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  1. ehsan

    Caspian Tit or Sombre Tit? Iran, Mazandaran, Sep. 2020

    There are records of both species in the Hyrcanian Forest on eBird simultaneously. All field guides in use in Iran have accepted this split, so the split was recognised and those Sombre Tit records are just misidentifications. Since there are many false records on eBird Iran, I'm not sure any...
  2. ehsan

    Caspian Tit or Sombre Tit? Iran, Mazandaran, Sep. 2020

    As far as I know we don't have an eBird local reviewer for Iran. Those records of Sombre Tit in the Hyrcanian Forest in Iran are all due to misidentification
  3. ehsan

    Yellow Wagtail call ID, Iran

    No, there were many Lesser short-toed Larks around and among them I recorded this call.
  4. ehsan

    Yellow Wagtail call ID, Iran

    Recorded it in north of Iran in March. Is it beema Western Yellow Wagtail or can it be Eastern Yellow Wagtail? Or maybe sth else? Thanks in advance
  5. ehsan

    Gull ID, Iran

    The left adult should be barabensis with black markings on P4 and even P3 but what about the right one with most of the P10 is white? Is there any article or sth dealing with cachinnans X barabensis hybrids? Is the first winter one a Caspian Gull? I photographed the adult ones in an inland...
  6. ehsan

    House or Sind Sparrow? Iran

    Photographed this sparrow several years ago on January 29 in the south-east of Iran, not too far from the Pakistan border. Cheeks seem to be greyish and the bib looks small (maybe due to molting?) It would be great to have your opinion on this Thank you in advance
  7. ehsan

    Reed Bunting ID, Iran

    Photographed this Reed Bunting yesterday in the north of Iran. Can it be a pallidior subspecies of Common Reed Bunting? In the field I thought maybe it can be Pallas's Reed Bunting but I think the bill shape rules that out. Thank you in advance
  8. ehsan

    Raptor ID, Iran

    Maybe Short-toed Snake Eagle
  9. ehsan

    Saker Falcon? Iran

    I'm posting this on behalf of a friend. It was recorded on August 7 in the north-west of Iran. It would be great to have your opinion on this falcon. Is it a 2cy bird? Thank you in advance
  10. ehsan

    Blyth's Reed Warbler? Iran-song id

    Thank you. Cheers
  11. ehsan

    Blyth's Reed Warbler? Iran-song id

    Hi Harry I don't think that it's early for Blyth's Reed Warbler. Actually I took a picture of a BRW in that location on April 30 but I'm not sure if the song belongs to that individual. The bird was shy and I couldn't see it properly.
  12. ehsan

    Blyth's Reed Warbler? Iran-song id

    I recorded these songs in April and May in a desert orchard in the northeast of Iran. Thank you in advance
  13. ehsan

    Menetries's Warber or Sardinian warbler or ...?

    Sardinian Warbler hasn't been recorded in Iran. Parham, I think it'll be helpful if you send the other two pictures that you took from another bird at the same time and location of this bird.
  14. ehsan

    Warbler ID, Iran

    More photos
  15. ehsan

    Warbler ID, Iran

    I saw this warbler on February 9 in south of Iran. It seemed a bit different from the Chiffchaffs that I've seen before esp with the bill shape and pale lateral tail feathers, so I took several photos. Thank you in advance
  16. ehsan

    Reed Bunting subspecies ID, Iran

    Many thanks Grahame for the link. That female is quite similar to my bird.
  17. ehsan

    Reed Bunting subspecies ID, Iran

    Here are two more pics that show upperparts and bill:
  18. ehsan

    Reed Bunting subspecies ID, Iran

    Found this one individual among other wintering "small-billed" Reed Buntings in north-west of Iran in late January. Is it caspia? How can we seperate caspia from pyrrhuloides? I have more pics if needed. Thank you in advance
  19. ehsan

    Eagle indentification - Iran

    Eastern Imperial Eagle
  20. ehsan

    Buff-bellied Pipit? Iran

    Saw this bird last week in south-east of Iran. In the field looked smaller than Water Pipit. With moustachial and lateral throat stripes, seemingly complete white eye-ring and slender bill and ... it seemed quite different from the coutellii Water Pipits that I've seen in Iran. However japonicus...
  21. ehsan

    Shrike identification , Iran

    Shahrzad, I don't know who did you ask about aucheri but Iranian birders are familiar with this taxon, but its range restricted to southern Iran and I haven't seen any records of aucheri in central and northern Iran.
  22. ehsan

    New Sound from semi-desert/ Iran

    It seems it's a Streaked Scrub Warbler
  23. ehsan

    Please help for ID / Iran

    Well, I saw these pictures in an Iranian bird id group with a sound recording supposedly belonging to this individual. That call was similar to Plain Leaf Warbler. Probably Shahrzad knows about that recording and can upload it here.
  24. ehsan

    Sparrow ID - Tehran/Iran

    You can see some of 1stW RB from Iran in the following links: igshid=p0v9ljrjao5w"]https://www.instagram.com/p/BtVWtw-gebg/?igshid=p0v9ljrjao5w[/URL] https://www.instagram.com/p/BbxPVyZjQzu/?igshid=1m3u76e1ejv9m
  25. ehsan

    Sparrow ID - Tehran/Iran

    I think it's a 1stW Rock Bunting