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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. Essex Tern

    Help with ID please

    A quick search and think it may have Black East Indian (farm) duck genes?
  2. Essex Tern

    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    Collins Bird Guide is a field tool, but also a work of someone’s art, therefore some expression of personal preference is totally acceptable in my opinion…..unless it professes to adhere to a strict authority……it doesn’t! N.B. I have always loved the name Lammergeier, it is a beautiful sounding...
  3. Essex Tern

    BBC timed news quiz

    7 part one, 8 part two
  4. Essex Tern

    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    16 March per publishers: https://harpercollins.co.uk/products/collins-bird-guide-lars-svenssonkillian-mullarneydan-zetterstrom?variant=40029600415822
  5. Essex Tern

    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    Mine also arrived - hardback only at mo I believe.
  6. Essex Tern

    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    Mine is marked as dispatched yesterday, maybe would have been sent sooner had my card not expired!
  7. Essex Tern

    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    Think it’s imminent as NHBS tried to take my payment, which I had to update, as I had used an old card.
  8. Essex Tern

    Straight travel scope help/recommendations

    There is nothing wrong if you prefer straight scopes, I have only ever used straight scopes, but I am not especially tall at 5ft8 so don’t struggle getting a support high enough. The learning curve to an angled shouldn’t take long though. Incidentally a straight scope can be better if...
  9. Essex Tern

    best birds seen whilst working

    Bohemian Waxwing
  10. Essex Tern

    Help me out here…

    The Nikon option certainly also leaves a good tripod/head fund if you aren’t already sorted there. (Another Nikon Fieldscope devotee here)
  11. Essex Tern

    Diver - Sheringham, Norfolk, 6 Oct 22

    Thanks, the white flashes really fooled me in the field, but once back and looking closer at the images I just couldn’t make it a Black-throated unfortunately! Edit: white in front of eye, and extensive white on neck also pro RTD features
  12. Essex Tern

    Diver - Sheringham, Norfolk, 6 Oct 22

    This bird had extensive white to the rear flanks, I had hoped Black-throated, but not so sure now I have looked at my photos as can see Red-throated features now! Any help gratefully received.
  13. Essex Tern

    What's your most used binocular?

    7x42FL purchased new in 2010 I think it was, still love them.
  14. Essex Tern

    Flycatcher? Norfolk UK today (4/9/22)

    I’d say think more Warbler species
  15. Essex Tern

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Looks a nice bit of kit, and wouldn't say no if someone wanted to buy one for me 😉 but think I’ll stick with my set of 3 Nikon Fieldscopes, which could be obtained, with a couple of eyepieces, for the price of one of these little Swaros!
  16. Essex Tern

    Lumix G9 and macro lens

    Welcome to the forum. I assume you already own that lens? There are some really good native m43 auto-focussing macro lenses if not. I am no expert but I believe all you need is any “dumb” EF to m43 adapter being as you’re manual focussing. A quick search finds them for £20 or so e.g. on Amazon.
  17. Essex Tern

    New 7x32 binoculars and 7x42 monocular models from Hawke

    I have also tried these briefly, my impression was the view is nice enough, maybe the sweet spot was smaller than I expected also, but the one thing that detracted me overall was the build quality, I would rather they had brought out a 7x in a model in a level or two up in their range, they...
  18. Essex Tern

    R7 + rf 100-500 crop factor question

    An f/7.1 lens will always be an f/7.1 lens regardless of sensor size - the field of view and bokeh will alter with sensor size however.
  19. Essex Tern

    How hard would it be to make a range of screw in eye cups for a variety of different binoculars?

    The Zeiss FL’s had old style squared off eyecups, and the newer version was rounded, they are screw in. I have both for my 7x42’s, and the squared off ones work much better for me so the new style ones reside in the box, but I do wish they produced different length ones as I only just have a...
  20. Essex Tern

    Seabirds Harrison

    Surrounded by 950 conservation edition copies, so now in stock, that’s $1,230,250 if he sells them all without discount 😳
  21. Essex Tern

    Aberrant swift or something rarer?

    Fantastic piece of advice.
  22. Essex Tern

    Unknown - Norfolk, UK

    Agapanthia villosoviridescens I think. (Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle).
  23. Essex Tern

    R6 or R7

    When cropping an R5 to an R7 equivalent field of view image, the R7 puts a whole lot more pixels on the bird I think - the R7 pretty much is equal with my G9 for pixels on the bird, so the R7 makes for a tempting choice should my G9 pack in or Panasonic not improve upon it soon. The R7 looks to...
  24. Essex Tern

    Manky mallard maybe

    Domestic for sure - maybe Magpie duck on just researching different types online.