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    New edition of Fågelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    NHBS now have this as 'December' 2022 and Amazon UK have it as released on December 8th 2022.
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    Handboek Europese vogels

    Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to owning an English version of this one.
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    Handboek Europese vogels

    Any update as to when we might see an English edition of this title? I remember seeing earlier in the year that it was hoped to get an English version published in I think November 2022, but I doubt that we'll see it this year to be honest.
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    Europe's Birds: An Identification Guide

    This should be a great book to browse through, roll on publication day! The page count and number of photos have now gone up from when it was first announced. 640 pages, 4700 colour photos, 540 colour distribution maps, 49 illustrations Covers all 914 species ever recorded in Europe...
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    eBird app problems on Android

    I still have a problem with the app unfortunately. Yesterday is worked well, submitting a hotspot location and a completely new personal location. Last night I logged into the website and edited a few site names and moved a couple of location pins to reflect the sites better. I did this using...
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    eBird app problems on Android

    It seems as though I ran into the problem when I was trying to submit from a new personal location, although I have added new locations several times before successfully. I'll try the app again from a new location in the next few days and hope it works then. Thanks for the feedback.
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    eBird app problems on Android

    Restarting my phone was the first thing I tried but it hasn't solved the problem. I keep getting a 'There was an error submitting your checklist' message. There was an app update on December 16th, but I submitted a checklist successfully from my phone on December 20th.
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    eBird app problems on Android

    One of the things I really liked about the eBird app on my phone was just how easy it was to use. At the end of a trip your sightings could be easily submitted straight away without any fuss. Now (as from yesterday) the app isn't allowing me to name a new location or to be able to submit a...
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    Europe's Birds: An Identification Guide

    Just announced, this is going to be another potentially exciting book in the WildGuides series of books. It is the follow up to Britain's Birds by Rob Hume, Robert Still, Andy Swash, Hugh Harrop and David Tipling and is due to be published in May 2021. It covers 914 species over 608 pages...
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    Britain's Birds 2nd Edition

    Thanks Andy. I rang Wildsounds this afternoon and they have just received stock. They are taking orders now.
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    Britain's Birds 2nd Edition

    Can anybody out there clarify when the 2nd edition of this excellent guide is due to be available? Recently Amazon stated May 22nd, but now states May 5th and out of stock! Wildsounds says it's due May 7th, and NHBS just states May 2020. I regard this as a significant publication and eagerly...
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    Collins Bird Guide for Android Survey

    Can anyone please give a definitive answer as to when the android version of this app will have the option of adding the video clips?
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    Birdguides vs RBA app

    In my opinion the RBA app is superior to the Birdguides app. I have used both and the RBA app offers more. It is fairly expensive, but I think worth it.
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    Birding by Oddie

    This was an entertaining programme, and three series were broadcast on the BBC. For some strange reason they (as far as I know) have never been available on DVD. I'm very surprised as I'd have thought there would have been a market for this, especially as the RSPB has many members for a start...
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    Android Birding Apps

    I think that the 'Advanced Bird ID handbook' by Nils Van Duivendijk would make an excellent Android app. I heard a rumour about 6 months ago that this was being developed. Does anyone have confirmation that this is true, and if so, when would it be available?
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    What magnification level would you recommend?

    In my opinion it's a no brainer - 10x. I always want as close a view as possible of every bird I see, and 10x is the most powerful binocular that is widely used. I think 12x is too powerful for general birding. I use 10 x 32 Leicas - light, compact and powerful.
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    Nils van Duivendijk's Advanced WPal Bird ID Guide

    If you already have a copy of the original 'Advanced Bird ID Guide' and are thinking of getting another copy for a home reference, this 'Handbook' is the answer. Larger, bigger typeface (and easier on the eye), updated with more species / subspecies, and around 100 extra pages. Double the price...
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    Rare Birds Where and When - when is Volume 2 out?

    Thanks for that Ian, I really look forward to seeing it when it does eventually gets published.
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    Rare Birds Where and When - when is Volume 2 out?

    Yes, I know, I have checked the website already. I seems slightly worrying that the website is not updated regarding the publication date of Volume 2. I would have thought that there would be more information by now.
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    Rare Birds Where and When - when is Volume 2 out?

    A couple of years ago, volume 1 of 'Rare Birds Where and When' was published. This was a superb book (and very useful reference) by Russell Slack, with historical perspectives by Ian Wallace. I've been looking forward to seeing volume 2 within 5 minutes of looking through volume 1! Does anyone...
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    Advanced Bird ID Handbook

    Just noticed on Amazon that there is a new version of the popular 'Advanced Bird ID Guide', being published on August 5th. Titled 'Advanced Bird ID Handbook - Western Palearctic'. At the moment it costs £17.49. The introduction on Amazon states the following: "The Advanced Bird ID Handbook" is...
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    In the 'Collins New Naturalist' series there is a title 'British Warblers' by Eric Simms (no.71) which was originally published in 1985. Unfortunately this is one of the rarest of the series and thus is really very expensive for a hardback edition. Softback editions are easier to come by (and...
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    Wild Wales.

    Enjoyed a previous birding programme by Iolo Williams a few years ago, so I'm really pleased he's back on tv because his new series 'Wild Wales' really is excellent. Iolo is certainly among the best wildlife presenters around at the moment, and this series is a model for how a good wildlife...
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    Bird Migration - New Naturalist

    Just received this book from Amazon (Hardback £30), and it does seem excellent on first impressions. Plenty to get my teeth into as it is an authorative and detailed look at this fascinating subject. Pricey yes, but these New Naturalist books are worth owning.
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    Looking for recomendations for a beginner!

    I think 'Bird Identification and Fieldcraft' by Mark Ward would be the perfect book to buy if you are just starting out on this incredible hobby. Plenty of really good practical advice, and excellent illustrations.