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    Eagle - Bulgaria.

    My first impression about of bird was about greater spotted eagle, but then I noticed only six fingers on the wings. Pictures taken today(24.03.2023) in Southern Bulgaria.
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    Sleeping godwit

    I saw this sleeping godwit today, in Bulgaria in the middle of the country. The bird was sleeping all the time, expect for a second, just to see it is a godwit. Can it be identified by this pictures? Black-tailed or bar-tailed godwit? On the third picture there is a dunlin bihind the bird.
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    Greater scaup or something else? Bulgaria;18.12.2021.

    I made this pictures yesterday in Pomorie lake. The bird was swimming together with male greater scaup. First i thought it was another greater scaup, but when i look closer, i saw that the bill pattern was different. Is this a regular greater scaup or something else?
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    Unsure about this BOP

    Booted eagle
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    Tufted duck or Greater scaup - Bulgaria?

    Is this possible to identify the bird from this pictures? The bird was swimming, nearby one female tufted duck, but after few minutes it flew away alone. The pictures was taken today in lake Rozov Kladenets, Bulgaria.
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    Two birds from Bulgaria

    No. Milvus migrans
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    Two birds from Bulgaria

    Black kite is common here. Siberian stonechat is a vagrant species with few observations.
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    Two birds from Bulgaria

    First bird is a kite, second bird is a stonechat, but which species. I have some suspicious about red kite and siberian stonechat(because of the unicolored rump). Pictures taken today at Pomorie lake; Bulgaria.
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    Pipits - Bulgaria

    I made this pictures today(06.10.2021), near Atanasovsko lake - Bulgaria. I suppose they are red throated pipits, but i am not sure. The other option is meadow pipits.
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    Prantincole - Bulgaria

    Unfortunately birds was away from the shore on the dikes.
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    Prantincole - Bulgaria

    My question is about darker prantincole between other birds. Is this is a black-winged pratincole or young collared prantincole. The pictures was made in Pomorie lake - Bulgaria on 21.09.2021. Black-winged prantincole was observed on the same place few days ago on 17 and 18 september.
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    Bird song - Bulgaria.

    I made this record today. May be it is trush naightingale, or something else?
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    Warbler - Bulgaria.

    Female blackcap in the same sloe bush for compare.
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    Warbler - Bulgaria.

    I have only this image.
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    Warbler - Bulgaria.

    I saw this bird today, near river Sazliika, in the middle of the country. There was a lot of blackcaps. When i saw this photo, on my computer, first i thought it was a female blackcap, but the bill looks strange. More stronger and with yellow lower part. Blackcap or something else ?
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    Raptor - Bulgaria; 02.04.2021

    I saw this bird today in the morning. The bird was flying to the north over Sakar mountain. I am not sure if the bird on the last picture is the same.
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    Eagles - Bulgaria; 29.03.2021.

    Three eagles from today, near Atanasovsko lake in Burgas. Unfortunately only silhouettes are visible. Birds come from south and all the pictures was made against the sun. May be all of them are lesser spotted eagles, but looks like with strong beaks, and long seventh finger. On pictures one and...
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    Warbler - Bulgaria

    I saw this warbler today in the middle of the country. I think it is savi's warbler but i am not sure. The bird was in the opposite shore of the lake, and i have only long distance pictures with low quality.
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    Falcon - Bulgaria

    My first impression, about this bird, was about saker falcon. The friend of mine, tell me, it can be juvenile lanner, because of the white thighs. Pictures taken in the middle of the country on 24.12.2020.
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    Large falcon - Bulgaria

    Yes, Saker is not so rare, compared to Lanner.
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    Large falcon - Bulgaria

    I take pictures of this falcon, today in the middle of the country. Is this a saker, or lanner? Or something else?
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    Eagels - Bulgaria

    I saw this eagles today migrating above Pomorie lake. May by all lesser spotted eagles, but i am not sure. Unfortunately the light conditions was awful. On picture 2 and 3 is the same bird. Picture 4 looks good for LSE, but this eagle was flying with young steppe eagle.
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    Buzzard - Bulgaria

    What kind of buzzard is this? Pictures taken today on Atanasovsko lake.
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    Falcon - Bulgaria

    Regular peregrine, calidus, or something else? The pictures was taken today on Atanasovsko lake.