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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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  1. J

    What have I bought?

    There may be some codes on the front that can be used to identify the manufacturer using the data on Peter Abrams site.
  2. J

    Which new 8x20s would you pic and why?

    I've tried the 8x20 configuration and find it difficult to use. Image alignment is too fiddly and the bins are just too light and small to allow the image to be steady. The 8x25 would be a better choice.
  3. J

    Waterproof compacts 8x25 or 10x25 for kids

    I understand the 5x is discontinued leaving the 4x30 which is widely available. It is an odd shape but the light weight of 14.5 ounces, huge fov and very large exit pupils would contribute to it being easy to use by kids. I think if the bins deliver a decent image and require minimal...
  4. J

    Waterproof compacts 8x25 or 10x25 for kids

    I think that most 8 year olds will struggle to keep the barrels properly separated and the diopter properly set and the exit pupils centered and the image focused on most 8x roof prism binoculars. Those little not well coordinated and not so strong hands are just not up to the task. One of...
  5. J

    What binoculars do you use?

    Nikon 8x30 and 10x35 e2 for just about all daytime wildlife observing. Celestron 9.5x44 for nighttime observing.
  6. J

    Waterproof compacts 8x25 or 10x25 for kids

    Binoculars for grandchildren How old are the grandchildren?
  7. J

    Would you buy a top shelf alpha Swaro, Zeiss, Leica or Nikon "MADE IN CHINA?"

    Lots of 'em. Lenovo to begin with. But saying that the Chinese aren't going to continue buying companies around the world because theirs is a communist economy is...wishful thinking. Their economy is opening up gradually and it would be in our interest to continue to recognize that the...
  8. J

    why no alpha reverse porro compacts?

    Yes it's all about size. And the double hinge roof prism can be folded up into a more compact package than most reverse porro bins.
  9. J

    why no alpha reverse porro compacts?

    Once upon a time long ago both Zeiss and Leitz sold reverse porro's. Not long ago I looked at but passed on a pair of nice Zeiss reverse porro bins up in Pa. As noted I think lack of demand for high end compact binoculars like those resulted in them being dropped. And with hign end compact...
  10. J

    Mamiya 7x28 wide angle vintage roof

    Interesting and very detailed review of an early roof prism binocular from Mamiya. That is the first Mamiya binocular I have encountered. It's specifications are similar to a Nikon H 7x26 8.6 fov binocular from 1977. It delivers reasonable images but the colors are slightly flat, image dimmer...
  11. J

    wanting porro prism recommendation for astro viewing

    For astronomy the Oberwerk 11x70 is reasonably priced and gets good reviews.
  12. J

    Meopta Forum ?

    Yes Meopta makes some nice upscale bins. However several brand specific forums can go for weeks between posts. A few have not had a post for well over a month. While I think Meopta would initially generate some traffic it too could lapse into long stretches of silence. I wonder if the less...
  13. J

    Do "looks" count?

    Zeiss Design Selection series had a little more style than most roofs.
  14. J

    Informal Survey

    Well, the answer depends on how I will be using them. As a general rule I try to keep the exit pupil somewhere between 3 and 4. My daytime goto binoculars are 8x30 unless I'm chasing something at a distnce then the mag and objective will go up.
  15. J

    10x32 roof for under 500$, any recommendations?

    I must have missed that limitation in the original post. As the owner of an EII yes I agree that fashion is minor consideration. However I think the overall size is going to be fairly close for bins with the same optical specs although shaped differently. The Nikon Monarch 10x30 roofs should...
  16. J

    Nikon Binoculars for Comet Ison.

    If it survives I'll pull out the Celestron 15x80 once it is safely past the sun and closer to earth. They worked well with Hale Bopp and others. I'm surprised Nikon didn't warn against viewing when it is close to the sun.
  17. J

    10x32 roof for under 500$, any recommendations?

    Yes indeed. The Nikons are available through dealers in Japan. I believe Rakuten International has them and they appear on Yahoo Japan auctions.
  18. J

    diopter mechanisms - why all the complexity?

    Yes, I agree completely. It does away with the need for locking or click diopters and is easier to adjust when trying to keep the binoculars aligned with ones eyes. Difficult to adapt to the beloved porro prism design.
  19. J

    Nikon...over optimistic retail pricing...in the UK

    Inflated MSRP or suggested retail is a part of pricing for a lot of consumer goods from new cars to binoculars to shaving cream. Consumers have learned to expect good deals so the mark-it-up-to-mark-it-down school of pricing is with us for the long haul. To me the retail price is what it the...
  20. J

    Birding binoculars on a tripod

    I've used a tripod with binoculars for nighttime astronomy. So far have not found a need for a tripod when observing birds and other wild life during the day.
  21. J

    7x36 Shipping Date

    Zen Ray would be the only one to tell you when the next their shipment of binoculars is due in and when your binoculars will be shipped out. If it were me I would wait for the inevitable to happen.
  22. J

    Why is there so little actual discussion here?

    Low participation in some brand specific forums is really not all that surprising. For one there are far fewer owners of some brands than others. And the public forum in this and other sites tend to attract more traffic because the range is broader.
  23. J

    "Inexpensive" 8x32 Binocular Comparative Review

    Well written and informative reviews. Thanks for taking the time to test them.
  24. J

    Binocular faults: correct terminology?

    I suspect the cause of the latter diopter problem is slop and drag in the main focus causing the diopter to shift position. I would describe it as such. An otherwise excellent pair of 8x30 russian bins had the same two problems you describe. I didn't have the patience of others who kept...
  25. J

    To all the lovers of the EII - Allbinos test

    Surely a gaseous description...or the consequence of a too quick copy and paste!