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  1. Sad News Tony Belsham aka Mahsleb

    Sad News Tony Belsham aka Mahsleb

    For those that didn't see my post in the main forum pages. Its with great sadness that I have to inform you all of the passing of Tony Belsham. He died on the 1st Jan 2018 after a long period of illness. This is one of the images I took of Tony doing what he loved best, getting out with his...
  2. Duke Leto

    Owl on the loose

    ones been caught
  3. Grey Plover female

    Grey Plover female

    Female Grey Plover coming into land
  4. Sanderling Feeding

    Sanderling Feeding

    Sanderling probing for food
  5. Sanderling


    Fly-by Titchwell Beach
  6. Duke Leto

    A couple "firewall" questions e.g. what is one ??

    Of course if you're using your new laptop at home over broadband your router should have a firewall and block any unsolicited incoming requests. Ensure this ine is on.
  7. Duke Leto

    Nikon D810

    Traded in a D200 got the money off from Nikon and the value of the D200. D810 for a shade over £1900. Having used it for 3 months IMHO, its nothing like the D800e which I use for Macro work. The AF is better, the shutter is whisper quiet in Q mode and in standard is quiet enough. ISO range...
  8. Duke Leto

    Sat Nav advice.

    Run TomTom on my trusty iphone 4s for about 4-5 years now, never fails and when connected to the tomtom mount it has improved GPS reception, live traffic is a yearly subscription but worth every penny
  9. Duke Leto

    Nikon D9300 DX rumoured

    I have to agree with Swainsons, since purchasing a D700 I have never felt the need to use the D300. People are so hung up over crop factors, there are some great used cameras out there now, D800/ D800e dropping in price since the launch of the D810. I have no desire to scrimp for a D4s when a...
  10. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    If the rumours are true it only supports what I have believed and mentioned in these forums for the past year. If it is an FX body I guess that the pro DX really has had its day in the Nikon empire.
  11. Duke Leto

    Mac Book Pro Editing Software

    Mali if you are a Nikon man use the OEM program NX2, it really does work best with Nikon RAW
  12. Duke Leto

    which (type of) computer to get???

    Software is the same on a mac or PC ie photoshop / Lightroom / NX2 etc. so no difference. The main thing with a mac is stability and reliability. I strongly doubt that any one using a mac has any trouble getting anything to work at least when compared with a windows based device.
  13. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Just an example of the crop ability of my D800e, this image was taken through a 200-400vr they speak for themselves, the full image 7360x4912 and a wee crop, the crop has had a slight tweak in curves and a high pass run, the full image just converted to jpeg. Thats about the max you could crop...
  14. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Bet it'll have a new battery and grip so I could add to my ever increasing collection of Nikon chargers if I purchased one.
  15. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Yeah saw the rumour updated. The focussing and frame rate will be paramount. With a 24Mp FX sensor if they offer 8fps and the same focus module as the 810 and D4s it may be the one I've been waiting for.
  16. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Hi what size? On my website I posted 3 osprey images one full frame one 50% and the last 25% of the original. I've just had printed the 50% on canvas 60x40cms and it looks very nice and sharp. My home has a number of prints from varying crops and I have no complaints. As for the SEO I guess it...
  17. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Rich. It's all smoke n mirrors and I feel that what ever you shoot in the real world especially if you only stick images on the web. Very few people in these forums actually work as full time photographers. Most people will gravitate to the feelings of the pros or the press. I praise the...
  18. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Dave you've got some great shots. A couple of things. 1, I struggled to find any of your shots in poor light as we get in the UK for most of the year. This may have an impact of choice of body you may choose. 2, when I used to use Film n slide the whole world was full frame until low cost...
  19. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Cheers Dave and all taken on the D800e for the past year and D700 for a year before that, so I can't agree the you need a DX camera for birds. Or more than 4fps lol
  20. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    According to canon rumours 7d mk2 is going to be 12 fps wow!
  21. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    Back on thread. Let's see what they announce. The next rumour I see is for a possible 200/4 micro replacement. Equally intriguing.
  22. Duke Leto

    D700 replacement????

    My exact thoughts until I bought the 800e. I can shoot anywhere between full frame and DX with no loss of quality. The versatility is superb. Okay it's a little slow but I'm not a speed freak as I hate deleting images. Hand on heart since I bought a D700 and then the D800 I've never reached...
  23. Duke Leto

    Comment by 'Duke Leto' in media 'Stonechat and Foxglove'

    That's a rather good shot.
  24. Duke Leto

    Change of Management at Gilfach

    Ignore that almost true, it applies to the farm yard, can't believe people would use calls during the breeding season, shame about the meal worm though, always nice to feed the birds in exchange for a picture or 2. Guidelines for Photographers and Birdwatchers visiting Gilfach Farm Nature...
  25. Duke Leto

    Change of Management at Gilfach

    Does any one know if the rumour is true, a friend has informed me that Pip is no longer at Gilfach and the incoming manager has banned tripods and monopods, affecting birders and photographers, seems a bit odd?