thanks so much for the help, folks! I had looked at an Inca Dove as a possibility, but the comparison photos I looked at were distinctly bluish in feather color. Cheers, Mike Womer